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I’m Kathy L Wheeler when I write historical and Mia Augustine when I write contemporary. I'm having an interesting journey for sure. 😊 I started writing in 2007 and was first published in 2012 with The Wild Rose Press. There were a couple of other small presses as well before I decided to go indie.


My first book was The Wronged Princess that turned into five books. There is a sixth one started but… then came The Bloomington Series, then the Rebel Lords of London. But here’s where my journey has taken a truly interesting turn.


Last October I was diagnosed with breast cancer—now, before you freak out, everything’s fine—and I had surgery in December, but… that very week (literally), NN Lights Book Haven let me know that I was a finalist in their Regency Category for Best 2023 Regency of the year. There was soooo much going on and I didn’t really understand. Okay, that’ s a little normal for me. 😊 I posted her very lovely email and had a ton of congrats. It was fantastic. Then, yes, well, I won. So, grateful.


And, no. That’s not the end of the story. 😊(I’m smiling a lot today) The big thing is that I was contacted by the CEO of Dragonblade Publishing, which, if you don’t know, is strictly historical romance. She asked if I would consider writing for them.


Well, I had nothing on tap. I was working on an 8th book in the Rebel Lords of London series and I told her I had an idea for an early Victorian Spicy Gothic series, two books. She said they’d like three 😊. Three. Um, sure…?


Anyway, I did sign the contract. I did go through radiation, which, incidentally, wrapped up yesterday. Yep. And, I am finishing up the book one and will be sending it in early.


Now, the bad news is that the series (Legacy of Betrayal) is not scheduled for release until 2025. So, to celebrate, The Wronged Princess and Enchanting the Earl are free for a short time.


Regarding the breast cancer, I don’t mean to make light of it. It is a different and more important journey. The surgeons, the oncologist, the radiologist and their staffs have been amazing. But there is one other aspect that took me by surprise. It was the waiting room at the radiologists. A place I had to get up every morning for an 8a appointment five days per week for my twenty-one treatments.


I had the least number of treatments than everyone I met. I also mistakenly assumed that all the women I met were there for the same reasons I was, breast cancer. I was wrong. One young lady, who is twenty-six has mouth cancer and has had her tongue cut away on twice. Another couple of women had anal cancer (not colon cancer) which is more difficult to detect. Their paths, so much more difficult than mine. There were men too. One had mouth cancer as well, the other had prostate cancer. The one thing I came away with, was the outpouring of support and the camaraderie. It’s another community. You learn about these other people whose journeys are similar yet completely different from your own. I had breakfast with another breast cancer patient every Monday. We just hit it off.


I suppose the bottom line is, there is a silver lining in every aspect of life. Embrace them. I have and I know I’m better for it. I feel grateful for every person I come across—whatever their story. There’s always a story 😊 and a smile.





Title: The Wronged Princess

Author Kathy L Wheeler

Genre Sweet Historical Fairy Tale Romance

Publisher Chisel Imprint


Book Blurb


1 shy sister, 1 angry sister, 1 feisty sister, 1 confused prince, 1 evil stepmother.

Welcome to the real fairy tale.

Finding his mysterious princess by trying her glass slipper on every maiden in Chalmers Kingdom sounded like a brilliant scheme until the silly thing slid quite easily on the foot of the wrong girl. Now Prince Charming is betrothed to one batting-eyed girl without means of an escape.

Cinderella is devastated when her shoe fits one of her evil stepsisters. 'Tis an unfair twist of fate. Was she destined for an indentured life forever? But little do Cinderella and Prince Charming realize that his mother, the queen, and her twin sister (Cinderella's infamous fairy godmother), leap on the opportunity to teach Prince: Impulsive decisions do not a future king make!




Prince sauntered from his hidden shelter in the trees, fascinated by the odd duckling whose gaze appeared thunderstruck by a statue. He’d always thought Eros somewhat silly. After all, how had a god erringly stabbed himself with an arrow?


But he couldn’t deny his curiosity of the chit oblivious to her surroundings but for the frivolous statue. She seemed quite taken with it.


Matching her drama and merriment of the moment kept him from dwelling on his unfortunate predicament. “Yes, yes. He was the personification of love in all its manifestations. Blah. Blah. blah.”

Her eyes narrowed on him.


“It included physical passion at its strongest, of course.” Her cheeks turned the most engaging pink. There was no stopping now. She widened the distance between them, but his steps were bigger. He clasped his hands at his lower back and whispered. “Tender, romantic love. Playful, sportive love.”


