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Druids In the Mist by Cornelia Amiri is a Kobo Plus Bookish Event pick #koboplus #historicalfantasyromance #fantasyromance #celtic #giveaway

Title: Druids In the Mist


Author: Cornelia Amiri


Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance


Book Blurb:


Queen Boudica leads her two druids against Rome… love leads them to their destiny.

The future of the mist-covered isle rest in the hands of two druids, as different as fire and ice.Arch Druid Rhys—master of sacred mysteries, but a novice in the ways of the heart—evokes a feral desire in Druidess Sulwen.

But the goddess may soon exact the unfathomable price of taking Rhys from Sulwen.

Their love is as potent as their magic…but is it strong enough to survive the turmoil of the Romans, the Rebel Queen, and the gods?



“Young novices, take your ll, if there is anything you wish, you have but to ask for it.” The Cornovii chief’s thick gold torc gleamed as he moved his neck when he nodded at the girls, and as he turned his head toward Rhys. “The maid‐ ens, have they reached bard status yet?”


“No, they have not yet begun their training.” Rhys took another swig of mead.


Gwyroco leaned back in the tall wooden chair on his mound, covered in fur pelts. “They are rather old to have not begun fostering yet.”


Sulwen knew the chief had figured out who the girls were. Still, it could not be said aloud. As much as he had extended genuine hospitality to them, she gave him a hint. “Yes, it is due to a mother’s wish. She liked to have them with her.”


Sulwen turned to Vedicai, who sat at another square table. “Sweet bard, I must tell you, we honored your harp above all others as we buried it with our great war leader, Boudica.”


Vedicai’s eyes grew wide, and her freckled face beamed. “My thanks, druidess, you have honored me with these tidings.” She paused, as if choking back a tear. Then in a warm, enthusiastic tone she announced, “I had a new harp made. Bright One, will you honor us by harping and carping one of your tunes?”


“Yes, please grant us the honor.” Gwyroco called for the harp.


Sulwen rose and took the harp from the chief. “These lyrics have been running through my head. I shall now sing them in honor of you, Chief Gwyroco.” Sulwen cleared her throat, ready to sing. “It is a paean to Boudica.”


It felt good, like old times, to stand in a feasting hall and harp for a chief. She took a deep breath and fluttered her slender fingers against the vibrating strings.


“Skin of cream,

hair of flame,swift chariot,spear held high,

Boudica avenged her daughters’ pain.


Hear the drums beat,

The Carnyxs blow.

Woad warriors with whetted swords slew the Roman scourge.


Warrior queen. Andraste’s image on her hilt.Her white blade drank red blood.


The Celts were strong.

The Gods were happy.


Dragons slay eagles.

When Rome falls,

we will yet stand.”


Still clutching the harp, Sulwen’s eyes watered as she gazed at the teary-eyed faces of Awena and Eiry. “I had not meant to make you sad.” Sulwen’s throat tightened as she fought back her own tears for Boudica.


Awena’s braids bobbed against her shoulders as she shook her head. “No, I am happy that you honor mam so.”


“I miss her.” Eiry wiped her eyes.


“You are not alone. All of Britannia mourns her.” Suddenly aware that she had revealed their secret, Sulwen jerked her head toward Chief Gwyroco.


Sulwen knew by his teary-eyed expression and heartfelt smile, he was grateful to her for saving Boudica’s bloodline.


“My thanks for so skillfully honoring the greatest of all queens.” Gwyroco took a heavy gold ring on his finger and tossed at it Sulwen’s feet, a king’s traditional payment for the performance of a great bard.


Sulwen bowed and reached down to pick up the heavy piece of regal gold jewelry for a song well sung and an ode to the Celtic spirit.


As the cheers for Sulwen’s song subsided, Chief Gwyroco yelled out, “Pass the ale.”


As Sulwen brimmed her cup with the golden brew, Rhys wrapped his warm arm around her. “It is good to be among friends again. Soon we will be among more in Eryri.”


Sulwen smiled. “Yes, the girls look happier than they have been in a long time. “But they have also suffered the loss of their mam, and not long afore that the loss of their da. Now they have lost their entire tribe. They are so young. I do not know how they will get through it. The worst thing that could happen now would be if they lost you. It is why I beg you to reconsider your wont to battle Rome.”


“We will wait to speak of this. When we are in the mountains, we shall meet with the other oak seers and deem what should be done.” Rhys took a deep breath and pulled her closer to him. “Think of what we have now. The girls have us and we have each other.”


As he pressed his lips against Sulwen’s, their mouths melted together in a sultry kiss. The blaze inside her burned hotter than the re in the center of the feasting hall.


She wrapped her arms around his firm, muscled body, lost in the heat and magic of his touch. When they released their lips to breathe, Sulwen noticed the entire tribe watched them with wide-eyed, open-mouthed expressions. Awena and Eiry had the biggest grins of all.


Chief Gwyroco winked. “Vedicai will show you to your chamber.”


“Yes, let us take our leave.” Rhys grabbed Sulwen’s wrist and pulled her up.


In the chamber, a fire roared and crackled in the center of the room, casting a soft glow upon the round walls. Their desire was as tangible as the re and the pallet of wolf and bear skins, with a scent and presence of its own.


From the amber blaze, a thin trail of smoke floated up to the roof and out of a hole in the thatch. Peace, war, and their own differences no longer had any bearing. All Sulwen’s cares drifted away like the smoke. She had to be with Rhys, had to love him and to be loved by him. Nothing else mattered.


Rhys tugged his tunic o over his head. When it hit the floor, Sulwen’s pulse skittered as she glimpsed his bare, suntanned chest. Her body ached for the scorching touch, the manly smell, the musky, salty taste of his lips.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

It is the story of a strong woman, Sulwen, who is able to put aside the horrors of her recent past to complete her quest and perform some "sex magic" with Rhys along the way! If you are a fan of shapeshifters, druids, fantasy, historicals, spicy reads, Queen Boudica, dragons, and love a great romance, then you will definitely want to check out Druids In The Mists.


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Author Biography:


Drawing on her love of a happy ending, Cornelia Amiri, has penned over 40 published romance books.  She and her muse, Severus the Cat, live amid the hustle and bustle of humid Houston, Texas.  When not writing, she loves to read, watch movies, and attend local steampunk events and comic cons. 


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Cornelia, for sharing your book in our Kobo Plus Bookish Event!

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