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Ginger by P.L. Parker is a Wintertime Reading Event pick #scifi #postapocalyptic #ku #giveaway

Title:   Ginger


Author:  P.L. Parker


Genre:   Science fiction/post-apocalyptic


Book Blurb:


Genetically enhanced like her half-sisters, Ginger is the teacher, the nurturer, and when the aliens attack the convoy, she does the only thing she can—she runs into the vast wilderness, attempting to draw the drones away from all those she loves.  Lost and alone, and without the basic resources to survive, she nonetheless keeps heading north, hoping to find the refuge in Montana.


Levi, the most skilled tracker in the Native American camp, sets out to find her, before it’s too late.




From the looks of it, she’d climbed up to get a better eye on the landscape. He followed her example, pulled out his binoculars and took a long look at the view. Parts of downed fighter jets and ground artillery vehicles were scattered over the vista, testaments to a battle that had once been fought here. A losing battle, he suspected, given the extent of the damage.


            From his perch atop the boulder, he could see where she’d entered the grassland and forged a path through the vegetation stretching into the distance. Given her height, it must have been difficult going, and very recently, as most of the stalks were still pressed down. As before, she hadn’t made any effort to cover her tracks but simply pushed through. Though it made finding her easier, it still irked him that she showed so little concern about being followed. A child could follow her tracks out here.


            He jumped to the ground, gathered up the packs and headed into the brush, returning his pace to a ground-covering lope. Not as easy as before but still doable.


            An hour later, the grasses opened into a wide clearing, bisected by a small stream. Her prints were everywhere, booted and barefoot. A grim smile wreathed his lips. She’d lost even more time lingering here. Good for him, not so good for her.


            He found where she’d pulled handfuls of watercress. Not much sustenance, but better than nothing. He paused long enough to fill both canteens with water, and then returned to the hunt. He was so close he could almost smell her. He could feel it.


            He drew a deep breath and exhaled. It would be a relief to end the uncertainty but finding her presented a whole passel of new problems, foremost being that he’d be the one who’d have to break the news about Cap, a burden he found unnerving. From what he gathered, the sisters doted on the old man, even more so since their adoptive mother, Ingrid, had died. But she had to know, and even if he tried to avoid the issue, she’d ask and he wouldn’t lie to her. He never lied, even to ease someone’s pain. His mind ran over the possible scenarios. He’d try to soften the blow. Tell her how the rest of the team had made it to the rendezvous. The sisters were all well and Cap had been laid to rest by Anise and Coug. Remind her that she’d drawn the drones and the ADs away from her team, and they’d survived because of her courage.


            His teeth ground together. Better to leave that situation alone until it presented itself. Softness wasn’t part of his psyche, but he could offer a shoulder if she needed it.


            He knew about pain and loss. His own parents and brother had perished in a drone attack. After that, he’d wandered for years, honing his tracking skills until he’d found Owen’s people. Owen had given him purpose. A reason to go on. Owen wasn’t his blood kin but calling him Uncle was a term of respect utilized by many in the tribe. They were his family now and he’d fight to the death for every single one.


            The first shadows of dusk settled on the landscape, precursors of the coming night. Ahead, he could see towering pines standing guard over the denizens of the forest. An evening breeze rustled through the grasslands; motes of dust danced on the currents. Nighthawks circled overhead, unconcerned by his presence as they dipped and swooped through the clouds of insects rising from the scrub. A rabbit broke from cover and scuttled through the shrubbery. Life had a way of happening even at the worst of times.


The grassland ended at the first edges of the timber. Her tracks were less pronounced here but still in a line heading north—and fresh. Caution overtook speed. If what he’d heard was right, she could even now be watching and listening, waiting to strike. As he’d been warned by Reese, the women were dangerous when confronted or surprised, and he didn’t want to give her the opportunity to kill him before he had a chance to explain why he was here.


He dropped the packs, making as much noise as possible. Hands raised, he stepped into the center of a small glade. If she was close, she’d see him.


“Ginger,” he called. “I’m here for you.”


The silence was deafening. Even the birds ceased to chatter.


“I know you’re out there,” he tried again. “I’ve been following you. I’ve come to help.”


Still nothing. But he needed to gain her trust. He tried another tactic.


“Your sisters sent me. Saffron, Poppy, Sage, Anise, and Thyme. They’re all safe at the rendezvous, and they want you with them.” He paused for a moment, searching for the right words. “Poppy has red hair, but a deeper shade of red than yours. Yours is like fire, bright and shining. You’re a teacher and you love the children.”


            The silence stretched even further. Perhaps she was still too far out to hear him. He was about ready to give up when the bushes rustled and she stepped through. The rifle in her grip was aimed at his chest, and from the look on her face, she was ready to use it.


            “Who are you?” she spat out the words. “Any why should I trust you?”


            “Levi,” he said. “From Owen’s camp.”


            Her head cocked as she studied him. “You could be a jacker. They come in all sizes and shapes. Even Indians.”


            “Would I know your sisters’ names if I was a jacker?” He rotated his neck. “Can I lower my arms now?”


            “Not at the moment. I still have a few more questions.” He could hear her intake of breath. “What’s the cat’s name?”


            “How the hell would I know? Never met him.”


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


If you like post-apocalyptic scifi, Ginger is a perfect choice. Along with her five half-sisters, she’s one of the genetically engineered, bred to lead humanity’s fight for survival after the alien invasion. With all the enhanced abilities of her half-sisters, Ginger is also softer, more vulnerable. She might not be as tough as her sisters, but when the need arises, she knows how to fight. Levi, the tracker, hurries to find her, the woman who haunts his dreams.


Ginger is Book 3 in my scifi series, The Chimeras (Saffron and Poppy).


Giveaway – 


Enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card:



Open Internationally.


Runs January 23 – January 29, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on January 30, 2024.


Author Biography:


P.L. Parker was born and raised in Idaho where she lives with her three sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. She is an amateur Squatcher and can be found at times in the wilds of Idaho with her oldest son looking for the elusive creature.


Ms. Parker writes stories with alpha males and strong, determined women. Science fiction and time travel are her genres of choice but she has tried her hands at paranormal. Besides her stand-alone novels, she has three series: The Chimeras and The Star Brides, science fiction romances, and Time Warriors, time travel romances.


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P.L. Parker
P.L. Parker
26 янв.

Thank you Mrs. N for including Ginger.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
26 янв.

Thank you, P.L., for sharing your book in our Wintertime Reading Bookish Event!

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