Despite her pinkened cheeks, soft laughter erupted. To his delight, she continued in the spirit of the moment though her voice raised not much above a whisper. “He is believed to be one of the oldest of the gods. Born from Chaos, yet representing creative power and harmony.”


Laughter rumbled from Prince. Before he could stop himself, he set his hands on her slender shoulders and spun this dust-covered gem around. “What is this? Tears, my fair lady?” He cupped her jaw and touched the dampness with a thumb. She stilled like a frightened rabbit. He stepped back and clasped one of her hands.


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Get your free copy until midnight tonight, April 1. No foolin’.




Title The Unlikely Heroine


Author Kathy L Wheeler

Genre Sweet Historical Fairy Tale Romance

Publisher Chisel Imprint


Book Blurb


This pragmatic young woman has a brain and intends to use it in this twisting tale of Cinderella's no-nonsense stepsister. But Prince Charming's charming cousin has other ideas. Pragmatic, hard-edged, Pricilla has no desire to marry and have a herd of squabbling children. She revels in her position as Chalmers Kingdom's first female Land Agent.Things turn deadly when she and Prince Charming's irresistible cousin, Sir Arnauld, stumble upon a hoard of villains smuggling goods that could spell disaster for Chalmers.




Monsieur Huntley, kindly remove your hands from my person!” Lady Pricilla’s fury snapped Arnauld into action. He swept into the room almost bumping into Lady Pricilla “kindly” being escorted from the small parlor. The sight that greeted him had him hard-pressed to keep his lips from curling. Dainty slippers dug into the shiny wood floors, gliding easily with Silas’s unwanted help.


Arnauld wisely hid his amusement, noting the heightened color of her fury, tension blatant.


“Silas,” Arnauld acknowledged coolly.


“Sir Arnauld.” Silas’s hands dropped from Lady Pricilla’s arm so suddenly, she would have tumbled backward had Arnauld not snatched an arm to keep her upright. With a deft move, he maneuvered her slightly behind him. A slight huff of disgust reached his ears.


“I’ll not be accused of any misappropriation by the mouth of a chit,” Silas thundered. The walls shook with his condescension.


Arnauld felt his self-appointed charge stiffen with outrage. “Silas,” Arnauld said coldly. “Might I remind you, sir, you are speaking with an agent of the Crown. Designated, I might add, by the prince himself.”


Silas may have dropped his head in a submissive gesture, but his shoulders registered his disrespect.


“My apologies, Lady Pricilla,” Silas deferred in a mild tone; the gesture was offered as subterfuge, not genuine acquiescence.


Lady Pricilla bristled, ready with a retort of her own. At once, Arnauld realized, she had not appreciated someone speaking on her behalf. “Monsieur Huntley—” she started.


On the other hand, it seemed knowing when to stop was not in her conscionable abilities.


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Title The Surprising Enchantress


Author Kathy L Wheeler

Genre Sweet Historical Fairy Tale Romance

Publisher Chisel Imprint


Book Blurb


Award winning author, Kathy L Wheeler, ups the stakes in this story of the batting-eyed sister bent on saving Chalmers Kingdom from a treasonous coup. Sweet, dainty-footed Esmeralda would love nothing more than to find her own Prince and grow her own family, but she has a teeny little problem—when she is nervous her eyes flutter violently enough to change the weather—a deterrent to any prospective intended.Alessandro de Lecce's efforts to save Chalmers Kingdom and future heir are nil without Lady Esmeralda's assistance. And, surprisingly, there is more to this fluttering-eye miss than meets the . . . eye!




Aless peered in the room and his insides curdled.


His gaze reached across the room to Lady Esmeralda’s horrified expression. Her eyes glittered like the sharpest cut emeralds. Surely, It was the candle she held that turned her eyes to green, sparking fire.


She’d overheard his less than gallant description of her. She could not have possibly missed his over-zealous comments. His exact words reverberated so soundly through his head, It was a wonder they did not bound off the corridor walls. I will not marry a woman able to change the weather on a whim.


Could this day get any worse?


Her traces of tears were evidence. Aless swallowed a groan. Perfect. He was not in the habit of slandering young women, no matter how much he might fight marrying one. Slandering this one in particular left a sharp pain in his chest. “Signorina? What are you doing down this deserted wing, pray tell?”


Now that he thought on it, It was very odd. Had she followed him? Dio! That would be just like the Conte to manipulate such a situation. It was no question, the chit faced issues in securing a troth with such an off-putting flaw. He narrowed his eyes on her, but she drew herself up, her back straight as a steel bar. A cloak of… outrage… rippled over the darkened chamber.


