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Book Recommendation | How I Escaped From Bloody Hell X-ploring Freedom by @mary_laf_author #books

Title How I Escaped From Bloody Hell X-ploring Freedom

Author: Mary LaForge

Genre Spirituality

Publisher:, Incorporated

Book Blurb:

ESCAPED shines a light on cosmically unanswered questions, and offers a perspective that outlines phases of reality from birth to deaths. ESCAPED is written with flowing words, without fluff, and with insights about the nature of reality that you can adopt and apply simply by journaling.

Upon the death of her paternal grandmother when Mary LaForge was 7 years old, Mary walked into a house of worship all by herself and was not recognized by anyone. That sent Mary on a lifelong journey seeking God in traditional and non-traditional disciplines. Finally, letting go of the search, Mary dove inward to find her own unique truth.


ESCAPED, written as a personal inner journey, may offer readers an easy antidote to a dystopian existence that seems to be heading our way faster than a speeding bullet. Or at least these words may provide readers with a new perception. New perceptions often act as weapons, and by simply placing the Universe in a different perspective, new outcomes may become good weapons, or weapons for good.

One day while relaxing on a dorm bed with my back against a wall, a young woman entered the otherwise empty room and approached me. At first I was indifferent to her presence but as she neared closer to me I felt something wasn’t exactly right. In a split second, and without conscious action, I heard myself silently recite a scripture as my head turned to the right. This came as an instinctive occurrence because there was no time to be analytical about a potential attack. I had not moved a muscle from my spot and yet amazingly the woman stopped dead in her tracks inches from me.

She then turned around, cursing, and left the room. Whew! More surprising to me however was the realization that I had recited scripture, mainly because I had never read the Bible and, if I had heard scriptures in passing my memorization skills are totally inadequate to deliberately serve me in such a situation. This experience opened my eyes to an understanding that biblical truths are somehow inherent in us, as protections. Anecdotal evidence that indeed there is more to know about our connection with spirituality than we could ever imagine. (ESC) is a mashup of Postmodern imagery and revealing insights as well as a Nikola Tesla concept all stirred up together with a pinch of scripture.

I have always, despite scholastic failures, loved independent research. More so in the realms of science, physics, cosmology, psychology, philosophy, and alternative spiritual paths but only as to discovering patterns, not to practice, and certainly not to become a guru of any kind.

Originally this writing was intended to be a self-imposed challenge to paint, in words, what the chaos of my spiritual seeking looks like. I was expecting to illustrate my journey as a timeline of events. Surprisingly, it became a complete break from my co-dependence on others in every respect. Do you know how hard that is? To allow yourself to realize that nobody- dead or alive - has any answers. Since the essential everything is always in motion, nothing is permanent and there is nothing solid to hold on to.

After a time of emotional and mental withdrawal, devoid of self-pity or depression, I embarked upon an inner journey that can now be properly shared, and hopefully also may be a motivation for readers to find their own Infinite Universe.

The excerpt is also available on my website free and is translated into several languages in addition to English: Chinese, Spanish, Italian (the book was also translated to Italian and is available on Amazon titled COME SONO RISORTA DALL’INFERNO MALEDETTO).

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Author Biography

Mary LaForge is a creative non-fiction writer, poet, and author of five books currently living in Tennessee, USA. LaForge is a recipient of the 2021 Literary Titan Silver Book Award.

LaForge has a virtual creative writing event especially for at-risk teens in the works: AWE (4x20 & DONE)! You can sign up for launch announcements at

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Twitter: @mary_laf_author

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
02 sept. 2021

Thank you, Mary, for sharing your book with us!

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