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Book Spotlight | Racing Devil by Thai Bestseller @PJScarlet_novel #romance #racingromance #bookish

Title Racing Devil

Author P.J. Scarlet

Genre Contemporary Romance, Car Racing Romance

Book Blurb

After a racing accident, Myles Carlton, the famous Formula 1 driver struggles to accept that his face has become disfigured, and there is no way to fix it.

Everybody keeps saying that it’s a curse. He has been insulting, selfish, and irritable. He lacks sportsmanship and regularly breaks women's hearts.

But then he meets Nicky who checks every box for him, and most importantly, she never acts like she was repulsed by his face. The playboy driver decides to go on a mission to win her heart.

Nicky's life has been going well. She was a management expert, and even better at controlling her emotions, until she has to work as Myles’ manager.

He makes her feel flustered, lightheaded, and she is about to lose control.

Falling in love with a dangerous man was the last thing in the world that Nicky wants to risk her heart with, resisting his charms and his burning desires for her has also proven to be a very difficult task.

If a fair maiden's kiss could break the beast's curse,

Will her love be able to help this hunter beast break his curse as well?


Niksa sat there until she sobered up a little before returning to find Myles. It wasn’t hard to do so, even in the crowd. Wherever people gathered, he was always in the centre, answering questions about the race.

“That’s her, the lady I told you about. She was the one who reminded a driver like me that my face doesn't matter when I’m in the cockpit. She gave me back the confidence to race again.”

Everyone turned to look at her. Niksa didn’t know how to react to this amount of attention, less so the praises from him that made her heart so full and her face blush.

Myles excused himself and walked up to her. He offered his arm gentlemanly as he whispered in her ear.

“You took so long I started to get bored.”

“Then it’s my lucky day that you haven’t decided to shake it up.”

Her sarcasm made him chuckle. Time had passed and she seemed to catch up with him so quickly with both laughing and serious matters. Her banter was getting sassier by the day.

There was only one thing that she didn’t seem to realise, or maybe she did but pretended not to. It was the burning desire he had for her.

Myles put his glass on the table and placed his hand on her tiny waist. He pushed the straight long hair back behind her ears, revealing the intricate crystal earring she was wearing that highlighted her feminine appeal.

“Myles,” Niksa was flustered, her heart was stirred by the intimacy.

“You look so beautiful tonight. I’m jealous of your hair, when it caresses and nestles against your flawless skin.”

“I thought you liked it when I wore my hair down.”

“I do, but I’m still jealous,” he admitted, “Can’t blame me for that, I don’t have any hair for you to be jealous of.”

“Oh, Myles,” she sighed, but once she looked into his eyes and saw no hint of bitterness in his humour, Niksa shook her head and laughed with him.

“What was your ex like?”

“Why do you like bringing him up so much?” she frowned.

“I just want to know what kind of man can win you over, so I know not to let them take my Lady Luck away from me.”

Hearing his explanation, she let out a laugh as one word came up in her mind.

“He sucked.”

“What?” he was surprised. “Did you say ‘he sucked?’”

“Yes, he sucked.”

The more she repeated those words, the more she felt like she got some semblance of closure. All this time she had kept her relationship with Karun a secret. The pain, the disappointment and the rage that followed his betrayal, she had kept it all to herself. She didn’t want to admit defeat, she didn’t want to let her weakness show, so she built up a wall to protect herself, and to hide these emotions. Now that she had let it out with Myles, her heart felt lighter, and in this moment, she felt like it could fly.

“Then I don’t have to worry, because I suck too.”

Niksa looked up to meet his gaze and they let out a laugh at the same time.

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Author Biography

P.J. Scarlet is the pen name of a Thai female author who has published over ten books in the Thai language. She is also an award-winning author in the country.

She is a hedonist who lives with anxiety. She loves listening to music and reading about people. She believes in the power of passion, dream, and determination, and she sets out to live her life accordingly.

P.J. Scarlet has a rare disease. Writing fulfills both her life and her heart.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Mar 31, 2022

Thank you, P.J., for sharing your book with us!

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