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Second Chance by Michael Roberts is a Book Heaven Wednesday pick #sale #histfic #timetravel #bookish

Title: Second Chance

Author: Michael Roberts

Genre: Alternate history, Historical Fiction, Time Travel

Book Blurb:

Jack Reacher meets the Patriot in this exhilarating time travel alternate history series! When we lost the American Rebellion against the British in the 1700s, the world for the colonists changed for the worst.

After centuries of suffering under the oppressive thumb of the English crown, a wealthy American entrepreneur in the 21st century finds an alien craft that can travel through time. That man is my best friend. And he figured out how to use that alien tech with one goal in mind: to go back in time and use our modern technology and knowledge to help the American Colonists defeat the English, with their Revolutionary War, and change the course of history for the better. And why does he ask me, a lowly, disgraced, former police officer, to be the one to make this precarious journey and try to change history?

Because after a British official murdered my wife and got away with it, I have nothing left to lose. This way, even if I don't make it back, the course of time will have changed and maybe, just maybe, in the new future I can help shape, America might be a free country and the woman who would have been my wife would be alive. Those two aspirations are worth fighting for.

I only hope I can achieve the impossible and change America's future by going into the past. Second Chance is the first book in the Pale Rider series, an alternate American Revolutionary War retelling. If you like American history, time travel, and alternate history fiction, then discover Second Chance today!


Reloading my Contender again, I laid in wait to see if anyone else would come running. After two minutes, I stood, brushed off the woodchips, and strolled over to the two men, nudging them with my boot to make sure they were dead. The horses seemed to be calming down, and I patted the first one on the neck.

“Easy boy,” I said. “Easy.” Not sure why I patted his neck, he was the calm one and didn’t seem to need reassurance.

He was a tall, radiant chestnut with a white face and white lower legs. He had a lot of spirit but also seemed calmer than the other. He turned his head and tried to bite at me. The other was a lighter brownwith a white stripe down his nose. He seemed younger and a little more skittish and reminded me of the horse little Joe had on the T.V. show Bonanza. He pushed me with his nose as if to say, “I have a neck too, dummy.”

I liked this spry one better, plus he was smart enough to want to run away from the shooting. I took off my backpack, tying it to the back of the saddle. Saddle bags were fastened to the horses, and both sets of saddle bags contained some food and a few personal items. The taller horse’s bag had some coins that I added to my own. The other horse let me climb onto his back with no problems.

“Ok, Little Joe,” I said, naming the horse as I tied the bridle of the chestnut to the horn of Little Joe’s saddle. “Let’s mosey on.”

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Grab your e-copy for only $1.99! This sale price is in anticipation of the book 4 release.

Author Biography:

Michael Roberts is a Police Officer in Southern California. He also served in the United States Marine Corps for seven years. This is his first American Historical fiction book, and he drew on much of his previous military experience to write it. He lives in California with his family of seven.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
06. Juli 2022

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your book sale with us!

Gefällt mir
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