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5 stars for How I Escaped from Bloody Hell: X-ploring Freedom by Mary LaForge #spirituality #memoir

Title: How I Escaped from Bloody Hell: X-ploring Freedom

Author: Mary LaForge

Genre: Spirituality Memoir

Book Blurb:

ESCAPED shines a light on cosmically unanswered questions, and offers a perspective that outlines phases of reality from birth to deaths. ESCAPED is written with flowing words, without fluff, and with insights about the nature of reality that you can adopt and apply simply by journaling.

Upon the death of her paternal grandmother when Mary LaForge was 7 years old, Mary walked into a house of worship all by herself and was not recognized by anyone. That sent Mary on a lifelong journey seeking God in traditional and non-traditional disciplines. Finally, letting go of the search, Mary dove inward to find her own unique truth.

My Review:

Questions of great significance plague our minds, but can the answers be found in journaling? From the death of her grandmother to the present day, Mary LaForge has been on a spiritual quest. She sought God in the world around her, desperate to answer those deep questions. She journeyed through traditional and non-traditional avenues only to find more questions than answers. It wasn’t until she gave up searching externally that the answers surfaced. Join Mary on her journey as she shares how she escaped from bloody hell.

How I Escaped from Bloody Hell: X-ploring Freedom is a spiritual memoir unlike anything I’ve read before. As someone who has searched and searched for meaning, I connected with Mary while reading. Tired of hypocrisy, I sought answers within, just like Mary. How I Escaped from Bloody Hell: X-ploring Freedom is a wonderful testament to the human spirit. The narration is easy to understand as are the emotions conveyed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mary’s story and I think many others will too. Spirituality is a personal and private matter but if you’re struggling to find answers, you’ll want to read How I Escaped from Bloody Hell: X-ploring Freedom. A powerful memoir.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Mary LaForge is a creative non-fiction writer, poet, and author of five books currently living in Tennessee, USA. LaForge is a recipient of the 2021 Literary Titan Silver Book Award.

LaForge has a virtual creative writing event especially for at-risk teens in the works: AWE (4x20 & DONE)! You can sign up for launch announcements at

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Twitter: @mary_laf_author

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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