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Forever Kind of Woman by @susanreid460 is a Western Event pick #western #historical #giveaway

Title: Forever Kind of Woman

Author: Susan Payne

Genre: Women’s Fiction – Historical Western

Book Blurb:

Why would a celebrated female surgeon go all the way to Texas to marry an average doctor? A secret she could not tell and a plan she couldn’t give up.


Tess felt pretty good about her week's work and sat on the back porch, watching the sun go down. Looking over to the sheriff's house, she saw he was striped to the waist, washing his underarms then his torso. She was mesmerized by the long strokes he made over his tan skin, the muscles bunching and stretching as he washed then rinsed each portion of his body.

She realized she was staring when he went to push down his trousers to bare the rest of his body for ablutions. Lowering her gaze, she moved quickly into her darkened kitchen, making her way upstairs feeling the heat of a blush on her face.

She chided herself for her foolishness. She had seen naked men as cadavers, during surgeries and examinations, at much closer quarters. Why should this man be so much more interesting to her? He was attractive and an excellent specimen of manhood, but would that make her heart beat faster merely thinking of him becoming naked in front of her?

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

This story shows how dependent on men women were meant to be. Rare even to have a bank account or own land in most states. The more than capable woman had to use men to attend university and become a doctor. The fact she chose to help female patients didn’t help and they were the most underserved. Early study of what was to be known as ‘stalkers’ is also discussed. Finding a man with liberal enough thinking to become her life mate was a happy happenstance.

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $45 Amazon (US) gift card

Open Internationally.

Runs April 20 – April 28, 2021.

Winner will be drawn on April 29, 2021.

Author Biography:

A voracious reader her whole life, author Susan Payne loves the written word. When reading wasn’t enough, she decided to allow her mind to take flight and write all the many stories that kept intruding in her life. She blended her love of history and her love of words to create over eighty stories. All historical and centering on couples finding love and a happy ever after together.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 22, 2021

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your book in our Western Fic/Rom Bookish Event!

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