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5 stars for Journeys Through the Lands of Heaven by @GallHannigan #nde #memoir #heaven #bookreview

Title: Journeys Through the Lands of Heaven

Author: Mary Gallagher Hannigan

Genre: Near Death Experience, Memoir, Mind, Body, Spirit

Book Blurb:

Is there more to life than just staying alive?

What are we doing here on Earth?

Do we just live and die and that’s it?

Are we expected to choose good over bad?

Should we strive to forgive the pains inflicted on us?

After a childhood of pain and torment, I had a near-death experience and discovered the answers to all these questions and more. I walked through the lands of Heaven and spoke with God the Gentle, the Angels, and other Beings. I discovered the importance of forgiveness and compassion and received exquisite love and peace.

Come with me on this journey. You won’t be disappointed.

My Review:

I am always impressed with authors who are brave enough to open up their lives to public scrutiny. The trials Mary faced from at least age six and on are enough to break many a strong person. Kudos to Mary for making her way through what has been a lifetime of nonstop challenges.

The book will be beneficial to those who hope for a better place than this world and are unsure what may wait for them when their time here is over. There is some real comfort that comes from the discussions of the journeys taken in this book.

It is said here that the despicable abuser, her stepmother, ends up in purgatory. That will be the positive location for that alleged person. There is only one place for someone who abuses a child in their care like that. That place is the fiery pits of damnation for eons. Never fear, that is where that stepmother will reside.

A powerful and compelling story that will take the reader through the life of Mary. Well laid out and easy to read, this book will be beneficial to people who have suffered disease, abuse, and illness. A well-written book.

TW - Recounted scenes of child abuse may be disturbing to people.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I have a teaching qualification in Arts and Crafts and a degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care and have worked in community care for over 20 years. I am originally from Cork but now live in Mayo, Ireland.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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