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Hello, reader, I'm Laura M. Baird, romance author, sending greetings from the Pacific Northwest and probably drinking an iced coffee or diet Dr. Pepper. No matter the weather, those are my go-to drinks besides lemon water.


Before becoming a published author, I served in the U.S. Army, stationed at HAAF, Savannah, Georgia, where I met my husband of over thirty-three years. After service, I worked as a dental assistant then returned to college and became a dental hygienist. I have always loved writing and began penning my first story in the early 90s. I wrote off and on over the years, but it wasn't until 2015 that I became serious about pursuing my writing path. And in 2016 after attending my first writer's conference, I knew I would.


I signed my first contract for my debut romance on my 50th birthday, and over seven years later, I'm proud as well as humbled to have published over thirty romances. I write a range, from heart warming to what I like to call, body blushing. My characters range from young adult to seasoned/mature. While I write contemporary, I love to dive into many sub-genres like romantic comedy, military romance, paranormal, and more. In my stories, you'll find engaging and relatable topics with drama, humor, and always a feel-good ending. With endless ideas, I hope to continue writing for many more years to come.


When not engrossed in weaving my next adventure, hubby and I work on remodeling our home one room at a time, watching college football (Go Boise State Broncos!) and NHL (Go Vegas Golden Nights!), and chasing our three grandchildren around.


I love hearing from readers, so don't be shy to follow my journey however you choose. I welcome comments and questions and engagement anytime.


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Title: Second Time Love

Author: Laura M. Baird

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


Book Blurb:


After losing her husband, Grace never thought to feel love again. Until Cole.




“So, you’re attracted to me, are you?” Cole said, breaking the silence.


Grace couldn’t help the laughter that erupted from her. It felt good to laugh. To have this incredibly handsome stranger elicit this comfortable gaiety.


“Well, hey now, don’t crush my ego.” He turned to look at her.


“Ha! I don’t think that’d be possible.” She met his gaze and all teasing vanished.


“Oh, it’s possible,” he softly said. “Grace, I’m of the age where games are ridiculous and a waste of time. But it doesn’t mean I can’t still feel a knot in my stomach that equates to nerves, or a jolt to my system that tells me exactly what I want.”


“And what is it you want, Cole?” she whispered, desperate to hear his answer but scared witless as well.


“To kiss you.”


His words nearly wrung a sob from her as her insides also quivered with nervous anticipation.


“Please do,” she whispered.


Their eyes remained opened as Cole leaned in to gently place his lips on hers. At the moment of contact, Grace’s lids closed and she sighed into his mouth. His kiss was tentative at first before gaining confidence, boldness. He angled his head and took the kiss deeper, bringing his hand to the back of her head. The gesture was possessive yet comforting, and it seemed forever since she’d experienced such innocent intimacy.


His soft demands were … perfect.


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Title: In His Sights, Shifter Clans book 1

Author: Laura M. Baird

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


Book Blurb:


Will two people from different worlds come together for their happily-ever-after?




Charity set out for the base and arrived at her destination in under five minutes. Once she cleared security and was told which room to report to, she strolled down the hallway, turned a corner, and ran into a body. Her hands came up to land on a wall of muscle while a quick inhale had her nostrils filling with the intoxicating scent of earth and man. As hands held her arms to steady her, she looked up into striking topaz eyes.


“Mason! What are you doing here?” She realized her fingers had curled into his shirt, the warmth of his body seeping into her. With concentrated effort, she released him, only to find he still held onto her.


“Coming to meet you. Charity.” His eyes brightened and that sinful mouth curled.


When did I start thinking of his mouth as sinful?


Charity held her surprise in check and looked down at his hold on her arms. Giving him a pointed stare, she took a step back when he finally released her. “How do you know my name and why would you be here to meet me?”


Before he could answer, several others approached and began greeting Charity.


“Hey, Charity,” Brennon said. “I see you’ve met my cousin, Mason.”


“Not really. We just ran into one another.” Trying not to notice the smile on Mason’s too-handsome face, she focused on Brennon.


“Oh, well then, let me introduce you properly. Charity, this is my cousin and clan leader, Mason Wegi. Mason, Charity Masters.”


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Title: Kiss Me at Sunset

Author: Laura M. Baird

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Seasoned/Later-in-Life Romance


Book Blurb:


When seemingly opposites attract, passion burns hotter than the Florida sun.




