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Journeys Through the Lands of Heaven by @GallHannigan is a Pot O Gold Event pick #nde #memoir


Author: Mary Gallagher Hannigan

Genre: Near Death Experience, Memoir, Mind, Body, Spirit

Book Blurb:

Is there more to life than just staying alive?

What are we doing here on Earth?

Do we just live and die and that’s it?

Are we expected to choose good over bad?

Should we strive to forgive the pains inflicted on us?

After a childhood of pain and torment, I had a near-death experience and discovered the answers to all these questions and more. I walked through the lands of Heaven and spoke with God the Gentle, the Angels, and other Beings. I discovered the importance of forgiveness and compassion and received exquisite love and peace.

Come with me on this journey. You won’t be disappointed.


When I began my memoir, I intended it to run to one book. However, I found that it needed two books. Book one starts with a description of how, during an operation in 1986, I had a near-death experience, went to Heaven, and met God the Gentle who loves all of us unconditionally. When I recovered, I continued to travel to and from Heaven in my Soul mind and discovered why our bodies have a Soul.

After the death experience, I found that my psychic abilities had increased. In my mortal body, my mind could foretell the future, speak to the deceased and give healing messages to the living. The operation, a hysterectomy, was supposed to cure my constant pain, but it only increased due to unforeseen complications. In 2000 I obtained a Degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care, and despite having to spend time in a wheelchair and use crutches, I continued to write the memoir.

During that time, I saw that Heaven is a place of education through various learning levels, not punishment. We continue to evolve into a state of perfection by the Soul's constant reincarnation. These learning places exist in a different dimension and include the "Waiting Rooms, Manna Factory and the outer echelons of Heaven."

I discuss the Angel Mona, my teacher, during my visits to Heaven, where I learned about the true meaning of our lives on Earth and that Heaven contains many "lands" where our ancestors and peoples from other Planets live. I describe my Guardian Angel Ban, who has remained with me to guide me through this life.

The book also describes my abusive childhood. It began with sexual abuse from neighbours the year my mother died when I was six and included abuse from priests and how it affected my religious beliefs.

My stepmother had also physically, verbally, and sexually abused me for most of my life. When she died, God, the Gentle, gave me a choice to punish or educate her. I saw how she reincarnated into a new life and what she had to learn in that life. The Gentle also showed me how we all need some form of spiritual enlightenment and guidance to help us to understand the meaning of our lives and that each of us has to overcome particular challenges in this lifetime.

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Many people have suffered a near-death experience, but after I recovered, I continued to travel through Heaven's lands for over ten years, resulting in writing a second book.

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Author Biography:

I have a teaching qualification in Arts and Crafts and a degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care and have worked in community care for over 20 years. I am originally from Cork but now live in Mayo Ireland.

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