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His Heart’s Desire by Roxanne Rogerson is a Love and Romance Festival pick #romance #giveaway

Title: His Heart’s Desire

Author: Roxanne Rogerson

Genre: Contemporary romance/romantic suspense

Book Blurb:

Michael’s heart attack is a wake-up call. He retires from a stressful job as a police detective, opens his own private investigations firm and works hard to get his body back in shape. But the near-death experience has awakened an acknowledgement of what he has perhaps always known. New erotic urges and desires have unsettled him. A widower with a disastrous second marriage behind him, he craves a loving relationship with a woman willing to allow him to be the dominant partner in the bedroom. But he doesn’t want a slave—where’s the fun in that?

Jessie has written a bestselling romance novel about a Dom and his Sub, though the entire story is based on research and not personal experience. She claims to have chosen the subject for marketing reasons but secretly harbors deep concerns about her interest in the lifestyle. She suspects she might be submissive, but the likelihood of falling victim to a cruel dominant male terrifies her.

When her agent suggests first-hand research might result in an even more successful second book, reluctant participation in a scene at the Scallywags Fetish Club brings her into contact with Michael, a neophyte striving to come to terms with new kinky cravings.

Together, they begin to explore the possibilities of a relationship. Love and trust blossom. However, Michael’s investigation into the illegal activities of a high-profile local lawyer result in Jessie’s abduction. Her kidnapper turns out to be a Dom who enjoys inflicting pain. If he succeeds in rescuing her, Michael fears Jessie may never enjoy the erotic delights of submission again.


Was it the stress of the job, grief over his first wife’s death, an unhealthy diet, or too many beers with the boys that had led to a heart attack shortly before his fiftieth birthday? Probably a combination. But he’d heeded the warning of his near-death experience and changed his lifestyle radically. Now, he was fit and healthy. His cardiologist reckoned he had the heart of a thirty-year-old.

What would Doc say if I told him my cock thinks I’m thirty too?

Jim smiled patiently, twirling a pen between his fingers. “You sound like my wife. We can’t all look like Arnold.”

Michael winced at that, but wouldn’t apologize for his lean, well-muscled body. He’d never been fitter. “My cardiologist tells me I have the heart of a thirty-year-old.”

He had to stop saying that. People were getting tired of hearing it.

Jim’s phone rang. He rolled his eyes. “I asked Sylvia to hold my calls. Must be important.”

Michael nodded, content to wait.

He glanced back at the window. He’d resorted to the Internet to explore urges and desires that had surfaced after his heart attack. His research confirmed what he had secretly suspected for years. He’d long craved an erotic relationship with a woman willing to be his slave in bed, a woman who would allow him to dominate her sexually. It made sense that the term for a male with such sexual proclivities—another word he’d learned—was Dominant, often shortened to Dom.

But a desire to introduce into their love life what his second wife referred to as disgusting erotic shit, led to divorce—that and a million other factors he and Linda couldn’t see eye to eye on.

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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?

Writing happy endings.

Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:

Be honest with your partner and yourself.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon US or Canada gift card

Open internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Amazon CA account to win.

Runs February 1 – 28

Drawing will be held on March 1.

Author Biography:

I am a fool for cats. My only criterion for wine is that it be red. And a Malbec! I’ve been publishing historical romance novels for more than ten years, but the pull of writing contemporary stories about men and women who find love later in life was too strong to resist.

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Unknown member
Feb 08, 2022

His Heart's Desire sounds like a great romance and I like the cover! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a spectacular day!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 08, 2022

Thank you, Roxanne, for sharing your new release in our Love and Romance Book Festival!

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