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Evan: Kiss Me Again, Cowboy by Maddie James is a Western Fiction/Romance Event pick #westernromance #cowboyromance #western #giveaway

Title: Evan: Kiss Me Again, Cowboy


Author: Maddie James


Genre: Contemporary Western Romance


Book Blurb:


Evan: Kiss Me Again, Cowboy


Sweet Grass Ranch, Book 2


Evan MacKay is grateful to have his four brothers working beside him at Sweet Grass Ranch. Maintaining their ranch lifestyle is his priority, but with the bank breathing down his neck, he worries the ranch can’t continue to support his large family. Secretly, he waits for the other boot to drop.


Turns out the other boots are Jimmy Choo black stilettos worn by the new bank loan manager.


Jessica Chase doesn’t claim to be an expert on ranching, but she’s a whiz in finance, particularly in whipping delinquent accounts into shape. As the new kid on the block, she is driven to succeed, and ready to pull the Sweet Grass Ranch account back into solvency. She is also eager to rebuild her life in South Dakota.


The city woman in heels knows a lot about money, Evan admits, but nothing about cattle. He tries to advise her about ranch business, but she dismisses his recommendations. While intrigued by the abrupt rancher who tries to educate her about cows, Jessica feels her resolve slipping. She has a job to do, and it doesn’t involve kissing the grumpy cowboy.


But kiss him, she does.


Can Jessica rein in her growing attraction for Evan while remaining committed to her professional goal? Will love triumph over the bottom line?




Evan moved over the threshold and into the small wood-paneled conference room, his worn cowboy boots scuffing against the polished hardwood floor. Ethan and Brandley followed a step behind him. As soon as he entered the room, the woman sitting at the table, focused on a stack of paperwork, drew his attention. Her dark hair, pulled back in a low, sleek ponytail, trailed down her back. Diamond stud earrings glinted as she looked up.


He stepped forward. “I’m Evan MacKay. We’re here to meet with Mr. Chase,” he said, clearing his throat.


The woman smiled. “Nice to meet you. I’m Jessica Chase.”


Evan felt his eyes go wide and big, his assumptions thoroughly overturned. She is J. Chase? I’ll be damned.


She rose. “Everyone, please take a seat.” She gestured to the leather chairs across the table from her and looked directly at Evan. “We spoke on the phone.”


Evan sank into the leather seat, darting an uncertain glance at Ethan and Brandley as they settled into chairs beside him.


“Right. I just… I assumed… Hell.” Evan’s voice trailed off as Jessica pinned him with a pointed look.


“You assumed I was an administrative assistant sitting here, and also when I called you the other day to set up an appointment, and that J. Chase was a man,” she finished, one perfectly shaped eyebrow raised.


Brandley stifled a giggle.


Heat crept up his neck. Evan hated to admit she was right. He definitely hadn’t expected a polished and sophisticated woman. Not that a woman couldn’t grasp or understand the ins and outs of running a ranch—his mother would tan his hide, even at his age, if he admitted that.


But what did this Jessica Chase know about the backbreaking work of ranching? The heartache of losing cattle to harsh winters, the legacy of a family ranch lifestyle? All their loan officers in the past had been men, and most of them ranchers. The woman looked like she’d just stepped out of a New York City taxicab.


Ethan shot him a warning look, as if he could read his mind.


Brandley scooted to the edge of her seat and leaned forward. “Ms. Chase, I’m Brandley MacKay, the ranch accountant, and Ethan’s wife.” She nodded toward her husband. “We appreciate your time meeting with us, and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.”


Ethan angled her way, too. “As you know, the ranch has hit some hard times the past few years, but we’re committed to finding a solution.”


Ms. Jessica Chase shuffled through the paperwork on her desk and Evan watched intently.


“Yes, of course.” She arranged a few more things, then looked up, briefly making eye contact with each of them. “Why don’t you walk me through the current financial situation from your perspectives, and then we can discuss how I am seeing things.”


Evan shifted in his seat, his earlier assumptions warring with a grudging admiration for the woman’s directness.


She exuded an air of competence, her gaze sharp and assessing. Perhaps she knew a thing or two about ranching and land management, he couldn’t say. Either way, Evan realized they would have to work together. He straightened in his seat and figured he could give her a fair chance. There was too much at stake not to.


“Now, who wants to start?” she began. “Tell me the story of Sweet Grass Ranch.”


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


You’ve read Ethan: Black Sheep Cowboy. Right? Well now you get to read his identical twin brother’s story. The brothers are struggling with keeping Sweet Grass Ranch in the family. Can they figure out how to do that and keep the bank loan manager at bay?


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Open Internationally.


Runs April 23 – April 30, 2024.

Winner will be drawn on May 1, 2024.


Author Biography:


Whether writing flirty contemporary romance or gritty romantic suspense, Maddie James writes to silence the people in her head.


In 2022, Maddie celebrated her 25th year of publishing romance fiction under multiple pen names. Her collective body of work includes over 70 titles. Maddie loves writing small town contemporary romance and cowboy worlds, and as M.L. Jameson she pens romantic suspense. You might find a few naughty short stories written under another pen name if you look hard enough.


Affair de Coeur says Maddie, “shows a special talent for traditional romance,” and RT Book Reviews claimed, “James deftly combines romance and suspense, so hope on for an exhilarating ride.”


Learn more at 


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Flawless by Elsie Silver if that counts!

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Thank you so much for featuring my cowboy, Evan!

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N. N. Light
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Thank you for sharing your book in our western event!

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