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Devlin Security Force...protecting priceless treasures is a series worth reading #romanticsuspense

DEVLIN SECURITY FORCE. . . Protecting Priceless Treasures. A romantic suspense series that has new covers and a new publisher.

Book 1: Devlin Security Force

Title – On Deadly Ground

Author – Susan Vaughan

Genre – Romantic Suspense

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Kate promised her dying father to protect her brother and return a Mayan god statue to its temple. But the price to save her kidnapped brother is the valuable artifact, so keeping one promise means breaking the other. Facing a trek through the jungle, Kate must rely on a guide she doesn’t trust… yet whose touch makes her yearn for more.

Max prefers to work alone, however his DSF assignment is to guide Kate while covertly finding proof her brother sold black-market antiquities. And sticking close to this delectable and vulnerable woman proves more dangerous to Max than all the threats in the jungle.

Max and Kate must outrun smugglers and an earthquake in a race that takes them to England and into the jungle. But as perilous as their quest becomes, when desire flares between them, risking their lives seems simple next to risking their hearts.

Excerpt -

His drawl—Texas?—slid into her like red wine. The man radiated sex like heat rays.

“Kate Fontaine,” Devlin said, “this is one of my best operatives, Max Rivera.”

He held out a hand. His expression smoothed to polite blandness. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” Kate accepted his handshake, registering strength, the rasp of calluses, and a surprisingly gentle warmth. “Thank you for coming to my rescue, Mr. Rivera.” The name seemed familiar.

“No problem. And make it Max.”

They’d be traveling together for days. Formality was out, but she could ignore him as a man. She was no lonely female looking for a fling. Especially with a man who’d take over and tell her she was out of her element. She was, but still.

“If things go according to plan, you shouldn’t need rescuing again, you or the statue.” Humor glinted in Max’s dark eyes.

“Like you say. As long as nothing goes wrong.” Her stomach churned.

She and Max inched forward in the security line. At the checkpoint, she deposited her gear in bins. Behind her, Max kicked off his boots.

What was it about his name? She set her handbag and tablet case on the conveyer. Something about Doug. Max Rivera. Her breath caught.

She spun on him. “I recognize your name.”

His eyebrows shot upward.

“You’re the man who cheated my brother.”

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Author Biography

Occasional bouts of insomnia led to Susan Vaughan's writing career. When she couldn't sleep, she made up stories to fill the long, dark nights. Her stories throw the hero and heroine together under extraordinary circumstances and pit them against a clever villain. Besides curling up with a good mystery or romance, Susan enjoys walking her dog, boating, traveling, and volunteering. A former teacher, she is a West Virginia native, but she and her husband have lived in Maine for many years. Find her at

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Book 2 Devlin Security Force

Title – Ring of Truth

Author – Susan Vaughan

Genre – Romantic Suspense

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Recovering crown jewels could get the FBI off Cortez Jones’s back, but he needs the help of a DSF researcher who blames his jewel-thief father for destroying her family. Forming an uneasy alliance with Mara Marton, Cort finds her courage and tender heart make him want more than just redemption.

When Mara’s insurance investigator father was accused of conspiring with the Jeweler, the scandal ruined him and led to his death. Now the jewel thief’s son wants her help. Although sharing her research expertise and her father’s files with this sexy ex-con could prove her father’s innocence, how can she trust that Cort doesn’t want the treasure for himself?

Sparks fly as they struggle to trust one another and recover the jewels before they are claimed by a deadly black-market syndicate. But with their lives—and their hearts—on the line, there’s no turning back.

Excerpt –

Mara watched him towel his hair and saw the pain in his eyes. He’d taken care of her while his head was pounding. She handed him a paper cup and a bottle of ibuprofen. “You should take a couple of these. No, three.”

A protest appeared to form on his lips but then he caved and accepted the pills in his palm. He was so big, so potent, so very male, smelling of dampness and fresh-cut wood. She took care not to touch him. But of course she’d have to so she could clean his wound. She busied herself with rinsing the bloody washcloths and running clean water. Her pulse drummed in her ears.

She considered her bathroom cramped, not intimate. Until now. He wasn’t hovering over her, but he filled the room anyway. She felt his gaze as she tried to calm her breathing.

Yes, he’d rescued her, maybe saved her life, but she couldn’t forget who he was. He’d served his time, and his record seemed clean, but she couldn’t ignore what her dad had always said. On the surface, what they wanted seemed the same, but it wasn’t.

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Book 3 Devlin Security Force

Title – Cleopatra’s Necklace

Author – Susan Vaughan

Genre – Romantic Suspense

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

A stolen necklace… a woman in danger… A dangerous quest…

Former Delta officer and now DSF boss Thomas Devlin is desperate to recover the legendary Cleopatra’s necklace from smugglers and restore his company’s reputation. When the smugglers pursue his old flame, he jets to her aid.

Impetuous artist Cleo Chandler’s involvement with the forger who copied the necklace sends her on the run. When Thomas finds her in Europe, Cleo knows he will protect her but worries this take-charge man will crush her love again. On his dangerous quest for the necklace, Thomas runs into more trouble than he can handle in the arms of this woman he can’t forget.

