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5 stars for Gingerbread Dead by Lori L. Robinett #cozymystery #holidayreads #bookreview

Title: Gingerbread Dead

Author: Lori L. Robinett

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Holiday Cozy Mystery

Book Blurb:

This fun cozy mystery features a “colorful display of Christmas suspense and intrigue” perfect for lovers of true crime and mysteries.

Jessica Barker blogs about true crime for an online magazine. But blogging for others is far from her dream job – she wants her own true crime podcast.

While working one night, Jess witnesses her next-door neighbor in distress and Jess is the only one who seems to care. When the cops dismiss her as a bothersome true crime reporter with an overactive imagination, Jess must delve into the life of her mysterious neighbors, Rory and John Regan – with hints at embezzlement and gambling – before Rory ends up dead.

Lori L. Robinett introduces a new series about the adventures of an aspiring podcaster that will appeal to fans of true crime and cozy mysteries.

My Review:

Hot as a fresh baked cookie, this book just cooks. Another tasty treat from this now must-read series. This is my second foray into Christmas Cookies and I loved it!

Jessica is simply superb. You can't help but think you would love to sub for her pod if it existed in true life! Her journey from podder to crime solver was so well done.

There are cookies that abound and mysteries and suspense too. I loved the cookies and I loved the suspense. There is something to be raved on when the crime blogger is smarter than the cops!

A really fun read that will keep the reader going. Really well-done characters that are a treat to enjoy. The book will appeal to all fans of this great series. Fans of really good mysteries will enjoy this book. A super read for this time of the year!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Lori L. Robinett lives in central Missouri with her husband of 25+ years. They live on a small hobby farm, maintained purely for the comfort and enjoyment of their 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Lori writes fiction (cozy mysteries, domestic life thrillers, & contemporary western romance) as well as non-fiction. Her first thriller, Fatal Impulse, spent several months on Amazon’s bestseller list.

She also teaches and mentors those who want to write. Her signature course is Blank to 50K, designed to help aspiring writers reach the finish line with their first manuscript. This was inspired by her own success with the Couch to 5K program that, you guessed it, got her off the couch and across the finish line of her first 5K. You can find it on Teachable (WriteScout).

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Reviewed by: Kris

2 commentaires

Anastasia Abboud
Anastasia Abboud
07 déc. 2022

Great review! It looks like a really enjoyable read. :) All the best!


Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
07 déc. 2022

Congrats to Lori!

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