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4.5 stars for Escaping Circumstances by Gloria Joynt-Lang #romance #newrelease #wrpbks #bookreview

Title: Escaping Circumstances

Author: Gloria Joynt-Lang

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:


Eliot “Scorp” Traversini is no stranger to pain. He has inflicted it on his enemies and felt it on his own flesh. Beneath his gruff exterior, he conceals a horrific past that drove him to self-destruction. But his reckless lifestyle must stop when he rescues his kid sister from a disturbing situation and becomes her guardian.


Quinn loves her new apartment building but not Scorp, her neighbor. The tattoo-covered brute is annoying, persistent, and hotter than a New York summer. Having been burned by smooth-talking guys, she wants nothing to do with the menacing man. But how can she say no when he asks for help, not for himself but for a child?


As Scorp and Quinn bond over his sister, they spark a passion they never expected. But dark secrets and unrelenting fears threaten their newfound romance.


My Review:


If you’re a lover of romance novels, this book has several tropes to whet your appetite. Opposites attract qualifies for Scorp and Quinn. Elliot, known as Scorp, is a tattooed monster of a man, all handsome, yet looking like the bad boy. Quinn is the artistic type with a more timid personality. Quinn can’t help but run into the man who lives across the hall…forced proximity. She doesn’t like him, but something draws her to him. When she finds out he’s raising his kid sister, cracks in her resolve grow wide.


So what’s going on with these two that they can’t just charge in and get to know each other—secrets? They both have pasts, and those pasts aren’t pretty.  


Quinn isn’t totally wrong evaluating her neighbor as a bad boy. He’s self-destructive in an effort to forget and deal with a past that has left deep scars. But his heart of gold and the gentle nature masked by his macho good looks can’t hide from her for long. He’s taken in his little sister to protect her from a similar fate.


The heroine and hero in this story have a lot of depth. What bothered me is having the full scope of their pasts purposely hidden until late in the book. Perhaps Ms. Joynt-Lang’s purpose was to build intrigue or conflict, but I think the characters would’ve been fuller and the story smoother if we’d known the why of their actions sooner.


Romance lovers will be immersed in the blossoming love between Scorp and Quinn with their ups and downs, and in the middle of all the conflict is a sweet little girl.


My Rating: 4.5 stars


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Author Biography:


Gloria Joynt-Lang was born in France and raised in various locales throughout Canada. Before she started writing contemporary romance, she worked in the criminal justice system – technically spending time behind bars. As a Canadian, she's fanatic about hockey, poutine, and apologizing. She currently resides in rural Alberta with her husband and Ms. Smookie Bijoux, her Yorkie assistant who has her own instagram account.


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Reviewed by: Brenda


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