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New Release | Finders Keepers, Cowboy by Rachelle Paige Campbell #sweetromance #westernromance #giveaway #romance #bookboost

Title  Finders Keepers, Cowboy


Author  Rachelle Paige Campbell


Genre Sweet Contemporary Western Romance


Publisher  Rowan Prose Publishing


Book Blurb 


Meg Hawke’s antique store is faltering. When her octogenarian neighbor Hank asks her to clean out his shed and sell antiques on consignment, she has a real chance at discovering forgotten treasure. If she steps foot on the Montana ranch, however, she’ll come face-to-face with her childhood frenemy and Hank’s grandson, Ryan.


After selling off the ranch’s cattle years before, Ryan Kincaid dove into the world of high-end tourism, devoting everything to the business. For his sanity, he avoids his annoying known-her-since-childhood neighbor, Meg. With the forced proximity of the shed project happening in his backyard, though, he’s singing a different tune. Perhaps he’d been wrong about her.


A surprise discovery spurs both change and challenge, and they’re forced to choose the potential of ever-after or forget each other and finally move on forever.




In Meg’s thirty seconds of indecision, the sky darkened to pitch black. Rain poured down like an upended bucket. She tightened her grip on the bag, climbed the steps onto the next section of walkway, and tucked her chin against her chest.


She couldn’t raise her face to follow her progress, or she’d be pelted in the eyes by the fat drops. She trusted her memory of town to guide her. With each passing moment, her clothes became wetter and clung to her body. She focused on warm thoughts like the hot cocoa packets in her pantry. She could manage. She’d dealt with worse.


A truck rolled past, hit the pothole in front of The Golden Crown Saloon, and splashed water like a wave, thoroughly drenching her.


She lifted her gaze at the idling vehicle, her mouth forming a circle and freezing on the gasp.


The truck’s passenger side window rolled down.


“Meg?” Ryan asked. “Hop in, warm up,” he commanded.


The door unlocked with a loud click.


In normal circumstances, she wasn’t one to be bossed around and especially not by him. He always thought he knew best. Arguing was pointless as she shivered in the rain. This one time, he was right.


She hopped into the cab, sliding her groceries onto the floor mat. “Thanks.” Her teeth chattered.


With a frown, he turned up the heater. “I’m sorry I added to your misery.”


“I should have known better.” Keeping her hands on the vents, she turned toward him. “If I’d been thinking, I would have driven to the grocery store instead of leaving my car in the municipal lot. I wanted some fresh air and a little exercise.”


“The temperature will improve by the weekend. You’ve lived here long enough to know one truth.” He lifted the corner of his mouth. “Nice weather never lasts.”


Nothing good does. She stared into his amber eyes. The amusement in his gaze invited her into a private joke. She didn’t want to lose the new connection. Once she finished at the shed, she wouldn’t have any reason to seek his company. Worse, she could end up back in Chicago if she didn’t make progress on her online store or those cards failed to pan out.


She had to find contentment one day at a time in the present, ignoring her inclination to race ahead. Her tomorrows might not include him so she couldn’t squander her todays.


She pointed at a clip on one of the vents. “You bought air freshener?”


“Hank had some in a drawer.” Ryan shrugged. “I can’t tell a difference.”


Shutting her eyes, she breathed deep. “It smells like cedar.” She turned her head and met his gaze with a smile.


A car honked.


He broke away from her gaze, raised a hand to the driver passing him, and pulled into traffic. “Can I get you dinner by way of apology?”


She shook her head. “I’ve got to get home to Colby. A ride to my car would be more than enough.”


He nodded and turned at the next intersection, driving onto the side streets and backtracking to the lot on the edge of downtown, a few blocks past her store. “You left the dog at home? Doesn’t she accompany you everywhere?”


He keeps tabs on me? The thought was cheering and a little jarring. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be so predictable and boring. Or maybe he knew her that well. “Typically, she does.” Meg pushed her limp, wet hair behind her ears. “She’s in time out for behavior unbecoming of a lady this morning at the ranch.”


Ryan chuckled.


Her heart lifted at the deep, rumbling sound. “Why are you in town? Aren’t you too swamped to leave your property? Only a few more days until the first guests arrive.”


He exhaled a heavy breath. “Believe me, I know. Cupcake was reshoed today, and I spent the rest of the day with the spa staff. My brain is counting down the seconds. Occasionally, a meeting pops up that can’t be rescheduled and is easier handled in person.” He paused.


Oh. She swallowed hard. Was she a fool for wanting him to seek her company? Their fledging friendship might be endangered if he did. She shouldn’t expect more than either of them could give.


“He lifted his shoulders. “I was serious about my offer. I’m heading over to Church Street. Joe and I have business to discuss, and I’d like to review the catering orders for the first few cowboy dinners with Abby Whit. She’ll have everything handled, of course. But two big events in less than a week is a lot. I figured we might as well grab dinner from her food truck while we’re there. Really, it’s a good excuse to do just that.”


Meg licked her lips. She loved Abby’s pulled pork sandwich with mustard coleslaw on a pretzel roll. Eating out was a luxury she couldn’t afford at the moment. His offer was tempting. With Joe there, no one could accuse Meg and Ryan of a date. Her cheeks burned. She wasn’t sure she’d mind the assumption.


“You want to reconsider now that you know my plan?” He arched a brow and shot her a quick glance before refocusing on the road.


“Don’t tempt me.”


He pulled into the public parking lot behind Main Street and turned down the first row. All alone, her white SUV waited for her. He parked next to her vehicle and turned toward her.


“Hey, before you go. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your work with Hank. It’s a lot to deal with and sort. You helping means a lot.”


His sincerity scrambled her brain. How could she form an appropriate response when he was so earnest? She nodded.


“I also wanted to tell you the event space idea is a good one. I am looking into it. Not sure how feasible it will be with some other projects in the mix, but I am considering it.”


“Wow. That’s great. I’m... glad.” He took her seriously. She would have expected him to brush off her idea and never mention it again. He surprised her in the best way.


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Author Biography 


Rachelle Paige Campbell writes contemporary romance novels filled with heart and hope. With a master’s degree in Art History, she is always eager for a chance to sneak antiques into her books. She believes love and laughter can change lives, and every story needs a happily ever after.


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