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New Release | Malachi, Ruse Master by @PamSCanepa1 #newadult #mystery #newrelease

Title: Malachi, Ruse Master

Author: Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Genre: Private Investigator, New Adult


Duplicity is Mike’s first nature.  If you want to know what he’s doing with his life, just ask, but don’t expect the truth.  You may not even be getting his real name…

Such duplicity is the reason a so-called ‘acting job’ at a suspiciously sparse agency, LLJF, becomes the perfect solution to Mike’s college drop-out blues.  During a time when he is just finding out who he really is, Mike adopts the new identity of ‘Malachi,’ and it fits like a glove.  A broken nose, a lost tooth, stealing scientific secrets, and a run through the alleys of D.C. are all in a day’s work.  Malachi is the best at uncovering the truths that others want to hide, and the taste of succeeding at what you are best at is intoxicating.

Malachi is willing to do anything to get his paycheck--until he must decide if the thrill of deception is worth the price he must pay.

Malachi, Ruse Master is a character spin-off from the award-winning Detours in Time series and intersects with events from Undercurrents inTime.


     "Can we get in trouble for this?"

     "I don't know, Macie.  I think if we keep a straight face and stick to the story,we'll be fine.  This will be the one time a lie may actually help another person.  I tell lies all the time in order to...." I stopped, knowing this confession gave her a side of me she had not yet seen.  My true job was something I couldn't reveal to her, though, and that was a shame.  Not that I was ready to share all of me with a girl, but it felt disingenuous to be this way when she was in so deep with me on this plan, this lie.  This white lie.

     "Never mind, Malachi.  What do I need to do right now?" she asked.

     "Walk outside to get the paper.  Let's establish your presence here, so it's not like you just showed up.  Another neighbor may see you; it will make you look like a regular here."

      "Okay," she responded.

      "And let me know if you hear anything,"  I requested.

       She turned the knob and slammed the door behind her. I wasn't worried, even if Don looked out and saw her.  He was likely watching this house in paranoia right now--or possibly watching an order to plot my demise.  I just hoped Sofie wasn't catching the brunt of his anger.  I was convinced he was a very dangerous man, and his standing in the community was a part of that.   

       In order to delay our plan for credibility, I lifted the pot off of the stove.  Who would be watching us and putting a time stamp on everything?  Not likely.  I was probably being too careful.  She came back in.

      "Here."  She threw the paper down on the kitchen table.  "I did hear loud voices."

       I shook my head, putting the pot back on the stove and added more rice.  "I am going downstairs.  As soon as that starts smoking up the house, go across the street, Number 411.  It's Mrs. Bannon.  She'll be there.  You know the story.

       "Yes, 'I'm staying with Henry, I'm his niece!  There's a fire, I need to call the fire department!'  Call 911, and ask for an ambulance. Not for the cops." She repeated our earlier plan.

     "Somehow, you didn't notice I'd put a pot of food on the stove.  You came back from getting the paper and went back to the bathroom.    Then, you smelled the smoke. You knew I was sleeping downstairs.  The house was smoked over when you came out of the bathroom.  You run out to her to make the call.  Tell everyone you are Henry's niece, staying here now and then.  If they suspect involvement between us, fine.  Don't deny, not too vehemently.  Because you know how you were introduced to Henry.  Now, go turn on the shower in the bathroom.  Ready?"

       She nodded.  

       I took the stairs by twos and lay back on the sofa.  The water upstairs was making a raucous noise and soon would be burned down to nothing.  Trusting Macie, I decided to close the basement door.  There was no way she'd let this house actually burn down.   

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Available in Kindle format, Kindle Unlimited, or paperback.

Author Biography: 

Pamela wears the teacher hat by day and the writer hat by night (when she's not walking the dog).  She started writing for fun as a child and self-published her first fiction book in 2016, after exploring the world of blogging.  Her first series of sci-fi books focused on sci-fi romance and unique families.  Her Detours in Time series has been called "social sci-fi,"  exploring various social constructs that keep changing drastically.  Pamela has plans to continue writing in the sci-fi genre and to branch out into other genres as well.

Social Media-  Follow the author at these sites:

Twitter- @PamSCanepa1


Barbara Bettis
Apr 24, 2020

Whoa! Sounds intriguing, Pamela. Best of luck !


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 23, 2020

Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your new release with us. I can't wait to read it!

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