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5+ stars for Enticing the Earl (Book 3, Unlikely Lords) #regency #historicalromance #bookreview #ku

Title: Enticing the Earl (Book 3, Unlikely Lords)

Author: Debra Elizabeth

Genre: Regency Romance, Historical Romance


Book Blurb: 


He’s called the Beast of Bath. She’s a fierce bluestocking. Can she tame the bitter and angry soldier and forge a loving path forward for them both?

With his face ruined by the swipe of a French soldier's sword, Jonathan Lyle, the Earl of Hartley, retreats from Society. He cannot tolerate the pity in people’s eyes when they look at him. He was once the darling of the ton, and now he's called the Beast of Bath. When a young woman trespasses on his land, and his horse nearly tramples her, she brilliantly scolds him. Now he can’t seem to forget the feisty miss who doesn’t cower before him.

Lady Harriet Davies is spending the summer in Bath with her grandmother. When she's nearly trampled by the earl’s massive stallion, she scolds him for being so careless. His gruffness and lack of apology take her aback, but there's something about the man that intrigues her, and she makes it her mission to help him regain his dignity and enjoy life once again. Will Harriet be able to help the Beast of Bath open his heart and find true love?


My Review: 


The Beast of Bath meets his match in an unflinching spirited beauty. Enticing the Earl is a heart wrenching Regency romance I couldn’t put down. The premise touched me deeply. The meet cute will capture your heart. The characters drive the story and had me in tears one minute and grinning the next. A great story with intricate historical accuracy, Enticing the Earl is a Regency romance worth reading and can be read as a standalone.


Let’s start with the characters. Jonathan is a tortured soul, wounded in battle. His face scarred by a French soldier on the battlefield, but the invisible scars haunt him still. He acts beastly to keep people at a distance. That is, until he meets Lady Harriet. Her spirit and unconventional ways heal his soul. She takes no notice of his scars, only interested in him as a virile man. I was so taken in by these two characters, their story took my breath away. Yes, it could be considered a BATB retelling but it’s so much more compelling. These characters are emotional and intriguing. My heart went out to Jonathan repeatedly. I connected with Harriet as well.


The descriptive narration is historical in every sense of the word. Every scene is peppered with minute detail from the matters to the clothing to the vocabulary to the balls. It’s a feast for the senses.


What made this such a poignant story is the agony Jonathan goes through on a daily basis. His triggers all speak of his suffering from PTSD and Debra Elizabeth writes a compelling account. You can’t help but ache for him. It’s magnificent.


If you’re looking for a beautifully written Regency romance, you’ll want to read Enticing the Earl.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Debra writes sweet romance in both contemporary and historical romance. She enjoys telling stories and has been pouring out her passion for romance since her teenage years. When she’s not writing, she enjoys working in her garden, motorcycle rides throughout New England with her husband, and of course, playing with her granddaughter.


You can find a complete list of Debra’s books here: 


She enjoys hearing from fans, and you can contact her: She’s also the author of the blog, Two Ends of the Pen. The blog features all things books—author interviews, new releases, guest posts, and reviews. Be first to know about new releases and contests and sign up for her newsletter at


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Reviewed by: Nancy

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