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Eternal Seas by @ncsamuelson is a Beach Reads Event pick #beachread #romance #booksale #giveaway


Author: N. Christine Samuelson

Genre: Contemporary Romance/mystical elements

Book Blurb:

Ella Rowe’s lifelong fear of the sea and related tragedies with loved ones cause her soul-deep fear of love and relationships—until the sea brings the perfect man for her—Navy fighter pilot Daniel Ellsworth.

A powerful attraction draws them together in Key West, but sabotaging it is Ella feeling cursed and haunted by deaths, family secrets, lies, spirits, and vivid memories of living in other times with similar fates—all caused by the sea. She believes loving Daniel will make him the next victim, while Daniel questions pursuing her, knowing death could be a consequence.

They begin an odyssey spanning generations of time filled with mystery, otherworldly events, and peril leading back to Ella’s ancestral home in Maine. Will their destiny be fulfilled, or will tragedy be repeated as they endure heartbreak to find love, and face death to find life?


Arriving in the small, tropical island of Key West, they made their way to a beach-front rental cottage. …Janie was determined to get Ella out to meet men on this trip, to change her attitude so she’d be more positive about relationships, about her life.

…But Ella never shared her belief of not staying attached to any one place, job, and especially a man and a relationship for long, meant she couldn’t be hurt. She wouldn’t be abandoned and would never feel that pain and loss again. The truth she never shared with Janie was that the men she’d loved most didn’t leave her; they were taken by the sea in one way or another. And here she was surrounded by the sea in Key West and by a friend determined to find her a man.

* * *

…[That night,] looking for a casual place on the water to have drinks, Janie noticed a ramshackle bar called Sailors Rest. “It has a nice ring to it. Sounds like my kind of place.”

“Of course, it does, Miss Navy. But to me, it sounds like a place for sailors to get drunk and make trouble.”

Janie elbowed her. “You’re so negative. We’re in this tropical, romantic place, full of folklore about ships, pirates and the sea—just what we came here for. You can stay in the car, but you might have a long wait.”

“Okay, I’ll go in with you, but if I get a bad feeling about it inside, we’re leaving.”

* * *

…After a long night of partying and dancing, Janie was ready to drop and stumbled toward the door, yelling out to Ella that she’d be waiting in the car.

Ella and Daniel had talked the night away. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so charmed by a man. She was usually too smart for that. This was refreshing and challenging, and he sure was easy on the eyes. At the very least, she was flattered by his attention. She had resolved to give it a go for the evening because under the good looks, the obvious intelligence, and unusual life, there was something about him that was captivating and familiar. The feel of him was like opening a seldom-used closet and finding a beautiful coat buried in the back, waiting for you to remember it was there, waiting to be wrapped around your body again to warm you and keep you safe.

…Daniel took Ella’s hand. “Looks like the night is over. Thanks for a great time. I’d like to see you tomorrow. Can I have your cell number or email?”

She wore a friendly smile while courteously turning him down. “I’m afraid not. You seem like a nice guy, but I’m sorry, I can’t give out my personal information.”

“I understand. So let’s meet somewhere neutral for coffee or breakfast?”

A small fear kicked in, of getting close, of how she could fall for him, of how she knew for sure he’d be leaving at some point to go back to his life, his life at sea. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Maybe we should be thankful for a wonderful night and leave it at that. According to your idea of fate, if we’re meant to run into each other, we will somehow.”

At first, his face registered disappointment, but then he seemed resigned. Cupping her hand in both of his, he politely said good night. “Okay. But I’ve never had such an interesting, fun time with a woman I just met. Thank you. I really don’t want the night to end, but I’ll respect your wishes.”

When he let go of her hand, she felt a shift in her heart, like it missed a beat at possibly never seeing him again. She wondered if she was making a mistake but decided to indeed leave it up to fate.

He escorted her to her car, looked through the open window, pointed at Janie who was sound asleep, and said, “Who is this passed out? Your fairy godmother?”

Ella laughed. “Not likely. Janie’s more like the teasing stepsister. But she is a great friend. She does love to party. I guess it goes with the Navy territory, huh?”

“Certainly does.” Daniel reached in and put his hand on Janie’s forehead. “She’s warm and breathing.” He affectionately smoothed his hand over her head as if to soothe her. “She’s a cutie. Must’ve driven those sailors wild.”

