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New Release | Mr. Murray’s Gun: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 4 by @ejhomusic #fantasy

Title: Mr. Murray’s Gun: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 4

Author: Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy/ Paranormal

Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing

Book Blurb:

It’s been a year since Mary and Granny returned from their adventures in Scotland. Witch Penelope is still frozen, or so everyone believes, but strange things are starting to happen again. And there’s another ghost in the house, a male ghost with a gun. Is anyone safe? With Mary’s Halloween/birthday party coming up, the danger intensifies, and not just for Mary and her family.


“I heard a gunshot in here.” Dad started toward the bed, then stopped abruptly. The gun lay on the floor at his feet. “What happened, Mary? Who did this?”

Two policemen rushed in, along with David and Susan, who wanted to know what was going on.

“That’s the gun,” one policeman stated the obvious. “So, your little girl’s been playing with it, has she?” He cast an accusing eye at Mary.

“No. Mom. Dad.” She shook her head, tears slipping down her cheeks. “I didn’t touch it.”

“Then who did?” the policeman demanded. “There’s no one else in here, little girl. You expect us to believe it was a ghost shooting this gun?”

“Yes.” Mary’s voice was little more than a squeak. “I never touched the gun. You won’t find my fingerprints on it. You won’t.” She buried her head in her mother’s shoulder and sobbed, content in the comfort of her mother’s arms.

“Bag it for evidence.” Dad moved toward the fireplace. “And you might want to extract this bullet as well.”

“World War I vintage,” the other policeman was in the room, obviously impressed with the gun. “Where and how did you, or the little girl, get this gun?”

“I’ve never seen it before in my life,” Dad replied in a very sedate tone of voice. “And if my daughter claims she never touched it, then she didn’t.”

“We shall see.” Plastic was heard crinkling. The gun was bagged. Mary didn’t look up.

“I swear, sir,” Dad continued, sounding a little annoyed as he stated his defense. “My family know little if anything about guns. I may have served in the Second World War, but I did not bring home any weapons as souvenirs. Even if Mary found this gun, she wouldn’t have touched it for fear of what it might do.”

The policeman in charge didn’t sound convinced when he responded. “Be that as it may, the gun was found here in your daughter’s room. On the floor by her bed. Still hot from a recent discharge. And a bullet in the fireplace. There was no one else in here when the gun went off, was there? So how do you explain that?”

“I can’t,” Dad said, a trace of defeat embedded in his tone. “But I know it wasn’t Mary.”

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Author Biography:

An avid gardener, artist, musician and writer, Emily-Jane Hills Orford has fond memories and lots of stories that evolved from a childhood growing up in a haunted Victorian mansion. Told she had a ‘vivid imagination’, the author used this talent to create stories in her head, allowing her imagination to lead her into a different world, one of her own making. As the author grew up, these stories, imaginings and fantasies took to the written form and, over the years, she developed a reputation for telling a good story. Emily-Jane can now boast that she is an award-winning author of several books, including Mrs. Murray’s Ghost: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 1 (Telltale Publishing 2018) which was named finalist in the 2019 N.N. Light Book Awards, Mrs. Murray’s Hidden Treasure: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 2 (Telltale Publishing 2019), Mrs. Murray’s Home: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 3 (Telltale Publishing 2020), Mr. Murray’s Gun: The Piccadilly Street Series Book 4 (Telltale Publishing 2020), Queen Mary’s Daughter (Clean Reads 2018) which won the 2019 N.N. Light Book Awards, King Henry’s Choice (Clean Reads 2019), and several other books. A retired teacher of music and creative writing, she writes about the extra-ordinary in life and the fantasies of dreams combined with memories. For more information on the author, check out her website at:

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 15, 2021

Thank you, Emily-Jane, for sharing your book with us! We love the series and can't wait to read this one.

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