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5 stars for Masquerade – Choosing Family Book 1 by Jennifer Raines #romance #bookrec #bookreview

Title: Masquerade – Choosing Family Book 1

Author: Jennifer Raines

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:


Fool me once…


Money won’t bring LIAM QUINN’S father back, but it’ll save his mother’s home. A high-paying law partnership is in his sights. To win it, he needs to successfully land a project. Problem is the project requires absolute confidentiality, and he’s just discovered his estranged identical twin is appearing life size on a billboard across the city. The second catch is a return to environmental law. His earlier career imploded after his lover was revealed as a mining company spy.


Researcher and soon-to-be-published romance author KATE TURNER needs a disguise. Maybe more than one. Her famous playwright father despises ‘trashy’ novels. Her ex-boyfriend mocked her ‘dirty little secret’, then stalked her when she left him. Her identical twin coaxes her into appearing on a billboard to prove she can be notorious and anonymous at the same time. No one connects the billboard model to the dowdy researcher Kate has become, and no one knows about her author pseudonym and second disguise as Ms. Sexy Romance.


Kate and Liam’s lives collide when she’s hired as Liam’s research assistant. Liam’s boss laughs off the billboard. Having doubles is the perfect cover for confidential field work.


A masquerade, a road trip, a steamy attraction, the sudden appearance of Liam’s old lover, and Ms. Sexy Romance’s unexpected arrival in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Liam and Kate discover the steps they took to protect their hearts might break them.


My Review:


Kate is leading a double life but a road trip with Liam changes everything. Masquerade is a heartwarming romance featuring two sets of twins, a road trip, and unexpected romance. The premise is unique and had my fingers racing as I read. I stayed up late reading Masquerade and it truly is an unputdownable romance.


Let’s start with the romance. This book is a mash-up of a few tropes but has a comedic vibe throughout. The characters are hiding parts of their lives plus being a part of twins. This leads to all sorts of hilarious situations. The romance is beautifully written with heartfelt emotional tension. I truly enjoyed this romantic journey.


The characters are delightful. I loved the fact that both Liam and Kate are twins, just not to each other. Each character is well-written with their own backstory and personality. Liam is as strait-laced as they come while Kate is anything but.


The descriptive narration is flawless and allows the reader a deep dive into the story.


The dialogue is filled with emotion, humor, and tension. Jennifer Raines’ true gift lies in her dialogue. I didn’t want to stop reading. I liked it that much.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Australian Jennifer Raines writes sensuous contemporary romances set mainly, but not exclusively, in Australia—think Malta, Finland, New Zealand or ? A dreamer and an optimist, her stories are a delicious cocktail of passion, mutual respect and loyalty because she still believes in happily-ever-afters.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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