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Life’s Too Short for White Walls by @LizFlaherty1 is a Fall Into These Great Reads pick #romance

Title: Life’s Too Short for White Walls

Author: Liz Flaherty

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Still reeling from her divorce, Joss Murphy flees to Banjo Bend, Kentucky, where she'd been safe and happy as a child. The family farm is now a campground. Weary and discouraged, she talks owner Ezra McIntire into renting her a not-quite-ready cabin.

With PTSD keeping him company, Ez thrives on the seclusion of the campground. The redhead in Cabin Three adds suggestions to his improvement plans, urging color and vibrancy where there was none. Neither is looking for love, yet the attraction they share is undeniable. Can the comfort of campfires, hayrides, and sweet kisses bring these two lost souls together?


“Not…I don’t think about suicide.” That wasn’t true. He thought about it frequently, but not with any intent in mind. “There was sniper fire in Iraq—” Nothing like jumping into the middle of the story. “I should have been prepared. It was my team, my responsibility to keep them safe. I didn’t do it. Two people died.” He still woke in the middle of the night seeing their faces. No one had blamed him―even the team members’ wives hadn’t. They’d offered him more comfort at their husbands’ funerals than he’d deserved.

It should have been him. He was the pilot. It was his team.

It should have been him.

“Please.” Just the one word, spoken softly beside him, gave pause to the siege of his thoughts. He turned just enough to see her face and catch a glimpse of shimmer in her eyes. “I value you,” she said. “All the people here do. You give them a safe place and sometimes, like when we’re gathered up at the pavilion, you’re an instrument of hope for some of them. You need to value yourself, Ezra McIntire.”

Before he could look away, she lifted her hands…small, warm, and capable…to frame his face. Her eyes, still damp, still shimmering, held his gaze for a moment before they drifted closed and her lips touched his. Timorously at first, as if she were doing something she hadn’t in a long time, and then deeper. Warmer.

Ez didn’t know, as she pulled away and he drew her in for more, if knowing her…holding her…would allow him to value himself. But he did understand, from that first suggestion of a kiss, that he valued her, and that these moments shared on the porch of the old farmhouse were the best ones he’d had in more time than he could remember. Value. Yes, value.

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What’s your favorite thing about autumn:

There are so many favorite things about it that choosing one is a lot like picking a favorite child, so I’m going to encapsulate at least some of it into one word: crisp. Crispness touches and enriches every single sense we’re blessed with.

What inspired you to write this story:

A series of small things. The words Banjo Creek came from nowhere and insisted on being used, and then the little town of Banjo Bend grew up beside the creek. Gran made herself known after watching an old movie—I have no idea what it was—and once she’d told me “the only place for white walls is on a ’57 Chevy,” there was no going back. What was odd about it was that I virtually always get my people first, but Joss and Ez didn’t show up until after Banjo Creek and the campground.

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Author Biography:

Liz Flaherty is rather bewildered by where she’s at in life. She doesn’t feel…er…elderly, but the truth is that she is. The Magnificent Seven grands have grown up on her, her own kids are all now older than she is, and her husband Duane has the same firm hold on her heart he’s always had.

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