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5+ stars for Shadows in the Mist by Virginie Marconato #medievalromance #historicalromance #mustread

Title: Shadows in the Mist

Author: Virginie Marconato

Genre: Medieval Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

The woman Philip finds in his bed one night is not the one he thought would be there for a playful romp, a night’s entertainment. That’s all he wants to provide to the women who try to snare him as a husband. Yet he is more honorable than his stepbrother, the person this woman awaits.

A penniless widow, Rose has accepted a humiliating marriage offer in the hope of being reunited with her son, taken from her by his grandfather. But the fiery lover who comes to her in the dark and finds her in his bed is not the future husband she was expecting...

How can she overcome this setback in her plans and still keep her dignity and reputation?

My Review:

Desperate to reunite with her son, she'll sacrifice herself but never her heart. Wow, this medieval romance is an emotional wallop of a tale. My heart went out to Rose, the widow of a traitor, and all that transpires. Shadows in the Mist is a sweeping historical romance I couldn't put down. The historically accurate narration weaves an intoxicating story from start to finish. I dare you to try to put it down.

It all starts with the steamy prologue. Such intricate descriptive narration, I was transported to the 15th century. Every scene is poignantly described with the right amount of tension, conflict, emotion, and of course romance. The author takes her time describing the setting, scene, and characters. It's all historically accurate which painted such a lovely picture for me. It's like I was watching a period film while reading.

The characters drive this plot, and I am so glad because Virginie Marconato writes characters you want to read. Whether it is Rose or Philip, these main characters will connect with you. I give full credit to Virginie Marconato for writing Rose honestly and with realism. She doesn't just hop into Philip's arms but struggles with the war inside her heart. Rose is a woman of her own lot in life, something that many women faced back in the 15th century. It just made me love her more.

This is my first book by Virginie Marconato and it won't be my last. Her writing style is all-encompassing with rich detail and emotional narration. She's done extensive research and it comes across in her writing. Like I mentioned before, the writing is immersive and is like watching a film or show. I couldn't get enough.

If you're looking for a medieval romance you won't be able to stop reading, pick up Shadows in the Mist. I look forward to reading more from this author.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

I think I became a writer the day I decided to write a (very bad, shamefully close to the real story) version of White Fang when aged nine or ten! As for the Middle Ages I fell in love with it at school during a history lesson, then Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood put its final seal on it all. A girl of twelve then, I never recovered!

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Reviewed by: Nancy

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