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Medium Rare: ‘Til Death Don’t Us Part by @micwit604 is a Cozy Mystery Event pick #cozymystery

Title: Medium Rare: ‘Til Death Don’t Us Part

Author: Michelle Witvliet

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Book Blurb:

Her Daddy always said her impulsive nature would get her into serious trouble. Until now it was mostly minor, insignificant, easily fixed trouble, but even Jennifer can’t deny she might have pushed her luck a tad too far this time.

When Valentine’s Night delivers much more than roses and romance, Jennifer Flagg finds herself in a predicament where she can only watch the events she set into motion as then affect her life and everyone else’s around her.

Much to her everlasting astonishment, she finds comfort and camaraderie with the most unlikely candidates. She quickly discovers the rules she’d previously learned for talking to the already dead don’t apply when dealing with the almost dead, especially when she’s now one of them.


In retrospect, I realized it had to be the moon, the stars, and all the planets in perfect cosmic alignment on that magical, tragic night to set in motion the series of events that touched my life and everyone else’s around me. That’s not to say I would have, or could have, done anything differently. It was kismet, after all. I was simply the driving force behind it.

I’d tried for weeks to convince Danny, my currently very on-again boyfriend, a long weekend in the Bahamas was the place for us to celebrate V-Day this year, but he was having none of it. We’d lived in Northwest Indiana our whole lives and that’s where he wanted us to observe or first official Valentine’s Day together. I decided to make the best of the situation and went shopping. One way or another I planned on heating things up.

Whoever decided the most romantic day of the year should fall in the middle of the coldest month should be impaled on one of Cupid’s arrows and pelted with a couple pounds of Fannie May’s chocolate-covered cherries. Oh wait, on second thought, skip the torture by fine chocolates. There were plenty of cheap, barely edible candies available at this time of year for that. The good stuff stays with me. Then again, stuffing my face with chocolates might not be the wisest move considering what I was about to purchase.

“All right, I give up. Where’s the rest of it,” I said as I eyed the flimsy scrap of red and barely there matching panties, all the while thinking I must have missed something as I twirled the satin-padded hanger in search of more parts. Whatever was there just about didn’t cover it.

“That’s all there is,” said Judy Ramos, my friend and leading slut-wear consultant.

“It’s twelve degrees outside,” I pointed out. “How can I look sexy when I’ll be covered with more goose bumps than fabric?” That wasn’t sexy, it was lunacy.

“You don’t plan on wearing it outside, do you?”

Her bluntness annoyed me. “Not hardly.” Wearing it inside was a stretch.

I’d bought plenty of sets of lacy underwear from Judy in the past. I figured I’d bought just about every color and style featured in the catalog at one time or another, but this was the first time I’d ventured into choosing something from the other catalog, the one she kept in a plain brown wrapper and under lock and key when her young sons were around.

“Are you sure you don’t have anything in fleece? Or maybe a nice quilted flannel?” I had to at least ask. Fleece was my all-time favorite choice for sleepwear, flannel ran a close second, neither of which had ever slowed Danny down in the past. He enjoyed a challenge. The more difficult the challenge, the more determined he was to overcome it. I wasn’t sure he’d know what to do with me so blatantly…well, unchallenging.

Judy cocked her perfectly arched brows, pursed her pretty pink lips and stared at me with that look. I don’t know how she does it, but she managed to convey her disapproval without uttering a single word, and the message was received loud and clear. Flannel and fleece were considered the unmentionables in her Coming Attractions collection of naughty lingerie. Sheesh…you’d think I asked for a chastity belt with a side order of rusty mildew.

I felt compelled to defend myself under Judy’s disapproving eye. “Danny doesn’t care what I wear to bed as long as he gets to take it off.”

With a stunning smile leftover from her Miss Magnolia Queen days, she slipped her hand into the sheer panties. “That’s the beauty of these,” she said, waggling her fingers through the cleverly disguised split crotch. “They don’t have to come off.”

At first blush, there were no words. After giving it further thought, I realized there were two significant words that leaped to mind—bikini wax. That kind of deforestation took time—time I didn’t have at the moment. Danny was just going to have to take me au natural.

“Okay, I’ll take it,” I said, figuring it was the least I could do considering it was the least I could wear.

Just the other day Danny had been grousing about this winter’s skyrocketing utility bills. Well, he was just going to have to suck it up and boost the thermostat tonight because making him happy didn’t include my catching pneumonia in the process.

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If you enjoy a touch of mystery with your quirky, sassy heroines and the men who love them, then Medium Rare: ‘Til Death Don’t Us Part will tickle your fancy and your funny bone.

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Author Biography:

As an only child, Michelle has been playing with imaginary friends since she was a little girl. She didn’t start documenting the exploits of her make-believe companions until she was a wife and mother of two little girls of her own. Many years and a lifetime later, those characters are still bugging her to tell their stories.

Michelle’s first published work, a Viking anthology, went the way of the dodo when the publisher went out of business. However brief and disappointing the experience was for her, it fueled her resolve to persevere, resulting in the contemporary romance, Damn the Man, a 2006 RWA Golden Hearts finalist.

Damn the Man, its sequel, and the Medium Rare Series are available in electronic and print format through The Wild Rose Press.

Michelle lives in Northwest Indiana where her Medium Rare series is located.

Social Media Links:


Twitter: @micwit604

Her website is currently under construction.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Oct 18, 2020

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your book in our Cozy Mystery Bookish Event!

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