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Only You for the Holidays by Bestseller @LauraMBaird is a Snuggle Up event pick #romance #giveaway

Title: Only You for the Holidays

Author: Laura M. Baird

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance

Book Blurb:

She made excuses to stay away. He'll give her a reason to remain.

Piper Deacon had a spotless flying record while serving in the Army until a careless mishap from her flight partner had her questioning her own skills and responsibility. Foolish pride kept her away from home for too long; the one place she should've known she could always return to no matter what. When circumstances force her back to Idaho, she'll have to face life-altering decisions which include whether or not to succumb to the match-making devices of her mother and co-conspirator friend. With the appealing lawman, Logan Shaw, in her path, will she realize the easy choice right in front of her is all she'll ever need?

Logan Shaw didn't always walk the straight line, but service in the Marines gave him a better direction. After twenty-one years away, he's settling back home, working with the Sheriff's Department, and wondering if he has a future that'll include a woman to love. Thanks to the machinations of his mom and her friend, he's already halfway there with a woman he has yet to meet. And when he does, can he convince Piper you really can come home again?


“I’ll ask you to stop right there to tell me who you are and why you’re on my property.”

Although he halts in his tracks, a grin transforms his mouth. At my tone, Stormi goes on alert, emitting a low growl.

“Stay,” is my only command, knowing to guard yet remain ready.

The man reaches for his glasses with both hands, removing them to reveal stunningly bright blue eyes. Even from the distance of at least twenty feet I can see the fine creases at the corners of those eyes as well as a dimple in his left cheek. And, damn, if that combination doesn’t stir something unbidden and completely unwanted in my chest. Not to mention my dormant lady parts.

What the hell, Piper? Knock it off!

“Piper Deacon, I'm sure your momma taught you better hospitality than that.” His grin becomes a full-on smile, showcasing ridiculously perfect teeth that usually result from orthodontia and bleaching. Or porcelain crowns. Or blessed genes.

Something familiar tugs at my memory, but before it can coalesce, I offer him a snarky comeback.

“She certainly did, but my dad also taught me caution around strangers.”

“Well now, good thing we aren’t exactly strangers then, isn’t it?” He tucks his glasses into a pocket.

At this point, Stormi’s impatience is palpable as her hairs rise and she woofs several times.

“And this must be the infamous Stormi-girl,” the man says while squatting down and offering his hand.

Glee overrides obedience as she springs forward, bypassing the hand to lunge playfully. Taking him by surprise, he topples to the ground, allowing Stormi to shower him with doggy kisses. Which actually means furious licks with a very big, very slobbery tongue. Before I can admonish her, he’s laughing while the affection continues.

“Okay, okay, I surrender,” he says. Managing a sitting position, the man rubs both hands vigorously along Stormi’s neck and sides, easily keeping her under control. He smiles up at me, pinning me with those intense eyes that are vaguely familiar. “Still not placing me, eh?”

“Uh, no,” I stutter, taken off guard by his natural ease and my unnatural reaction to him.

“Logan Shaw, former town bad boy turned lawman.” His statement is matter of fact with a hint of pride.

Recognition finally slaps me upside my head as I realize who he is, even though I'd only met him briefly about four years ago. I knew he was five years ahead of me in school and there was some trouble in his past before he joined the Marines. It was through Mom that I'd learned more. She and Logan's mom, Bea, had developed a friendship through a book club, and it carried on even after Bea had suffered a stroke. Then the tables turned, and Mom ended up in the same situation.

I don't allow that train of thought to take root, instead, remember Mom taking every opportunity to slip Logan's name into conversation either during calls or on my scarce visits home. Pretty sure she was trying to do some matchmaking, but I guess I remained immune to her ploys. I was, after all, living and working over two thousand miles away. At my previous time home this past spring she showed me the newspaper article of his promotion to Sergeant with the Sheriff's Department. His hair had been much shorter, and he had a beard and mustache hiding his contours.

As I take him in, I think how the added muscle, clean-shaven face, and hair growth definitely suit him. And the thought of preferring him smooth with his unruly hair has me shaking my head to clear that nonsense.

“Logan the lawman.”

If it were possible, his smile just doubled in size and wattage. “Piper the pilot.”

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November is a time to be thankful. What are you most thankful for this year?

My family. It's been a roller coaster of a year, yet through it all, my family remains strong and cohesive. Even during the lowest times, we find a way to endure, remain optimistic, and carry on.

Why is your featured book worth snuggling up to?

It's an all-around feel-good story about family, finding love later in life, and the realization you can go home again. It's tender and sweet and witty with a dash of drama.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card.

You must have an active Amazon US or Amazon Canada account to be eligible. Open internationally.

Runs November 1 – 30

Drawing will be held on December 1.

Author Biography:

Laura is an award winning author of over twenty-five romances. She loves weaving stories with action and drama, humor and passion. Being a veteran of the US Army, many of her stories feature a military element. She's honored to have stories in anthologies that became international best sellers.

Laura resides in the Pacific Northwest, and when not writing or reading, she enjoys time with her family which includes her husband of thirty-two years, two sons, three grand children, her mom, and two grand dogs. She loves engaging with authors and readers, and encourages you to look her up on social media. Signing up for her newsletter gives readers all the details on her writing, releases, and promotions... not to mention, it starts you off with a free read.

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Barbara Bettis
2022년 11월 10일

Hugs on the roller-coaster year, Laura. Hope things are settling down now. I do enjoy Christmas books and yours sounds so delightful. all the best.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
2022년 11월 10일

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your book in our Snuggle Up With These Books event!


Rita Wray
Rita Wray
2022년 11월 10일

I like the excerpt and cover.

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