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Enchanting the Earl by Kathy L Wheeler is a Kobo Plus Bookish Event pick #koboplus #regency #historicalromance #giveaway

Title: Enchanting the Earl 


Author: Kathy L Wheeler


Genre: Regency Romance


Book Blurb:


A devilishly handsome earl with a heart of gold. He has no interest in virginal debutantes, but what the devil is he supposed to do when one swoons at his feet? Catch her before she hits the floor, of course. An intriguing performance to be sure.But her scheming and powerful aunt, a renowned dowager duchess and mad to boot, threatens this lady's opportunity to enchant the man of her choosing in this short prequel to The Earl’s Error.A delightful regency where a rebel lord is not ready to make the final step towards the advantageous nuptials he will someday require. This handsome rake is no fool when faced with the possibility of losing Lady Lorelei to a pompous dandy. He chooses to whisk her off the marriage mart only to find she has already taken matters into her own hands.




Kimpton took the servant stairs to the Martindales’ lower level then made his way through a winding hallway to the ballroom. The dowager would have her eyes peeled for the main staircase watching for him. He’d lay odds she knew he was in the library the entire time. He reached the peripheral of the crush and, sure enough, her grace’s attention split, going from the top of the stairs then back to the dance floor.

He followed the dowager’s gaze to her niece, and bit back an irritated huff. Lady Lorelei was definitely a diamond, and not so rough as she believed. Shufflebottom was her equivalency on the Beau Brummel side. A fop of the first order. Yet, he was also a marquis. An unmarried marquis.

The rest of the evening followed in the same vein less any further swoons. After Shufflebottom, Lady Lorelei was passed off to their host, the Earl of Martindale. Her dance partner lineup was impressive: Marquis of Dorset, Earl of Greenmont, Viscounts Hereford, then Winchester.

Thorne leaned a shoulder against one of the ballrooms columns, his arms folded over his chest and one ankle crossing the other with the toe of his boot on end, just observing. The girl had to be exhausted. Cotillion, Quadrille, Scottish Reel, country dance and back again. Even Brock had been able to claim a dance with the “diamond,” the cur. Yes, his closest friend was a cur.

Brock strolled over. “Aren’t you missing your nightly appointment with Miss Hollerfield?”

Good God. He’d completely forgotten. Thorne jerked his watch from his pocket and flicked it open, then winced. “Did you enjoy your set?”

Brock shot him a grin. “I did indeed. Lady Lorelei is an engaging young lady.”

She’d certainly managed to fill Thorne’s senses. He grunted, his gaze prowling the dancers like a hungry tiger ready to pounce. Hell, the palms of his hands tingled along with his nether regions, he wanted her badly.

Currently, she was taking her turn with the Duke of Oxford, a portly fellow with large jowls. A man twice her age, with no wife, and with a young daughter who was reputed still in the nursery.

The music faded and Kimpton strode forward, intercepting Oxford and Lady Lorelei, just as the orchestra struck up the supper dance.

It was his turn. He’s the one who’d saved her, after all.


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


Suppose I let a reader tell you why this book is a must read 😊 from Kobo readers


“This was a fun and enchanting prequel to the new Rebel Lords of London series. In this book, we are introduced to some of the characters that will feature in future books and in particular to Lorelei and Thorne. The book starts with a fun scene where the heroine literally faints into the hero’s arms and the author has done a great job of using twists to further the story. She also hints at some intriguing mysteries that I hope are solved in future books. This is an entertaining short novella that definitely entices the reader to check out the rest of the series.”

by Anne Dorsay


“It was not predictable, I liked the leading lady she fire but was not annoying, most of the time when a female character is strong most writers, write in a way that I find her annoying. But not this one”

by Sandra


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Open Internationally. 

Runs March 5 – March 11, 2024.

Winner will be drawn on March 12, 2024.


Author Biography:


Kathy L Wheeler writes historical and contemporary romance and has hit the Amazon Best Seller list several times over. In the face of danger, her heroines save themselves, their heroes just need to be there to catch them… after the fact.


Her many passions include the NFL, Musical Theater, travel (for example: she once spent twenty-one days going from Oklahoma City to San Francisco and back through Utah to Colorado. When her husband called to ask if she was coming home anytime soon, she then headed back home), and … karaoke.

Main sources of inspiration? Yes, well, they come mostly from an over-active imagination. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her musically talented husband, Al, and their adorable dog, Angel who lives up to her name—mostly.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your book in our Kobo Plus Bookish Event!

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