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Romancing the Wrangler by Sarah Lamb is a Western Fiction/Romance Event pick #historicalwestern #historicalromance #western #giveaway

Title: Romancing the Wrangler


Author: Sarah Lamb


Genre: Western Historical Romance


Book Blurb:


Rose and Levi only have one rule—make their own rules.


Free spirited Rose Alden is her father’s youngest child, and his disappointment. Her sharp mind and wit are matched only by her sarcastic tongue and disobedience in finding a suitable husband like her older sisters did. She’s desperate to live her own life, make her own rules, and marriage is not something she is interested in.


Ranch hand Levi Patterson understands just how Rose feels. It’s why he’s grateful to be working for her father on the Alden’s quiet ranch. However, the past he thought he’d left behind has caught up, demanding he choose between the needs of others and his own.


A sudden change of events forces them each to make a decision that will change the future forever. Will Rose fight for what she longs for? Can Levi return to what was, or will he continue to blaze his own path with Rose by his side?




1885, Oregon


Rose Alden tiptoed past her father’s study, careful to not scuff her boots and make a noise. Some of the floorboards, though covered by a carpet with flowery scrolls running down the middle, were old and made creaking sounds.


As a young girl, she’d quickly learned which areas to avoid to prevent the unwelcome sounds, but as she grew, it seemed so did the number of boards that groaned when stepped on.


Inside, she could hear her parents talking. She had fully intended to sneak up the stairs and to her room to read for a while before dinner, when she’d heard her name. 


While it would have been polite to continue past, her curiosity got the best of her. If they didn’t want me to take notice of their conversation, perhaps Father shouldn’t have said my name so loudly, she told herself.


            Freezing, as she heard her name once more, she moved closer to the door. Yes, she knew she shouldn’t be eavesdropping, but if it was something about her, didn’t she have every right to know what it was? And her parents, being the way they were, likely were not even going to let her know what it was they were talking about until it was too late to react in any way. 


            “...running out of chances,” her father’s frustrated voice said. 


            Chances? For what? Rose frowned. The thick wooden door muffled some of the words. 


            “Which is why…accept. We both agree that…eligible. And wealthy.” Her mother’s voice, though muffled, still had a tone of smugness. 


            “Invite him for dinner,” her father said. “…fine match. Rose will be pleased.” 


            Stiffening, Rose clenched her fists as she straightened. Her shoulders ached with the sudden tension running through her, and her head started to throb. No, Rose would not be pleased. Rose didn’t want to be told who to marry. And Rose didn’t intend to marry. At least, not right now. 


It was all she could do not to burst through the door, her jaw clenched, and let her parents know exactly what she thought about their plans. The plans she wasn’t supposed to know about. Rose took a breath to try and calm herself. Ten counted backwards from ten. Neither helped.


Marriage. She wasn’t wanting marriage. There was so much of the world out there to explore and see. So many things she wanted to do, and she didn’t want anyone telling her she couldn’t do those things, simply because she was a woman. While yes, that would happen in or outside of a marriage, being wed would also mean fewer opportunities to do the things she longed to do.


            I’m as capable as anyone, she fumed. Then her shoulders slumped. It didn’t matter. The topic of her independence and desire to be more than simply a woman and a wife was a conversation she’d tried to have many times, and one her parents finally put a stop to. She was a daughter, they reminded her, she had no rights and no say, and was to obey.


            That wasn’t something she wanted. What was wrong with making her own way in the world? She could! Rose was sure of it. Other women did.


            “…Rose. A fine…agree.” Her mother’s voice was incredibly faint. room.


            Rose listened as hard as she could, her eyes narrowed in concentration, hoping to discover the man’s name her parents wished to bind her to, but her parents must have moved across the room. She couldn’t hear anything but mummering now.


However, the sound of footsteps nearing from the foyer was loud and clear. While she didn’t know who it was walking her way, she also didn’t intend to find out. Rose straightened, swiftly moving over the floorboards with little effort to avoid the noisy ones, and slipped up to her room, easing the door closed behind her. 


            Taking a deep breath, she stood, her back pressed to her door. Her parents’ words were sinking in, and the initial shock was gone. Invisible chains seemed to clamp around her, and Rose looked down at her hands, almost as if she could see them. Rose gulped in a second breath, trying to stay calm, but it didn’t help. Her chest rose and fell heavily, and she felt as though she was suffocating. It was too warm, and she felt a little lightheaded. She opened her window and stuck her head out, drinking in the fresh air. 


            Beyond her room, birds sang somewhere, a gentle breeze made the tall oak tree branches sway, and beautiful flowers, all in pinks and whites, in her mother’s garden bloomed. Their scent wafted into her room. It was a paradise outside. Inside, a prison. The only thing missing from her life were the bars. But perhaps her parents would add those. She didn’t doubt it. It really was all that was missing from her existence.


            Rose paused her thoughts, reconsidering. Perhaps she was being too dramatic. Her parents loved her, she was sure. But they also loved being well off, and making connections to improve their status and advantages in life. With her an easy offering, of course they planned to use her to do that. All under the guise of Rose doing her duty and having an opportunity. 


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We’ve all known that person we just butt heads with and no matter what, we can’t please them. When headstrong people meet, is it even possible to be true to yourself to keep the peace? Or will one have to sacrifice? That’s the question for both Rose and Levi, who have parents determined to see them wed to advantageous matches, and two individuals who are determined to have only one thing—freedom. 


Giveaway –


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Open Internationally.


Runs April 23 – April 30, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on May 1, 2024.


Author Biography:


Sarah is wife to an amazing teacher and mom to two boys who are growing up just a little too fast. Her day job is helping others to become writers, while she squeezes in each spare moment she can on her own books. She spends her days working and writing in the Blue Ridge Mountains and planning her next trip to Disney World.


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Flawless by Elsie Silver.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your book in our western event!

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