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4.75 stars for Gotham Kitty by @AnnGreyson2 #yalit #sciencefiction #newrelease #bookreview

Title: Gotham Kitty

Author: Ann Greyson

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Science Fiction

Book Blurb:

For many years the curse of the Evil Shadowy Figure is plaguing the Chagga. Prophecy has it that the day an extraterrestrial falls from the sky, the tribe will have a chance to perform a ritual to end the curse.

DECEMBER 2010. In a far-off galaxy, a Brozian cargo ship, with a female Catusapien aboard, slips into a wormhole and spits out into the Milky Way Galaxy. The Catusapien escapes her cell and flees the ship in an escape pod. Allison Banes, who is in Tanzania working on a PhD in zoology, is in Arusha National Park and sees the Brozian spaceship explode and crash land. She finds the Catusapien sleeping by the escape pod and takes the alien to her house for observation.

When Allison Banes falls victim to the Evil Shadowy Figure, the alien retreats to the forest surrounding Lake Duluti. After spearfishing on Christmas Eve, Cassidy Mkama, an 11-year-old African girl, sees the alien and tells her friend Laila Diwani, a Chagga member who tells the tribe’s Paramount Chief, Anton Naruma.

The chance to end the supernatural curse on the Chagga is at hand. And a lifelong friendship between Cassidy and the alien, whom she soon will name Gotham Kitty, is just beginning.

My Review:

The sci-fi aspect of this book is simply brilliant. Gotham Kitty (or Kitty as she was called by Alison) is the best character in the book. The book covers a lot of ground, both in the universe and on earth. Fans of mystical paranormal will appreciate the more terrestrial aspects of this story.

The scenes with Alison and Kitty are some of the best I have ever read in my entire life. Had the book been solely focused on this relationship and the hijinks that could have been, it would have made this book possibly the finest book ever written. That this literary gem is merely part of the story is a touch melancholy for me.

There were parts of this book that simply passed over conceivably great scenes. I could have read a book about the life of Kitty living in a treehouse and never gotten bored.

Fans of sci-fi that mixes with paranormal will want to read this book. There are scenes of intense thriller that could captivate a reader. A book that could mean something different to each reader. A creative story that could have been so much more if it had been a little less.

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

ANN GREYSON is the author of the novels Gotham Kitty; The Lonely Vampire, a Recommended Read in the 2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards and First Place Paranormal in the 2021 Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards, and Never-DEAD which has the Third Place General Fiction in the 2020 TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards.

In 2017, Ann portrayed Allison Banes in puRR, the story of Gotham Kitty, short television program broadcast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Culture Channel 4 in 2018. In 2014, the Gotham Kitty short TV program was a nominee for a VOLLIE Award for Best Arts/Entertainment Program from Community Media Center TV of Westminster, Maryland. Among the short TV programs, music videos and commercials Ann acts in include the SpaceWoman and Super CRAZY Fan series for which she is the creator.

With many dancing credits on stage, she also sings and acts in the music videos: Shine, O Christmas Tree, House of the Rising Sun, Motherless Child, and Buffalo Gals. Associate of Arts degree in English from Howard Community College, she is a member of Actors’ Equity Association, SAG-AFTRA and the Alpha Alpha Sigma chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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