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New Release | Moonlight Drive by @ARHadleyWriter #womensfiction #music #addiction #newrelease

Title: Moonlight Drive

Author: A.R. Hadley

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Chameleon Media Productions, LLC

Book Blurb –

The magazines didn’t do him justice.

Not long after running away from home, Dani Isabella joins Moonlight Drive’s 1985 Live and Wired tour, hoping her long-lost friend, Nick, will remember her.

He’s finally made it — just like he promised. He’s the bassist for one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Only, he’s reinvented himself and doesn’t recognize his childhood sweetheart. Nicki Quick has been seduced by the decadent lifestyle of the music scene of the eighties, lost in a haze of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. And to Nicki, Daniela is just another chick in a long line of groupies.

He soon finds she isn’t like the other girls, though. Music runs through her veins — it’s part of her soul. She’s a songwriter. A dreamer. A girl determined to make it in a boys’ world.

This is the story of two musicians. A boy and a girl. A man and a woman.

Two people who learn that being lost is sometimes the same as being found.

The story behind Moonlight Drive is also noteworthy, melding perfectly with themes of recovery, self-discovery, and redemption found throughout the pages. “It's not unusual for writers to have a muse, someone who helps spark a character to life,” Hadley beams, over the moon to tell people how this novel came to fruition, “and my muse for this book is Nikki Sixx. In 2019,” she continues, “after watching the Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt — before I was even a Crüe fan — a seed was planted. And it grew and grew, blossoming into something that ended up blowing my heart wide open.”

Hadley hopes readers’ hearts combust as well. She wants people to be inspired. To seek help for substance abuse or depression. To follow dreams no matter age, sex, or circumstance. To connect through words and art and music.

Book Trailer:


Chapter Four

No time. No space.

The moment the stylist finished cutting what remained of my long, blond hair, I knew there was no turning back.

Nineteen and sitting in a tattered chair at a rundown salon, I gazed in the mirror, my back erect, cheeks flushed, a concert ticket and cash burning a hole in my pocket.

I no longer saw a girl.

Not the one who had spent several years cultivating a beautiful garden. Nor the naïve one who loved a boy who’d made a promise and then forgotten it.

I saw someone with deep, green eyes swimming in a sea of lost dreams.

My hand trembled as it found its way through the cropped strands, the pieces still wet, nonuniform ... black.

Just as dark as his now.

Except mine didn’t shine practically blue.

Maybe no one had a light the way Nick did.

His was natural. All-consuming. Ever present.

A few weeks after joining their Live and Wired tour, I quickly realized I wasn’t sure which one of us had gone missing. Me or Nick? Who had run away — from what or whom?

Despite the electricity Nick possessed, he seemed like a completely different person.

And I was still a girl trying to make it in a boys’ world.

Only now, instead of sandals and flowers, I had my Doc Martens and a notebook full of promises.

Then I had something else.

A key to my future.

Jim had given me his guitar.

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During the month of May, A.R. Hadley will be donating $1 from every sale of Moonlight Drive to Global Recovery Initiatives — an organization aiding people in recovery from substance abuse disorder.

Facebook Party:

Do Not Disturb Book Club Facebook Group - Moonlight Drive Release Party - 5-20-21/7-9 PM EST

Group link:

Instagram Hop:

An Instagram Hop will be ending on release day 5-18. Accounts to enter the giveaway on IG:



Freebie alert:

A.R.’s novel, Bodhi, will be free on 5-18-21. Amazon link:

Author Biography:

A.R. Hadley writes imperfectly perfect sentences by the light of her iPhone.

She loves the ocean.


Her children.

And Cary Grant.

She annoys those darling little children by quoting lines from Back to the Future, but despite her knowledge of eighties and nineties pop culture, she was actually meant to live alongside the Lost Generation after the Great War and write a mediocre novel while drinking absinthe with Hemingway. Instead, find her sipping unsweet tea near a beautiful garden as she weaves fictional tales of love and connection amid reality.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 18, 2021

Thank you, A.R., for sharing your new release with us! Happy Release Day!

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