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How Did Christianity Begin? Hallucinations? Fabrications? Myths?Resurrection? A Look at the Evidence by Christopher Hearn is a BHW pick #christianity #religion #nonfiction

Title: How Did Christianity Begin? Hallucinations? Fabrications? Myths?

Resurrection? A Look at the Evidence

Author: Christopher Hearn

Genre: Religion-Christianity-non-fiction

Book Blurb:

The main goal of the book is to equip Christians so they will have more confidence when sharing their faith with others.

I do this by giving answers to the following reasons that some give for not believing in God and more:

* We don't really know how Christianity started

* Christianity is a made-up religion just like all of the others

* Christianity has too many legends and myths mixed in with the truth to know what is real and what isn't

* The New Testament is written too late after the events to be a reliable source for knowing the truth about Jesus

* There is no evidence for Christianity

“How Did Christianity Begin” can also be read by people who do not believe in God to see that there is evidence for Christianity.


This evangelistic tool is written to help you start the conversation and guide you in answering some questions that may arise as you talk with your friend about Christ.

In beginning the conversation, we'll ask a question that holds what everyone believes to be true- that Christianity exists.

The key to this approach is that it opens the dialogue on common ground—the existence of Christianity. This is one thing that all people of all beliefs agree on. Christians, atheists, and everyone in between, agree that Christianity exists. This may sound pretty simplistic, but God can use this in a powerful way.

We can start like this, “I know that we have different thoughts on the existence of God, so how about we begin with what we can agree on and go from there? We both know that Christianity exists today and so it had a beginning. The question for us to answer is,

“How did Christianity begin?”

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Author Biography:

I have written two books about Christianity: 1. How Did Christianity Begin? Hallucinations? Fabrications? Myths? Resurrection?

A Look at the Evidence

2. Let's Meet God: Answering Common Questions Concerning Christianity I have served as a missionary to Russia for several years, two of which were with Operation Mobilization (OM). I have been a Senior Pastor for 8 years.

I have a BA in Journalism from Point Loma Nazarene University and an MDIV from Bethel Theological Seminary San Diego.

Along with writing, I love photography and traveling. I am married and my wife and I have two children and live in Michigan, USA.

Social Media Links:

X (Twitter)- @tohearns

Instagram- tohearns123

TikTok- @chris.hearn

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 21

Thank you, Christopher, for sharing your book with us!

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