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New Release | Her Alien Insurgent by Sky Robert #alienromance #scifiromance #romanticscifi #newrelease #ku


Title: Her Alien Insurgent


Author: Sky Robert


Genre: Alien Romance / Sci-fi Romance


Book Blurb:


I can't get him out of my head. Literally, our communicators are fried and he's the only chance I have off this planet.


When the big, green grumpy alien falls for a trap and the line between our broken communicators goes silent, I may be his only hope of survival. But without him, I may be stuck on Krelis until the day I die since the whole planet is preparing for a war against an outlaw invasion. He may have been some kind of spy for a neighboring planet, and I may have had a bigger mission to solve, but without each other both of our objectives will be lost.


Tropes: Fated Mates, Knotting, a special peen that forms to fit and fill, he calls her Goddess, we get political intrigue/sci-fi adventure that give you more insight into the universe and its fertility crisis, the human saves the alien and some sexual healing!


CW: Her Alien Insurgent contains on-page death, explicit romance scenes, strong language, a universe-wide fertility crisis, alien culture immersion of a cannibalistic nature, captivity, manipulation, betrayal, slight exhibitionism/voyeurism, abuse of power, and self-harm/recklessness. All smexy times are consensual, even the dubious consent of not being fully aware of their actions being reality or dream, is still fully consented as each individual may not realize it's real, but both are consenting and wanting said interaction. The MMC does have a past trauma of losing a mate and a child that he feels responsible for.




"And what if she was expecting an estreld?" I pointed out with my arms folded over my chest. Something about the female's mating contract being given to Gho-ran agitated me. She did not know of him, nor could she have been aware of having her contract being transferred before being woken from stasis.


Gho-ran flexed his large wings and smiled. "I've been known to be quite charming, and I learned the language of my spawn maker so she will not struggle communicating with me."


"Why would she struggle speaking with anyone? She should have a basic implant for translation."


"If I didn't know better, I'd say you wished to have her contract for yourself." He laughed at the ridiculousness of that statement. He often joked about things, but I didn't find his words humorous. He didn't realize that I'd been cursed by the goddess and having a mate was not an option, especially not a mate that wished to have offspring.


My lips thinned, and Gho-ran coughed, clearly uncomfortable with the heaviness between us after his words. His eyes turned away to the ground with shame, and it was then that I realized why he was so open with me about his own past about being a hybrid. He knew, and his next words confirmed it. "In the hive, we usually have klohvins. It is a male warrior that devotes himself to another warrior for companionship. Only the queen can activate our mating glands, but there is no reason to be alone waiting for a mate. I never had a klohvin, but I considered my brother the closest I came to having one."


"Are you offering to be a klohvin?" I couldn't help the amusement in my voice despite being irritated with Trent for sharing information about my fertility that was not his to share.


Gho-ran smiled nervously before leaning into whisper, "Domsal doesn't know this, but even with Mabel as our new queen... I am not fertile yet. I guess I have a year to hope this hooman activates my glands, but I knew from a young age that many hybrids are unlikely to have spawnlings without another hybrid to breed with."


Relief made me feel guilty, and I found myself clearing my throat and agreeing to something I wouldn't normally give thought to. "You have poor taste in klohvins."


"You're not so bad," he joked but straightened and gave me a serious expression that would hopefully return us to the stakes at hand. There was a mission to be done and a hive to cleanse of traitors. There was no time for staring at the huemoon that wasn’t mine to claim.


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Author Biography:


Sky Robert is a mom of two small humans in training, narrates audiobooks for fantasy/sci-fi indie authors, writes alien and fantasy romances, and when she isn’t writing (which is MOST of the time) you can find her consuming copious amounts of coffee, supporting indie authors, reading alien goodness, fantasy, sci-fi and romance books, chowing down on Indian butter chicken, and when she actually hangs out with people in person, in real life, outside of the internet, (gasps) she’s playing board or card games. All around nerd, lover of the strange, and all things fantastical. Grab your first free Alien Romance Her Alien Exchange by joining her newsletter today!


Author of the Treasures of Trillume Series, Necia Alien Warrior Series, and the Dark Gods Rising Series.


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Sky Robert
Sky Robert
May 07

Eee! Thank you so much! It means a lot to me to have your support! <3 Xoxo😍


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 07

Thank you, Sky, for sharing your new release with us!

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