I inhale a shaky breath as I look down onto his mass of wavy blond hair skimming his shoulders. He begins lifting his head slowly, scanning my torso, lingering on my chest before peering up at me.


The dancing lights give me intermittent flashes at his deep green eyes bracketed by creases as he smiles, rustling up a funny feeling inside me. I canvas his tan face, noting a scar on his left temple, freckles dotting his nose, and a cleft indenting his chin. Lips, lush and pink curve even higher, and I mimic the move. Our eyes remain locked as we’re both frozen in this moment.


That is until the MC barks through the microphone, shattering the bubble and causing me to jump.


“Come on, Xander, no playing favorites.” He chuckles. “Mark her with a number and let’s get this show on the road.”


Xander never breaks eye contact as he gently skims his hand up my left leg, resting it on the back of my thigh. The warmth of his touch does more than cause a flutter inside; it heats me up, producing a burn in my center. My breaths become quick and shallow as I struggle to remain composed. I know my nipples tighten and threaten to slice through the thin material of my shirt. But his gaze never strays as he then lifts the marker, pressing it against my flesh and marking my skin.


“Lucky number seven.”


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Title: Jazzed Up

Author: Laura M. Baird

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:


Will the power of promising love be enough to bring Jaz and Cheryl back into harmony?




Jaz walked to the windows that faced the east, giving him a view of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. The first day of September offered a bright, sunny day that was predicted to carry through the Labor Day weekend. “You ever been to the Jazz Festival?”


“What? Oh, the Jazz Festival. Yeah, um, three years ago, I believe. Why? Thinking of going?”


“Toby loved it,” he mused quietly. “Funny how I’ve never been.” Jaz turned to Sade and saw the emotions brewing on her face. She glanced down at a picture on her desk he knew included Toby, taken shortly before his passing. Her gaze flicked back to him, but he forged on before she could respond. “I think I’ll check it out. Word is I’ve got some days off.” He winked, trying to keep the mood light instead of somber as the anniversary of his brother’s death loomed.


“That sounds like a great weekend. Plenty going on.” Sade smiled and said no more, knowing he wouldn’t want sympathy. Simply understanding.


Jaz nodded and turned to look out the window again, relishing the warmth on his face even though it didn’t quite penetrate the chill inside his chest.


Maybe Marshall wasn’t the only one who needed a break. Not that Jaz needed any kind of rehab or intervention. But a step back, some time to reflect on his current path, and whether it was leading to a desired destination.


Music had always been a part of his life, and the fact that he got to do what he loved and make a fortune from it was never taken for granted. But how long could it last? How long before the world tired of him? What then? Back to bars and casinos, trying to hold on, trying to stay relevant like an NFL quarterback being passed from team to team?


And what about someone to share it all with? He hadn’t had a relationship in years, and even then, he knew it hadn’t been the lasting kind. Was that in his future?


And why the hell was that suddenly running through his mind?


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Title: Love on the Plaza

Author: Laura M. Baird

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic comedy

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


Book Blurb:


Fire and ice collide in this steamy romcom, and it's explosive.




Dios mío, ¿qué carajo? How did you get in here?” Air rushed in and out of her, and Gino couldn’t take his eyes off the rise and fall of her ample chest.


Until she snapped her fingers in rapid succession, breaking the spell. “Hello? Who the hell are you?”


Gino blinked and shook his head, finding his voice. “I’m Gino, and I came in through your unlocked door.”


The woman peered around him, squinting at the door as if she expected it to be standing open before locking eyes with him once again. “Did the chime go off? Why wouldn’t you announce yourself instead of standing there, scaring the ever-lovin' crap outta me?”


“My apologies, I was enjoying your performance and hated to interrupt.” She scoffed and rolled her eyes while Gino looked down at his ruined shirt. “I suppose this is what I get for my stealth.”


She also stared at his dress shirt before clucking her tongue and stalking toward him. “Ah, dammit. Take it off. I can still save it.” Before he could respond, she was in front of him taking charge, making quick work of the buttons, and pushing the garment from his shoulders. “Nice,” she quipped. “Too bad there’s no time to ogle.” She turned and marched back the way she came. “Come on, I’ve got some t-shirts. You can choose one to wear while I get this soaking.”


Without waiting for him to answer, she disappeared into the back room.


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