“You got that right,” Ella said, noticing his genuine interest in and tenderness toward a perfect stranger simply because she was Ella’s friend. Here was another endearing thing about him. There was something innate in his character that showed compassion and depth. Ella felt her heart start to slide down a caring slope, but she stopped it.

Daniel opened the car door. “Well, your carriage awaits, Miss Ella. I knew you’d disappear at the end of the night.” She felt bad then, bad and sad. But she didn’t know what else to do but leave. He waved into her rearview mirror.

Watching him while she drove slowly away, she was overtaken with a feeling of leaving him before, of being forced to say good-bye, knowing she’d never see him again. Her heart broke slightly as she rounded the corner, and he was gone from sight. The feeling washed over her enough to scare her. She pushed it away, but still wondered how her brain could recall something that had not actually happened with him. I must be remembering Peter, she thought. My God, will the pain never go away?

Ella fell into bed that night, still shaken from the memory, yet holding a warm place in her heart for Daniel while struggling to let him go. “Just let him go,” she whispered to herself, hoping to embed it into her subconscious as she slept, so she’d wake with no regret or longing.

Buy Links (including Goodreads and BookBub):

$2.99 Half Price Sale!

What makes your featured book a must-read?

Eternal Seas is a must read for summer! It’s all about love and the beauty, mystery and power of the sea, plus beach, sun and sand, and exotic tropical places.

Plenty of plot twists and surprises, complex characters, mysteries, secrets and spirits in a journey through many loves, lives and deaths make this book the perfect beach read to take you away from the humdrum, and submerse you in a world away, taking you on vacation even if you stay home.

The story is played out through the main characters’ lives – Daniel Ellsworth, a Navy fighter pilot who loves the sea and flying, who is adventurous, bold and daring; and Ella Rowe who fears the sea, love relationships and whose life is haunted by mystery, deaths and secrets.

Readers will find an unusual love story revolving around the sea and its secrets, and be swept away to amazing coastal settings, sweeping through time as well.

The challenges in the characters’ tumultuous world explore ways people’s lives are broken; how fear can limit life and relationships, and the many real & magical ways love can heal bringing hope to anyone’s heart.

Praise for Eternal Seas:

Beautiful story of love, passion and mystery.N. Christine Samuelson has a wonderful talent of connecting you to the characters, their emotions and the settings so you feel you are part of the story. I couldn't wait to open this book each night to get carried away to a different world. …did not want it to end.” – Amazon review

“…Wow, what a beautiful story …emotional women’s fiction with lyrical narration set in Key West. …The characters…drive this story. …The spiritual element…kept me turning the pages. …Mystery and romance added depth to the plot. The ending: WOW! I didn’t see that coming…” – N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

“…Dreams, the distant past of a hundred years ago, and fate interweave in this compelling novel. … premonitions and flashbacks for Ella … Fate, History, and the Eternal Seas.” – Booksprout Review

“I loved this book. I am a spiritual person and the ending gave me chills. Loved the dialogue, so well written. …This was amazing. Would recommend to anyone.” – Amazon review

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $25 Amazon US or Amazon Canada gift card

Open Internationally. You must have an active Amazon US or CA account to win.

Runs July 18 – July 26, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on July 27, 2022.

Author Biography:

Christine writes contemporary novels of love, life and relationships involving the eternal bonds that transform lives and transcend time and place. Her characters are realistic, fresh, and relevant with stories that include mystery and some mysticism. They are written in a unique voice and influenced by life experience which inspires the diverse settings, characters, and authentic storylines of her novels. She explores the joys and triumphs, the tragic and magic of life and love that readers relate to.

Living in coastal South Carolina, Christine finds the land and sea are constant sources of inspiration. She hopes readers will be inspired to look at life and love through a different lens and realize that no matter their circumstances, we all share similar stories in our lives and hearts.

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Anastasia Abboud
Anastasia Abboud
Jul 21, 2022

The story sounds amazing! Congratulations on great reviews!


Peggy Jaeger
Peggy Jaeger
Jul 20, 2022

COngrats!!! this sounds so fab!!!


Rita Wray
Rita Wray
Jul 20, 2022

Sounds like a good read.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 20, 2022

Thank you, Christine, for sharing your book sale in our Beach Reads Bookish Event!

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