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Four White Roses by @JudyAnnDavis4 is a Beach Reads Event pick #romanticmystery #beachread #giveaway

Title: Four White Roses

Author: Judy Ann Davis

Genre: Romantic Mystery

Book Blurb:

Winner of three writing awards!

When widower Rich Redman returns to Pennsylvania with his young daughter to sell his deceased grandmother’s house, he discovers Grandmother Gertie’s final request was for him to find a missing relative and a stash of WWI jewels. Torrie Larson, single mom, is trying to make her landscape center and flower arranging business succeed while attempting to save the lineage of a rare white rose brought from Austria in the 1900s. Together, the rich Texas lawyer and poor landscape owner team up to rescue the last rose and fulfill a dead woman’s wishes. But in their search to discover answers to the mysteries surrounding them, will Rich and Torrie also discover love in each other’s arms? Or will a meddling ghost, a pompous banker, and an elusive stray cat get in their way?


Torrie took a sip of wine. “Oh, I almost forgot. Estella and Iris want to dye their hair pink.”

“What?” Rich set his glass aside, tumbled onto his back on the soft grass, and covered his forehead with the back of his hand. “Holy fright. How do we stop them?”

Torrie laughed. “Take it easy, they just want to put a few streaks of pink in their hair. Many schools don’t allow odd colors in their students’ hair so all the kids are doing it while school is out for summer.”

He peered up at her. “I’m light years behind in this hair coloring thing, and I’m clueless about Estella’s clothes. The other day my precious daughter informed me I needed to take a class in fashion—and she said a parenting class wouldn’t go amiss either. I feel like a big dope.”

Torrie chuckled. “Estella is precious, but she’s extremely articulate and way too bright for her age. I can get some washable, colored hair spray, and we can see if they like it first before we make the giant leap to a professional hair dresser.” She set her wine glass aside and laid on her back next to him.

“How do you do it?” he asked her, staring at the treetops. “Do you ever feel you’re not getting it right? Raising your daughter, I mean?”

“All the time.” Eyes closed, she sighed. “Sometimes I feel like I’m not getting my whole life right.”

He rolled toward her and brushed a finger across her cheek. She turned her head and looked at him. His gaze was as soft as a caress. He kissed her gently along her neck. “There’s some chemistry happening here,” he whispered in her ear before his mouth covered hers hungrily.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

Four White Roses was a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards, the American Fiction Awards and Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie Awards.

The novel is a rollicking romance and mystery about a single parent, Texas lawyer arriving in Pennsylvania to sell his late Grandmother’s house and learning she can still talk to him from beyond as ghost. He is attracted to a pretty landscape artist who is the little sister of one of his best friends. Both main characters have little precious and precocious girls who try to tame an outdoor cat and keep the fun and chaos moving along. It’s a perfect summer and beach read that will make you giggle aloud.

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $31 Amazon (US) gift card:

Open Internationally.

Runs July 13 – July 21, 2021.

Winner will be drawn on July 22, 2021.

Author Biography:

Award-winning author Judy Ann Davis has written ten novels and a collection of short stories to date. She is member of Pennwriters, Inc. and Romance Writers of America. When Judy Ann is not behind a computer, you can find her looking for anything humorous to make her laugh or swinging a golf club where the chuckles are few. She is also a woodworker. She divides her time between Central Pennsylvania and New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Social Media Links:

Visit her on:

Facebook: Judy Ann Davis Author

Twitter: JudyAnnDavis4

Author Page:


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 15, 2021

Thank you, Judy Ann, for sharing your book in our Beach Reads Bookish Event!

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