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5++ stars for Flames of Flamenco by Jennifer Ivy Walker #steamyromance #romance #bookreview

Title: Flames of Flamenco

Author: Jennifer Ivy Walker

Genre: Steamy Romance


Book Blurb:


In Montmartre, the bohemian heart of Paris, Ella meets an intriguing artist who sketches portraits on the trendy Place du Tertre and dances flamenco at the local tablao. As Jean-Luc introduces her to the secret delights of the City of Light, Ella becomes his Muse, the passion they share inspiring and igniting his art and his dance.


When he melts her frozen heart, she decides to remain in Paris and live with him, sharing his atelier as she designs and creates chic couture.


But a beautiful, beguiling curator invites Jean-Luc to display his paintings as the featured artist in the upcoming L’Art de la Danse exhibit, and the lure of international fame threatens his future with Ella.


Will jealousy and greed extinguish their passion, or will the flames of flamenco endure?


Note from the author: Flames of Flamenco takes place in Montmartre, the bohemian heart of Paris. The setting for the novella and the hero, Jean-Luc, were inspired by the author’s trip to Paris and Spain.


My Review:


Will the flames of passion ignite Ella’s soul or fan her jealousy? In Flames of Flamenco, Jennifer Ivy Walker writes a fiery hot romance that will light your heart on fire. The descriptive narration and setting will plunge you into the heart of Montmarte, France, where art and dance are expressions of passion and love. The characters are so vibrant, they leap from the page. The romance is a feast for the senses. Flames of Flamenco is a seductive, passionate romance you’ll lose yourself in.


Let’s start with the characters. Ella is a woman ready for a love affair in the heart of Paris. When she meets Jean-Luc, she enters a world fueled by passion. I liked her immensely. She’s beautiful both inside and out. She’s smart and takes life as it comes. She fights for what she wants, no matter the cost. Jean-Luc is the embodiment of allure and seduction. He’s very Parisian and only reveals what he wants to. Both are rocked to the core by their instant attraction and toe-curling passion. Is it lasting love? You’ll have to read it to find out for yourself.


I know I’ve said this a hundred times, but Jennifer Ivy Walker’s writing is pure artistry. Her writing is poetic in nature but not flowery. Each scene is described with emotion and clarity, so the reader is transported. Never have I been so emotionally invested in a story, and it’s a wondrous experience.


If you’re looking to be seduced by the power of love through words, pick up Flames of Flamenco. I wasn’t able to stop reading and neither will you.


My Rating: 5++ stars


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Author Biography:


Jennifer Ivy Walker has an MA in French literature and is a professor of French at a state college in Florida.  Her novels encompass a love for French language, literature, and culture, incorporating her lifelong study and many trips to France.  Flames of Flamenco was inspired by an artist who sketched her portrait on la Place du Tertre in Montmartre and a flamenco dancer she met on a trip to Spain.


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Reviewed by: Nancy

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