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Metalsome Holiday by Katie Baldwin is a book worth reading #rockstarromance #romance #mustread #nnlbh

Title: Metalsome Holiday


Author: Katie Baldwin


Genre: Contemporary Romance/Rockstar Romance


Book Blurb:

Tray Jones is used to women falling all over him. He’s a rock star, after all. But he makes one mistake with the sexy Tatum Blackmore, and she’s ready for war.

Tatum Blakemore divorced her husband, moved to a new city, and opened a café. Starting over at forty-two has been at once exhilarating and terrifying. Who needs a man anyway? At least that was her mantra until she met a mostly naked Tray Jones, and her world tilted on its axis. And then the sexy man insults her!


Will Tatum hate him for good? Or will the holidays and a snowstorm change her mind?



Tatum Blakemore balanced the cake with one hand and grabbed the railing as she went up the stairs to Kayla’s place. Her body ached, making her feel every second of her forty-two years. Her ex-husband had gotten remarried today, and while Tatum’s marriage to him had been awful – especially toward the end-- it bruised her ego that he could remarry less than a year after their divorce.


When she reached the door, she paused. Even though she had a key to the apartment and Kayla had told her to drop off the cake on her kitchen counter, she felt uneasy about opening the door. It felt awkward. The one thing she knew for sure was that Kayla would be asleep right now, and Tatum had too much to do before heading over to a rock star's home for Thanksgiving to wait around for her assistant manager to wake up.


“You don’t have to do that, Tatum!” Kayla had moaned yesterday, a blush creeping up her face.


“It’s your birthday; you deserve a cake.”


Kayla had brushed her long hair aside and shrugged. “But it’s also Thanksgiving, and there’ll be plenty of desserts at my folk’s house.”


Tatum frowned. “But not a birthday cake.”


“Aren’t I too old to care about birthdays?” Kayla asked softly, avoiding Tatum’s eyes.


“No, honey, you aren’t. I think a birthday is always special.”


Kayla had given her a huge hug. “Thank you,” she whispered. “You can just leave it on the kitchen counter.”


Yet, at this moment, standing in front of the door to Kayla’s apartment, key in hand, Tatum hesitated. She owned the apartment—the one-bedroom flat was above her coffee shop, See You Latte—and leased it as a perk to the assistant manager of the cafe. 


Yesterday, Kayla had given Tatum permission to leave the cake inside on the counter. She was being silly.


Pushing her shoulders back, Tatum knocked lightly, waited a beat, then unlocked the door—


Then stopped dead in her tracks.


“Oh, shit!” a man said in a deep voice that was somehow both sexy and startled. But mostly sexy.  Tatum’s eyes widened as she took him in.  Easily the most beautiful man she’d ever seen in her life stood just a few feet away.


And he was naked.




He had a very snug pair of boxer briefs on his spectacular body, and they left nothing to the imagination.


When she finally lifted her gaze to his eyes, they were wide, and her cheeks grew hot.


 “Oh my gosh!” Tatum exclaimed. “I’m so sorry. Kayla said to drop off the cake, and I….”


The godlike man rubbed his face with one hand and muttered, “Please tell me you’re not Kayla’s mom.”


Tatum’s heart sank. Maybe she was still feeling the sting of being so quickly usurped by another younger woman. But Kayla’s mother? She was too young to be her mother, right?


“I’m. Not. Her. Mom.” she said. “I own the cafe downstairs. Kayla is my assistant manager.”


Now it was the man’s turn to have a red face. Which, to Tatum’s mind, was well deserved.


“I’m sorry, that was presumptive of me,” he muttered.


Tatum nodded. “I’ll leave her birthday cake here and get out of your way.”


“Uh, yeah,” he mumbled. “Thanks, I guess.”


Rolling her eyes, she closed the door on the fumbling half-naked dude and went downstairs to check on her cafe.

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Author Biography:


Katie Baldwin is an award-winning author who loves Rock & Roll, rescuing dogs and a good strong latte. By day she is a mild-mannered researcher at a well-respected university. By night she writes kissing books that are sometimes spooky! When she is not pacing her home and working out dialogue in her mind, she is reading Romance, Horror, and Mystery books by her favorite authors. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram waxing eloquently about her love of canines and all the books. Check out her website for other interesting facts.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
29 de fev.

Thank you, Katie, for sharing your book with us!

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