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5+ stars for Searlus and the Sailor by @MordelleStories #BATB #eroticromance #fairytale #bookreview

Title: Searlus and the Sailor: An Erotic Fantasy Romance Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Author: Mordelle

Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance, Steamy Fairytale Retelling

Book Blurb:

She Sauntered Into the Belly of the Cursed Beast Willingly, Now She’s Locked in His Arms Forever… No one in the Kingdom really knows what their King looks like. Though many have been in his presence, everyone soon forgets their time at the castle once they exit its gates. It's been said that he is an enchantment gone wrong, a chimera with a form so ghastly that no one, even those granted payment for their company, have been able to stomach. That is until a handsome, but despondent sailor shows up at his door. Andre Belle Dubois never expected to stay in His Majesty's castle for six months! And she especially didn't expect to fall in love with a beast! You'd think that a formal courtship with His Majesty would make declaring one's feelings easy. But the crass and unladylike sailor keeps ruining her chances. Just when Belle’s figured it all out, a coup brews on the outskirts of the Kingdom and threatens her happily-ever-after. Intensely romantic and deliciously taboo, Searlus and the Sailor is a Beauty and the Beast retelling unlike any other, capturing the struggles of not fitting in and the courage it takes to love someone whom society deems unworthy. Throughout this gripping monster romance, readers will:

• Go on a rollercoaster of emotions as they indulge in a dangerously erotic and scintillatingly taboo romantic fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast • Find themselves yearning for more as Belle and Searlus fulfill their every burning desire in each other’s arms, against all odds • And so much more! “Searlus and the Sailor” by prolific bestselling author Mordelle is not your average fairytale. Brilliant depictions of complex characters with neither pomp nor fanfare sent giddy readers curled up on their couch, whiling their days getting lost in their dark, romantic world.

My Review:

The word classic is thrown around a lot today. I reserve that for something that achieves that status. This book is a modern-day classic. Simply put, this is a grand retelling of Beauty and the Beast but done in such a fashion to make it one of a kind. Stylish, evocative and so easily readable - this should be a bestseller.

There is so much in this book. This book is about love. There is a certain pure truth about the love in this book. People in this world could be better if they accepted love the way Belle and Searlus do. Love is not simply the first impression of outward looks. This book shows love is all-encompassing and that beauty exists on many levels. In many ways, Searlus is more beautiful than the overly becoming Belle.

After reading this book, no one will disagree that enchanted furniture is a must to own. What woman doesn't want a closet/wardrobe that would magically select the item you need to wear to an exact function?

The love story throughout Searlus and the Sailor is at the heart of the story. The conflicts that always ensue when power is involved are well written and gripping. I honestly loved this book because it was, in its whole, a near-perfect book to me. It is an additional level of fun that Belle does curse like a sailor but hey, she's a sailor!

I cannot wait to see what this author writes next. This is a must-read and I recommend it to everyone on the planet. Buy this book, you will be impressed you did.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

A dash of magic, a deluge of romance, gut-twisting angst, embers of slow burns, and copious amounts of delicious erotica, Mordelle is a lover and writer of stories in all forms. A foray into acting and screenwriting led to a deep desire to release her own stories into the wild. Finding an outlet for her creativity in fanfiction, Mordelle eventually decided to take the leap into self-publishing her original works. Searlus and the Sailor is her first official novel and she is eager to continue publishing the myriad of stories still trapped in her head.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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