“Pray, do not trouble yourself, Signore,” she said coolly, calmly. Her eyes remained unwavering, piercing him with daggers. Quite unnerving. She seemed almost… removed.


Deafening silence filled the air. Then he heard it... a childish twitter.


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Title The English Lily


Author Kathy L Wheeler

Genre Sweet Historical Fairy Tale Romance

Publisher Chisel Imprint


Book Blurb


Heiress, Lady Kendra Frazier, is devastated. The love of her life just married another and now Kendra's only desire is distance herself away as quickly and as quietly as possible. On the high seas in one of her father's boats bound for the Colonies.Joseph Pinetti Gray, Viscount Lawrie, is facing financial ruin. Luckily for him, Kendra’s impetuous nature has handed him the fortuity he requires to save his family’s downfall. But his carefully cultivated plans come to a grinding halt when he finds himself falling in love for what should have only amounted to a marriage of convenience.And how can the curse of an old doll help?




Their end was inevitable. Creating bliss for Kendra’s—his—last moments on this earth would be impossible, he could, however, offer her the whimsical fairytale. He straightened from the wall.


Joseph swiveled, facing her; cupped her head with both hands. “Lady Kendra Frazier, would you do me the greatest honor of becoming my wife, mademoiselle, s’il vous plaît?”


Surprise lit her eyes and a tremulous smile curved those full lips. No hesitation, she tipped her head in a noble tilt. “I should be most honored, Viscount Lawrie, Chevalier Joseph Pinetti Gray. Lord Hardwick’s Marriage Act was put in force in Scotland in fifty-four, so we’ve no need to post the banns.” A small hysterical laugh erupted. “Shall we escape to Gretna Green, my lord?”


Her spirit touched him as nothing else could. Even in the throes of shock and danger, she managed to recall his full proper name and title. Heavy steps echoed on the wooden planks just beyond the door. He tugged her body into his. But for this last second he, they, could pretend a long and fruitful life lay before them. Children running about the grounds at Yarmouth. “Gretna Green suits my purposes, perfectly, love,” he whispered against her lips. Then crushed them beneath his own.


The trunk so cleverly placed, slid violently across the room as the door splintered into pieces beneath the crash of a heavy booted foot.


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Title The Price of Scorn: the tragedy behind Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother


Author Kathy L Wheeler

Genre Sweet Historical Fairy Tale Twist

Publisher Chisel Imprint


Book Blurb


Fairy tales don't always end happily...Award winning author, Kathy L Wheeler, will break your heart in this tragic tale behind Cinderella's evil stepmother.Lady Hildegard Roche has nothing but resentment and scorn for the stepchild who culminates all that was stolen from her.

Fourteen years after Prince Charming and Cinderella are crowned as Chalmers King and Queen, Cinderella, Pricilla, and Esmeralda gather at their mother’s deathbed.In a story of enlightenment and stunning revelation, the sisters learn how tragedy shaped their mother into the horrid woman she became. The question is: Can the sisters forgive her?




In love. She was in love. Tomorrow they were to meet again. Quickly brushing the straw from her skirt, Hilda straightened the bodice of her sturdy brown frock and snuck to the servants’ entrance at the back of the main house. She stole through the door and edged towards the stairs.


“Hildegard Marit Olsson! Stop right where you are.” Mama’s hiss sent a chill up Hilda’s spine. She spun so quickly she almost lost her footing. “What, or shall I ask, who is so enticing that would have you tumbling in the stable like a common milkmaid?”


Hilda opened her mouth ready to deny the accusation.


Her palm flew up. “Do not bother. Regardless, I forbid you to see him again.”


Hilda’s stomach dropped like an anchor. If she and Mama could somehow escape—together. Some place safe, from Papa. Somewhere they could lead a normal life. Pierre would help them. She knew deep in her soul he would. He was honorable and true.


She grasped one of Mama’s hands with both of her own. “Come with me, Mama, please. Let us leave here. Together. Away from Papa’s madness.”


The sting of Mama’s other hand landed soundly against Hilda’s cheek. Stunned, she dropped her hold and covered her heated flesh with her palm, desperate to step back, only to find herself trapped by the stair behind.


“How dare you suggest such a thing, you ungrateful child.” The cold disdain in Mama’s eyes flashed contempt and something else, something unreadable. “This is our home.” She looked over her shoulder then back. “You must know I cannot keep...your...indiscretions...from your father.”


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Kathy, for sharing a bit about yourself and your fabulous Cinderella series!

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