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5+ stars for Releasing the Catch by @jenyheckman #womensfiction #fishing #bookish #bookreview

Title: Releasing the Catch

Author: Jeny Heckman

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

Women. Crab fishing. The Bering Sea. Some men don’t think they belong together. One woman wants to prove them wrong.

Mack Carter’s life is circling the drain. When he hears about how lucrative the fishing industry is in Alaska, he decides to try his luck on the frigid Aleutian Chain. There he meets, Nels Pearson, who teaches the younger man how to be a crab fisherman on the deadly Bering Sea, and becomes the friend and father-figure Mack’s never known. Carter must learn to navigate both the foreign world on the water, and home life on land, finding a tenuous balance with both.

Through circumstances beyond her control, Faith Pearson, is inserted into the dangerous life the men live in. To most fishermen in this high-velocity world, women onboard a crab boat is a bad omen. Faith finds life on the sea difficult to maneuver, not just the conditions but the men and superstitions she must also endure.

When tragedy strikes her life again, Faith strives to overcome great obstacles and proves herself worthy mentally and physically, as she navigates self-discovery in a man’s bleak yet adventurous world. She also discovers lessons about love and just how deadly the Bering Sea can be when her own life is on the line, possibly never releasing her from the catch.

Releasing the Catch, is a story of fathers and daughters, letting go of the past, self-discovery and overcoming odds made harder simply for your gender. It’s the story of two individuals at different times in an extraordinary life, with so much to teach one another.

My Review:

Mack Carter craves adventure and when he hears about how much money there is in crab fishing, he leaves his crappy life behind and heads up north to Alaska. He befriends Nels Pearson who teaches him everything about crab fishing, from the bottom rung up to the captain’s chair. They form an unbreakable bond and a life-long friendship. Through hard work, heartbreak, tragic events, and the dangerous waters of the Bering Sea, Mack, Nels, and Nels’ young daughter Faith navigate and thrive as a family unit. Not even death can separate these three. When Faith insists on being treated like an equal, Mack agrees. She’s lived through it all and can do anything on a fishing vessel that any man can do, but what happens when love sweeps her off her feet? Can she find balance for all her loves (fishing, family, and romance), or will she be forced into choosing one over the other?

Releasing the Catch is a heart-wrenching adventure story I couldn’t stop reading. It reels you in hook, line, and sinker. I connected with the characters right away, especially Faith. The sheer amount of death she must deal with broke my heart over and over. While the struggles she faces in her youth create a strong woman later on, her wounds never fully heal. This part of her personality is not only authentic but bonds Faith with the reader. Jeny Heckman is a brilliant writer and her ability to draw the reader in is evident in her descriptive narration. I’ve never been on a commercial fishing boat but after reading Releasing the Catch, I’m ready to give it a go. The intricate ins and outs of crab fishing are detailed with precision in Releasing the Catch. Well done to Jeny Heckman for all the research she did for this book. Releasing the Catch is a must-read for adventure fans. If you like strong female characters, you’ll love Releasing the Catch. An emotional story about taking risks, family, and fishing, Releasing the Catch is a must-read.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Jeny Heckman is the award-winning author of the paranormal romance series, Heaven & Earth. When she isn’t writing, you will find her boating with her husband, enjoying game night with her kids, cocktails with her friends, getting frustrated with photography or dreaming and plotting her next adventure.

Jeny lives in Washington state with her husband of over twenty-eight years.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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