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Loving Lord Lindmore: Book 1 of Strong Regency Women Duo by Regina Jeffers is a Love and Romance Festival pick #regency #historicalromance #romance #ku #lovemonth #giveaway


Loving Lord Lindmore: Book 1 of Strong Regency Women Duo



Regina Jeffers



Regency romance; historical romance; strong heroines; British historical lit; historical Regency fiction; clean romance; fiction-romance; classic romance fiction


Book Blurb:




Lady Cora Midland, a highly-spirited country beauty, offers no pretensions, which wins her many admirers, despite her lack of knowledge on how to manage the beau monde. However, Matthew Harrington believes she is taking advantage of his elderly grandmother, and he means to put a stop to the girl.




Lindmore reluctantly assists his grandmother in bringing Lady Cora out in Society. Yet, what appeared to be a daunting task becomes a transformation the earl does not expect. He finds the woman as delightful, as do others in the haut ton. Yet...


When Lady Cora is on the the verge of marrying another, Lindmore fears time will expire before he can speak his own proposal. 




Cora had dared to look on Lord Lindmore twice and managed not to whimper, as had Mrs. Lawrence at the mention of Mr. Schroder. Realizing his lordship was likely partially naked, she made herself speak to the air above his head, as well as to the half-naked Mrs. Lawrence in the same manner.


Cora had thought herself prepared to encounter the pair, but she had erred greatly. She had been in a white heat when she charged into the room. Customarily, when she had her head full of righteousness, she could conquer any obstacle; yet, she had never encountered a man of the Earl of Lindmore’s countenance. Lord Truist was a “beautiful” man, but his features were “soft” in comparison to Lord Lindmore’s. Both men displayed the highest of fashion, but only one appeared to all who dared to look on him to be a “dandy,” and such was not Lord Lindmore.


“The pins, Cora,” Mrs. Evans repeated, jarring Cora from her thoughts. “Time is ticking away.”


Cora snapped into action again just as the manservant entered, carrying a tray of several settings, a tea pot, plates, jagged pieces of buttered bread, some with conserves and some without. “Perfect,” Cora pronounced as she swept a half dozen pins from the floor and handed them all to her companion.


“My lord, as we are cousins, you and I should probably claim the settee,” she instructed. “Mrs. Evans, the green chair. Mrs. Lawrence, the gold. Set the tea pot before your mistress.”


“Yes, my lady,” the servant responded with a grin of obvious approval of her maneuverings.


A knock at the main door said everything had progressed as Cora had predicted. Mr. Vickers could be heard speaking to whoever responded to the knock, “Tell Lady Cora we may depart when she is prepared.”


“Yes, sir,” the other servant said as Mr. Vickers stepped away. Then, seconds later, the same house servant could be heard saying, “Mr. Schroder, how kind of you to call on us today. Everyone is in the mistress’s sitting room.”


“What is all the commotion?” Schroder asked in suspicious tones as his steps could be heard in the passageway.


“We should be on our way,” Cora announced a bit louder than necessary. She stood just as Mr. Schroder entered the room and spoke again before the gentleman had the opportunity to question them. “Mr. Schroder, how wonderful to see you twice in one day. If I had known Mrs. Lawrence’s house was your destination, I would have asked Mr. Vickers to provide you a ride.”


“I enjoyed the walk, my lady,” he assured her with a bow, but his eyes remained on Lord Lindmore.


“You know my cousin, do you not, sir?” she said as she gestured to the earl. “His coach lost some sort of . . . well, something to do with the wheel.” She glanced to Lindmore. “Such is what happens when his lordship means to leave his relation behind. We were traveling together to London, but his lordship was not satisfied with the pace of our journey.” She teasingly shook her finger at him, before turning back to the solicitor. “Did you hear, Mr. Schroder, Lady Lindmore is to sponsor my Come Out?”


