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5 stars for Dutch Online: a friends to enemies to lovers romantic comedy by @dehaggerty #bookreview

Title: Dutch Online: a friends to enemies to lovers romantic comedy (Love in the Lowlands Book 5)

Author: D.E. Haggerty

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Multicultural Romance

Book Blurb:

A prank gone wrong … A case of mistaken identity … Is this love story doomed before it can begin? I messed up. I accidentally told my parents I found love. Don’t judge. You deal with your mom constantly setting you up with models who want to use you for your connections and see how you respond. Now my parents can’t wait to meet the man. Neither can I. Internet dating to the rescue. But when my first date turns out to be Mr. Married Farter, I’m done. Before I can tell my parents I’m a big fat liar I connect with Rafael, a Dutch guy from Amsterdam. And guess who happens to have the opportunity to live in Holland for six months? Things are suddenly looking up. Except when I arrive in Amsterdam, Rafael isn’t the nice, dependable man I thought he was. He’s a mischief-maker who needs to grow up already. But what if the immature prankster isn’t who he seems? What if Rafael is the nice, dependable man I thought he was? Should I give him another chance? Is it possible I can find Dutch love Online? This romantic comedy features a woman who protects her heart with a heavy dose of cynicism, a man doing his damndest to save his sister, and a whole passel of friends determined to push the two of them together no matter the subterfuge necessary. Dutch Online is a standalone book in the Love in the Lowlands romantic comedy series. Dutch Engineered – Abby and Jasper’s story Dutch Treat – Avery and Niels’ story Double Dutch – Mia’s story Dutch Courage – Char and Nico’s story Dutch Online – Sofia and Rafael’s story

My Review:

One little lie, one horrible prank, internet dating pitfalls all add up to disaster until love makes her grand entrance. To get her parents off her back, Sofia lets slip she’s met someone. After years of her mother trying to set her up, she just needs a breather. Suddenly, her parents want to meet him, Whoops, time to jump into online dating. It can’t be that hard, right? Just when she’s about to give up, Sofia meets Rafael. They connect even though they don’t delve deep into each other’s lives. When Sofia gets an opportunity to work in Amsterdam, where Rafael lives, she jumps at the chance to meet up. When Sofia discovers the truth about Rafael, she feels like the butt of some joke. Was it all a prank? Her feelings for him were honest. He begs for another chance, but she doesn’t know if she can trust him. Can she risk it all for love or she will be alone with her walled-up heart forever?

Dutch Online is the last book in the Love in the Lowlands series and is a truly emotional romantic comedy. I connected with both Sofia and Rafael but for different reasons. Sofia is jaded by love due to the legions of men who only date her for her celebrity parents and her influence. It’s totally understandable. Rafael is a man trying to save his very sick sister and is willing to do anything to help her. The misunderstandings between Sofia and Rafael make for great romantic comedy and D.E. Haggerty doles it out in spades. Dutch Online is a touching romance with plenty of humor thrown in. The parts about online dating had me in stitches. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this story. The setting in Amsterdam is so beautifully written, I didn’t want to leave. Dutch Online is perfect for those readers who insist they don’t have time for love. Brilliantly written, Dutch Online is a gem and one I highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

D.E. Haggerty is actually just plain old Dena, but she thinks using initials makes her sound like one of the cool kids. She was born and raised in the U.S. but has spent the majority of her adult life abroad living in cool-sounding places like Istanbul, Heidelberg, and The Hague. She has job hopped from military policewoman to lawyer to B&B owner. She finally jumped off the job hopping bandwagon a few years ago when she decided to turn her addiction to romance novels into a career. If anyone has ideas on how to turn a love of wine into a job, she's all ears.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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