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N. N. Light's Book Heaven presents Gloria Joynt-Lang #authorspotlight #romance #mustread #Canadianauthor

Gloria Joynt Lang is a contemporary romance author who’s partial to neurodiverse heroes and strong, resilient women. Gloria was born on an Air Force base in northern France to a French mother and a Canadian father. Before Gloria’s first birthday, her parents and two older sisters relocated to Canada. She spent the long flight to North America screaming at the top of her lungs, much to the dismay of other passengers. Since then, she has worked on being less verbally obnoxious, though she can still be quite outspoken. Before becoming an author, she worked in the criminal justice system. One could say she spent a lot of time behind bars. Gloria can be found kayaking, boating, or biking when not writing. As a Canadian, she’s into hockey, poutine, and apologizing. Gloria will, however, never apologize for watching the Stanley Cup final during her wedding reception. She resides in rural Alberta with her loving and patient husband and their mischievous Yorkshire Terrier, Ms. Smookie Bijoux. Ms. Smookie Bijoux has her own Instagram account where she dishes what it’s like to work as an author’s personal assistant. Surprisingly, it’s not as glamorous as one might think, and the pay is terrible—mere kibble. Gloria’s love of dogs ensures every book she writes includes a pet. Now that you know Gloria, let’s dive into some juicy stuff.


Gloria is adamant about returning the shopping cart to the cart corral. Chaos will ensue when carts are left to wander the parking lot. Gloria hates eating food that has bones in it. She will only eat chicken wings when someone serves them as a main course at dinner. Since she’s not vegan, it would be impolite to pass them up. Thus far, this has only happened once in her life.


Gloria was terrified of balloons, clowns, and popcorn as a child. She was the one kid you didn’t want at your birthday party. Balloons and clowns still unnerve her, but she no longer screams at the sight of popcorn.


Her favorite author is Fredrik Backman, who wrote A Man Called Ove and Beartown. Gloria loves movies, especially ones with superheroes. If she could have a superpower, she’d love to be ultrafast. That way, she could clean the entire house in seconds.


Though she loves movies, she finds that books are usually better. She’s sad to learn that some adults never read once they graduate from school. Reading is essential for learning empathy and should be a lifelong experience.


Gloria has a fondness for sports mascots. One is never too old to hug a mascot, though a few too tightly squeezed costumed dudes might disagree.


If skill and talent weren’t necessary, Gloria would love to have been a mountain climber scaling Kilimanjaro. Instead, Gloria experiences nature by walking on flat land.


Always looking for ways to improve, Gloria has vowed to extend her wardrobe beyond the basics of neutrals. She went out on a limb and purchased a fuchsia sweater this year. She is a risk-taker, for sure. Gloria self admits to being a lifelong nerd. She’s proudly awkward. Gloria loves communicating with fellow authors and readers. Drop her a line on her website. She’s always glad to talk about writing, hockey, shopping carts, or a variety of zany topics.


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Author Gloria Joynt-Lang

Genre Contemporary Romance

Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Eliot “Scorp” Traversini is no stranger to pain. He has inflicted it on his enemies and felt it on his own flesh. Beneath his gruff exterior, he conceals a horrific past that drove him to self-destruction. But his reckless lifestyle must stop when he rescues his kid sister from a disturbing situation and becomes her guardian.


Quinn loves her new apartment building but not Scorp, her neighbor. The tattoo-covered brute is annoying, persistent, and hotter than a New York summer. Having been burned by smooth-talking guys, she wants nothing to do with the menacing man. But how can she say no when he asks for help, not for himself but for a child?


As Scorp and Quinn bond over his sister, they spark a passion they never expected. But dark secrets and unrelenting fears threaten their newfound romance.




What in the world?


She rubbed her eyes. Her neighbor stood at the end of the corridor, accompanied by a humongous toy giraffe. He stomped forward. The giraffe’s foam-filled head grazed the ceiling. The plush animal and the man occupied the hallway’s entire width. She retreated past her doorway, allowing him access to his apartment. Hudson let out a sharp bark.


Her neighbor cocked his head around the giraffe’s neck. “Hey, Sprinkles, I didn’t know you had a dog.”


“Didn’t know you had a giraffe.”


He let out a deep, hearty chuckle. “Mind if I ask a question?”


“Depends on the question.” Her tone was bitchier than intended but justified. Carting around a large toy didn’t make him any less dangerous.

“Do little girls like giraffes?”


“How old?” she asked, normalizing the odd conversation.


“She’s five.”


“Hmm…I’d guess it shouldn’t scare her.”


He stepped forward.


How dare he encroach upon her side of the hallway.


“Does the pooch have a name, or should I nickname him too?”


“Hudson,” she muttered into her hand, blocking her stinky morning breath.


“Sorry, Huds. I didn’t mean to get in your way. I bet you’re eager to go outside.” He set the giraffe down and glanced at her dog. “I know, buddy, it’s large and intimidating, but it’s harmless…like me.”


She waited for a growl, hoping Hudson would do her dirty work. Hudson stayed silent. The man inched closer. Her throat muscles tightened.


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Author Biography


Gloria Joynt-Lang is a Canadian author who writes contemporary romance. She lives in rural Alberta with her husband and their dog. Her newest novel, Escaping Circumstances, is her third published work.


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Title Beyond Circumstances (Book One in the Out of the Darkness Series)

Author: Gloria Joynt-Lang

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb:


Zak Tifour loathes violence, and who could blame him? Two years ago, it destroyed him. It’s one thing to witness death, yet another to be responsible for the carnage. To survive, he hides in a small town, but when an attractive doctor veers off the road, his self-imposed exile is threatened. Though drawn to the woman’s generous heart, Zak is terrified his darkness will engulf her light.


Lexie Draden knows sacrifice. She has dedicated her life to medicine. But no matter how skillful she is, it’s impossible to save everyone. As a surgeon, she accepts this brutal truth—until it becomes personal. Relocating is tough, but when she stumbles into the arms of a handsome stranger who doesn’t pry into her history, life takes a turn for the better. The only downside, the man’s past may be worse than hers.


Will their secrets and broken promises destroy their budding romance, or will love heal their damaged souls? 


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Title: Braking Hard

Author: Gloria Joynt-Lang

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Gage O'Neill is an all-around nice guy and an Adonis in coveralls. With a thriving automotive business, a gorgeous girlfriend, and his ADHD under control, life is pretty incredible. But when he loses a loved one, Gage's perfect world unravels. Prone to bad choices, he's desperate to quell his rash behavior. Thankfully, hiring a curvy mechanic is the one impulsive decision he's gotten right.


Eden Sampario is destitute as a result of a confrontation turned violent with her former employer. When Gage mistakenly offers her a job, she readily accepts. But soon she wonders if she made the right decision. Resisting her sexy boss proves more challenging than an engine rebuild. Her only other option? Give in to temptation and risk not only her career but also her heart.


Welcome to Big C's automotive shop, a place where more than cars overheat.


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May 17


An interesting look at a writer’s approach to her three novels, NN Light. Your blurbs will attract readers who like contemporary romances like yours, Gloria.  Best wishes,  Meryl Brown Tobin, romantic suspense writer


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 16

Thank you, Gloria, for sharing your writing journey and romance novels with our readers!

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