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Cover Reveal | Rewrites of the Heart by @tnewmanwrites #pnr #romcom #romanticcomedy #coverreveal

I am giddy with excitement about this cover reveal. I love book covers, especially by this author. They are so expressive, I want to frame them and hang them on my wall. Terry Newman is sharing her upcoming 2023 release cover today. You won't want to miss it. So, without further ado, here is Rewrites of the Heart by Terry Newman.

Title Rewrites of the Heart

Author Terry Newman

Genre Paranormal romantic comedy

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

JJ Spritely, romance author, writes characters that jump off the page. Figuratively, that is. She never expects them to make a literal leap off the page and smack dab into her world. But Alex Zurich and Blake Teesdale do just that. And they’re on a mission to help JJ write her own personal love story with a man she recently met, Kennedy King Cooper.

A history professor, Cooper doesn’t see the value of romance novels and he has even less regard for those who write them. Until he meets a woman who haunts his thoughts.

There’s only one small snag in Alex’s and Blake’s plan…okay…two rather large snags. JJ wants nothing to do with Cooper. The other snag? Alex and Blake aren’t able to return to the pages of their own book.

Will JJ ever write her own love story? And will it be with Cooper? Will Alex and Blake return to the pages of their own book?


JJ, who had been leisurely curled up on the living room couch, remote control in one hand while the other had been digging through the popcorn bowl, brought her feet from the couch to the floor, in an exaggerated, agitated manner. Sighing deeply, she glared at Alex, who in turn, looked down at her shoes, as she attempted to put a remorseful look on her face.

She knew this event meant nothing less than JJ fulfilling her destiny. Destiny. Synchronicity. The magical alignment of the stars. Kismet. Whatever you want to call this moment, she thought romantically, it appeared the Universe was working toward finding a soul mate for the very person who brought her own soul mate into her life.

The one thing she didn’t want was to screw this up. It was best, as far as the “flow of the Universe” was concerned, that JJ be carried along by the tide of events—even if it meant blindfolding her to those events and dragging her along kicking and screaming.

JJ finally paused in her tirade and rose from her place on the couch. Alex quickly and quietly stepped in to speak. “I suppose if you’re going, you should start to get ready.”

JJ glowered fiercely at her. “You have no right meddling in my personal life. How dare you make a…”

JJ began to say something more then stopped. A strange look came over her face. “Let me get this straight,” she said, a little softer and in a more thoughtful manner. “You talked to my sister over the telephone?”

“Yeah, sure.” Alex paused.

“And she heard you and spoke to you?”

“That’s usually how those conversations work.” Alex bit her lip.

Blake, who had been sitting on the wingback chair, put his book down. “What’s your point?”

Ah, Blake would get to the bottom of this for her. Thank you, hon, she said to herself.

“My point is that a phone conversation has to take place between two real people.” JJ paced the small living room as she spoke. “Up until now, I just assumed I was the only person who could interact with you two. That you were figments of my imagination.”

“No,” Alex whimpered. “That’s so mean.” Blake leaped out of the chair and wrapped an arm around Alex.

“This changes everything.” JJ sat on the edge of the couch.

Alex, who was still in the protective hold of Blake, tilted her head. “How so?”

“Don’t you see, love?” Blake’s answer not only startled Alex but JJ as well.

“No, I don’t. Someone please explain it to me. All I did was talk to JJ’s sister.”

“If we were solely a part of your imagination,” Blake said, addressing JJ, “then Alex wouldn’t have been able to talk to your sister, right?”

JJ nodded. “Exactly. If no one else can talk to you, then I can be pretty comfortable that I’m the one going through this, well, whatever it is. But, if everyone can talk to you and see you, then I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. Up until now, you were my personal, private hallucinations. I’m just not sure what to call you now.”

“Try calling us real,” Alex said, one hand on her hip.

“But real is impossible. It defies all the currently known scientific laws. What if everyone could see you, not just me, as I just naturally assumed so far?”

Alex sat on the arm of the couch, near JJ. “I’m still confused. I don’t get what the big deal is.”

Blake paced the room, his head down, hands behind his back. “Aside from your conversation with JJ’s sister, love, we haven’t had an occasion to have contact with anyone.”

“Right,” JJ agreed. “I assumed you couldn’t interact with others. Now, I wonder if others could see you, too.” She rubbed the back of her neck.

Blake rose and padded to the front door. Alex watched as he unlocked and opened the door. Then he turned. “Alex, let’s test out my theory.”

“Me? What are we going to do?”

“You’ll see.”

Alex shot a quick glance at JJ, who only looked amused by her perplexity. She figured she had little choice and met Blake at the door. He took her hand and they stepped on onto the small porch. She scanned the neighborhood. Everyone had at least a little patch of yard.

One house sported the stereotypical white picket fence. The house directly to the right wore a shiny metal flowerpot of purple petunias, yellow and purple pansies, and a few tall dark pink snapdragons. A few houses down she saw that one house had a wraparound porch with baskets of red geraniums adorning it.

Finally, she saw an older gentleman who lived directly across the street. He was out with his golden Labrador retriever.

“Good afternoon,” Blake called out to him, waving as if he were the proverbial friendly neighbor.

“I’m Bob Higley, and this is Moses.” The man gave the dog a good rub.

“I’m Blake Teesdale and my fiancé, Alex Zurich. She’s JJ’s cousin from Kansas and we’re here on vacation.” Alex smiled meekly and gave the man a tentative finger wave. She was amazed at his ability to create an entire backstory on the spot.

Mr. Higley took off his baseball cap and scratched his head. “You don’t sound like you’re from Kansas.”

“No, no sir. You are right. Mine is definitely not a Midwest accent. British.”

“I’ve always loved England.”

“Thanks, I love your country too.” And then Blake gave Mr. Higley a friendly good-bye wave and he and Alex went back into the house.

Once inside, he rolled on the balls of his feet, a small, smug smile slowly forming on his lips, hands in his pockets.

“We just passed the can-they-see-you test with flying colors. And yes, they can see you—I mean, us.”

“Yes, you two did and I’m amazed.”

Author Biography

She’s also worked as a reporter, a communications specialist, and a freelance writer. She’s had clients worldwide, and researched and wrote hundreds of eBooks and print books as well as ghostwrote novellas and short stories.

One day she woke and decided to make her dream of writing her own novel come true. She sets all her stories in fictional towns in northeast Ohio and writes about things she loves—like coffee.

Terry has taught workshops on writing and character development.

She has a daughter, a son-in-law, and a grandpuppy, and lives in North Lima, a real town in northeast Ohio.

Social Media Links

Facebook: Terry Newman

Twitter: @tnewmanwrites

Instagram: terry.newman.31521



Anastasia Abboud
Anastasia Abboud
Nov 16, 2022

Great cover, great excerpt! All the best!


Barbara Bettis
Nov 15, 2022

Cover reveals are so exciting! Congratulations on yours, Terry. I really enjoyed the blurb and excerpt too. Good luck!!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 15, 2022

Thank you, Terry, for sharing your cover reveal with us! I can't wait to read this gem!

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