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In Love with My Djinn by Nicki Pascarella is a recommended read #steamyromance #romcom #KU #romance

Title: In Love with My Djinn

Author: Nicki Pascarella

Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy with a Fantasy Twist

Publisher: Dancing Dog Books

Book Blurb:

After catching her fiancé in a compromising position, a heartbroken Regina Reynolds calls off her wedding last minute. Instead, she spends her beach honeymoon with her eccentric grandmother, a fake service dog, and her goofy best friend. As if this isn’t a sharp enough stab at her aching heart, the social media muckraker she caught her ex-fiancé with is snooping in her private life and trying to steal her journalism job.

Then there’s the infuriating Middle Eastern man who follows her home from a walk on the beach. He makes a home in her bathtub and endears himself to her companions by entertaining them with Scheherazade-like stories. Fazil watches Regina with his spectacular smoldering eyes, goes to war with her ex, and does everything within his power to cheer her up. Unfortunately, he also calls her “Master” and insists that she make ten wishes so he can be set free from his twelve-hundred-year-old curse. The crazy situation provides her camera-carrying stalker with extra ammunition in her quest to destroy Regina’s life. And so, no matter how much this mountain of muscles sends tingles to her toes, she can’t fall for this bizarre man—unless he really is a sexy, magical genie?


My glower took so much energy that I lost my balance and toppled backward. My life passed before me as I hurtled toward the pavement. I braced for the crash but, instead, landed in Fazil’s outstretched arms.

He cradled me to his chest. “Are you okay?”

His strong arms had saved me from another concussion. Adrenaline fear turned to fluttering butterflies. “Thank you.”

“You must be careful.”

In one swift move, he hoisted me into the carriage and gently placed me on the seat across from Val, settling into the short bench beside me. The space was so tight we were less than an inch apart.

“We’re ready,” Grandma called to the driver.

The befuddled driver placed his hat on his head and climbed onto the driver’s seat. “First up, historic Queen Anne’s Drive.”

Val let out a happy squeal and Grandma smiled and scratched Lenny between the ears.

When Fazil relaxed into his space, his thigh pressed up against mine. An electric current surged from my leg, through my core, up to my neck, and whooshed out of me in a gasp.

“The first house on our tour was built by shipbuilder Angus Williams. Take note of the widow’s watchtower on the third floor,” called our guide over his shoulder.

Fazil’s finger brushed over my forearm. “Are you okay, little nymph?” he asked.

Absurd girly hormones flitted about my entire body until even my toes and fingers hummed. I tensed, attempting to stop them. It was no big deal. Nothing to worry about. Endorphins from my recent fall still had me out of whack.

“The houses are so beautiful,” Val said. “Almost as pretty as your house, Nancy.”

Grandma’s expensive teeth glowed in the moonlight.

“Little nymph, do you like the lampposts?” Fazil’s words tickled my neck.

My answer was a bobbing nod.

“They are like a thousand fireflies lighting a path through the night,” he coed in a soft, seductive baritone.

I trapped my moan in my throat as Fazil’s thigh pressed against mine

“And the ocean breeze is like a mermaid whispering to her lover from across the sea,” he said, his lip brushing against my ear.

I gasped and a light summer gust blew across my cheek.

Fazil pointed to the golden globe in the sky. “If you ever laugh, your smile will be as bright as the moon above.”

Well damn. Now I couldn’t send him away until he had seen me laugh—whenever that might be. And since he had saved me from crashing to the pavement, I could handle him for one more night.

I missed the rest of the tour since my eyes were closed, and I had to concentrate on not hyperventilating.

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Author Biography:

Nicki Pascarella writes Contemporary and Historical romances. She enjoys mixing genres—adding mysteries to steamy small-town romances, or a pinch of paranormal fantasy to her romantic comedies. It’s all about making her readers laugh and fall in love.

Using her twenty-nine years of experience as a high school teacher and her background in creative writing and journalism, she edits and coaches authors for The MediaCasters. Helping artists break through creative blocks is one of her passions.

When she isn't writing and editing, she reads, runs, and hangs with her husband, daughter, and Shetland sheepdogs. Nicki is also an award-winning belly dancer.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 24, 2023

Thank you, Nicki, for sharing your book with us! I can't wait to read this one. It sounds like such fun!

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