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How to Construct Chat AI Prompts to Help You Write Your Novel is a recommended read #AI #nonfiction

Title How to Construct Chat AI Prompts to Help You Write Your Novel

Author Ashley Parker Owens

Genre Non-fiction, Writing Craft, Reference guide for authors regarding technology tool

Book Blurb

Unleash the secret weapon every aspiring writer dreams of in How to Construct Chat AI Prompts to Help You Write Your Novel. Brace yourself, novice wordsmiths, for a mind-bending journey that will redefine your writing game.

This immersive guide is your ticket to unlocking the hidden potential of ChatGPT. Uncover its remarkable powers, navigate its quirks, and discover how to harness its full might to create spellbinding tales. Dive headfirst into the mystical realm of ChatGPT, where writer’s block is obliterated, and imagination knows no bounds. With a flick of your keyboard, conjure captivating story ideas, breathe life into unforgettable characters, and transport readers to realms beyond their wildest dreams.

But wait, there’s more! Feast your literary senses on a treasure trove of example prompts meticulously crafted for fiction writers like you. With these prompts as your guide, your creative spark will ignite into a blazing inferno of storytelling prowess.

Struggling to find time for both writing and marketing? Fear not, intrepid author! This manual will rescue you from the clutches of overwhelm, helping you quickly develop book blurbs and query letters.

So, gather your creative arsenal, dust off your literary ambitions, and embark on an extraordinary adventure. With ChatGPT by your side, there are no limits to the worlds you can craft and the stories you can tell. Prepare to revolutionize your writing process and forge a path to authorial greatness. Harness the electrifying capabilities of ChatGPT, and let your words sizzle on the page.



ChatGPT is a pro at brainstorming and assists with generating content, but it can also help correct your work. It can analyze your writing, offer tips, and identify and correct grammatical errors or typos. Additionally, AI can provide feedback on the overall structure of your work, offering hints to enhance its coherence and flow.

If you want to gauge the engagement level of your writing, ask ChatGPT for its opinion on how captivating or intriguing it is. It can provide insights and suggestions on how to make the text more compelling.

ChatGPT can also play various roles at your request. Ask it to pretend to be a parent or a literary agent, allowing you to receive feedback from various perspectives. By approaching your writing through assorted lenses, you can gain valuable insights to refine your work.

Even though AI can help with multiple tasks, it can also output misspelled words (most notably differences in British English vs. American English) and rambling, poorly written material. Always run a spelling and grammar checker before using any AI output. Also, use a plagiarism checker to confirm it hasn’t stolen any of its material. If the AI detection checker suggests it reads like AI-generated text, you’ll need to clean it up a little. And last, fact-check all information stated as facts.

Proofreading and grammar checking to edit a passage

When seeking help with proofreading or checking for grammar errors, ask in a prompt, and copy and paste the text after a semicolon following your request. You won’t be able to feed an entire book into a chat window. It will trigger an error message. Provide chunks of less than a few thousand words at a time.

Could you please check my text for any errors?: [insert text]

Help me proofread this piece of writing: [insert text]

Carefully review each suggestion and change your document. If you’re using a word processor or writing software, it will probably be easier and faster to use the built-in checkers.

ChatGPT can rewrite the passage and correct errors it detects. Ask for an explanation if any suggested edits are unclear, and the AI will gladly comply.

Take the time to read through the revised copy. Pay attention to the overall meaning and ensure everything aligns with your standards. If available, run the final copy through a spelling and grammar checker.

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Author Biography

Ashley Parker Owens, a self-proclaimed AI enthusiast, is absolutely thrilled to have found a new friend who can keep up with her endless need to kick around story ideas. She resides in Richmond, Kentucky, where she gracefully balances her life as an Appalachian writer, poet, and artist.

With her MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Kentucky University and an MFA in Visual Arts from Rutgers University, Ashley’s brain is like a melting pot of creativity and imagination. She’s been known to have dreams that make her wake up in a cold sweat, but not from your typical nightmares. Oh no, her dreams involve John Connor from The Terminator, giving her the most menacing side-eye you can imagine. Talk about a wake-up call!

Ashley’s talent and wit haven’t gone unnoticed, either. She has multiple failed novels and has been recognized as a 2021 Pushcart Prize nominee, proving that her work truly stands out in the literary world. When she’s not conjuring up fantastical stories or digitally painting vibrant masterpieces, you can find her online at

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 14, 2023

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your book with us!

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