It was then, she realized, Lord Lindmore finally made the connection between them. His lordship had stood when she did, but, suddenly, he stiffened in what likely was surprise mixed with irritation. “My grandmother is out of sorts when someone she expects does not arrive in a timely manner. We should depart, my dear.” He bowed to Mrs. Lawrence. “Thank you, ma’am, for your timely hospitality.” Without more efforts of cordiality, he caught Cora’s elbow to direct her from the room and then the house. The earl waited until they were from earshot before hissing, “You conniving little beast. I am half tempted to tell my grandmother how easily you managed this ruse. The countess does not appreciate those who present her two faces.”


Cora pulled her arm free and turned on him. “I have no desire for a season. The manor, and the land surrounding it, where I reside are mine. Free and clear. Just as it was for my mother. I shall be happy to return to Cameron Manor, and you may inform her ladyship her generosity was not required.”


“I am not impressed by your bravado, my dear,” his lordship quipped. “There have been others who have attempted to worm their way into her ladyship’s good graces. Many as a means to get to me and the earldom. Return to your country manor and leave the Lindmore coffers as they are.”


“Fine with me,” Cora said as she walked away towards the carriage. “Come, Mrs. Evans, Lord Lindmore will deliver our regrets to his grandmother and explain to her ladyship how I saved his bare arse from an embarrassing moment, as well as how he has determined my doing so was but an act to defraud Lady Lindmore, who, as we both know, has a blank cheque from my man of business to cover the cost of my society debut, rather than my motive being to protect both our families.”


She had accepted Mr. Vickers’s hand to assist her into the coach before she heard his lordship’s guttural growl of frustration. “You win this round, my lady,” he hissed, “but I will be watching you. I will never permit anyone to abuse Lady Lindmore.”


“And I, sir, will never wave a white flag of surrender to you or any man,” she retorted.


“Bluestockings,” he grumbled. With that, he stormed away towards his waiting coach and ordered his man to permit the horses their heads.


Meanwhile, Mr. Vickers assisted Mrs. Evans into their carriage. He grinned at Cora. “It takes a master strategist to outmaneuver Lord Lindmore. Though I shan’t, I wish I could relate the tale to her ladyship, for I believe she would quite enjoy how you maneuvered her grandson into doing what he should have done all along. Congratulations, my lady.”


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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?


Growing up, I read a wide variety of stories and genres, for my mother was a great reader also. However, one thing I have noticed with romance readers, as opposed to those who read other genres (for I do dabble in other styles) is the powerful connection one makes with them. They dissect every aspect of the story—are completely engaged with the characters—and travel the journey the characters take right along with the hero and heroine. And, afterwards, they want to know more of the person who wrote the tale. They wish to be the author’s “friend.” They wish to share their emotions with him/her, with the writer. Moreover, once they like one of tale of a particular author, they gobble up the rest and beg for more. For what else could a writer wish.


Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:


I really do not think myself expert enough to give such advice. I have had more than one relationship which failed, and, at my age, I am not looking for another. However, if were to suggest one thing, I would say: Compliments Matter. In raising children, we know to compliment their successes and not dwell on their failures if we want them to have a good mental outlook. The same goes with marriage and romance. One must occasionally swallow the critiques and speak to the good in the person.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card.



Open internationally.


Runs February 1 – 29, 2024


Drawing will be held on March 1, 2024. 


Author Biography:


Regina Jeffers writes books about corsets, rakes, daring heroines, dashing heroes and all aspects of the Georgian/Regency era. She is an award winning author of cozy mysteries, historical romantic suspense, and Austenesque vagaries. Jeffers has been a Smithsonian presenter and Martha Holden Jennings Scholar, as well as having her tales honored by, among others, the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense, the Frank Yerby Award for Fiction, the International Digital Awards, and the Chanticleer International Book Award.


Social Media Links:


Every Woman Dreams (Blog)

Always Austen (Group Blog)

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Regina, for sharing your new release in our Love and Romance Book Festival!

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