From Venice to the U.S., as they race against time, they learn that something greater is at stake than recovering the precious antiquity. As the peril escalates, so does the risk to their hearts.

Excerpt –

Across the aisle, Thomas Devlin smiled at her.

She frowned and mouthed, “Go away.”

He pointed toward the stage as if to say, “I’m only watching the show.”

“Keeping him a secret, huh?” Deidre said.

“I ran into him in the restaurant. That’s all.”

“Looks like he wants to run into you again.”

“Enough,” Cleo shot back. “Not interested.”

Face burning, Cleo focused on the acrobats. Some protection her new friends were, with tongues hanging out.

No wonder. Thomas was just as sexy as ever.

More. Shoulders impossibly broad in his white dress shirt. Intense and very, very male. Same thick brown hair, its unruly nature controlled by an expert haircut. Same square jaw and sensual mouth. Same eagle-fierce eyes and slashing brows. Same arrogance that used to piss her off, but with edges smoothed into power and confidence. Confidence that tempted her to lean on him, rely on him. Like he wanted.

Not gonna happen. She was safe here.

She’d left her feelings for him behind, or so she’d thought. Hot? Yowza. She flashed chills and fever just sitting across the aisle. If his gaze penetrated her reaction to him, he would use it to get what he wanted.

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Book 4 Devlin Security Force

Title – At Last

Author – Susan Vaughan

Genre – Romantic Suspense

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Maid of honor Andie Devlin owes her life to her brother and his bride, and the least she can do is make sure their wedding is perfect. When Devlin Security Force’s sexiest operative Mike Pagano seems set on spending the weekend at her side, she longs to yield to the attraction, but fears that he’ll judge her for her wild-child past.

Mike wants to keep Andie safe from a suspected attack during the wedding. More than that, he admires her for rising above her past, and he wants her in his arms. When she learns her brother assigned him to be her bodyguard, she pushes him away… leaving her vulnerable.

Mike and DSF must act fast to find the threat, but they may have a secret weapon of their own—Andie.

Excerpt –

Andie looked away from the pleading in his eyes. “Protocol I get. You explained, so you can leave now.”

Mike released her, but not touching, kept her in the circle of his arms. Before she could scoot away, he clasped her hands.

“Yes, I had to go, and I was pissed I had to leave you. I’m sorry.”

Whoa, a man actually saying the word sorry? A first. The sincerity in his eyes and the warmth of his hands cooled the toxic stew of resentment inside.

She understood his feelings only too well. And she needed to remember she was no longer an impotent kid whose only recourse was rebellion.

“I was furious you ordered me around like some men in my life, but I get your frustration.” She squeezed his hands and felt them relax.

Besides, whatever was between them was just for now. He didn’t know her, really know her or what she’d done, what she’d been.

“So will you have to run off to put out another fire?” She swallowed, hoping she sounded indifferent.

His arms wrapped around her and heat simmered in his eyes. “I’m off duty. The only fire I’m interested in is right here.” Mike lowered his mouth to hers, and the pressure of his lips made her senses reel. The rasp of his beard stubble turned her insides to melted marshmallow.

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Book 5 Devlin Security Force

Title – Genuine Fake

Author – Susan Vaughan

Genre – Romantic Suspense

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Memories of leading his Army Ranger team into a deathtrap haunt security operative Boyd Kirby so he swears never to protect people. But when the woman he never forgot asks for help, he can’t refuse. Gemma’s request leads to a case of art forgery and murder attempts… on her. Sweating bullets, Boyd vows not to be distracted by her vibrancy and his desire. He damn well will protect her… with his life.

Gemma Bellini believes managing her famous grandfather’s art legacy can redeem her for a scandal that makes her wary of men’s motives. Because of forgeries and attempts on her life, she needs Boyd. She remembers his sexy magnetism and sense of humor that masked pain. This strong man will investigate and keep her safe, but can she trust him with her heart?

When sparks between them ignite to flames, the danger escalates—to their lives and their hearts.

Excerpt –

Gemma’s heart fluttered against her ribs. Could it be Boyd? There’d been so much noise on his end of his call—voices talking over each other, laughter—she wasn’t sure what he’d said after she gave him the address.

The door swung inward and Boyd Kirby filled the space. His steel-gray gaze mapped the room before landing on her. He swept her head to toe, then nodded, apparently satisfied she was all in one piece.

And oh my, the man did fill out a tuxedo. The jacket molded the muscularity of his wide shoulders. The ends of a bow tie stuck out of his breast pocket, and the blinding-white dress shirt hung open partway, displaying smooth, solid muscle dusted with bronze hairs.

“Gemma, you okay?”

She was, now that he’d arrived, and that he came right away, tonight. Her whole being felt lighter as warmth bloomed in her chest, but apparently her brain had left the building. Finally she managed to say, “Yes, yes, I’m good. As you see.”

She took two steps toward him before she forced herself to halt. She’d promised herself to keep it all business. But damn, she wanted nothing more but to feel his strong arms around her.

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Marsha Riegert West
Marsha Riegert West
Sep 22, 2023

This is a great series, and I love the new covers. Glad to see you here, Susan. :)


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 22, 2023

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your book series with us! I can't wait to binge-read the whole series. Such gorgeous covers.

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