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New Release | Sinners' Opera by Award-Winning Author @LNightingale #paranormalromance #PNR #newr

Title Sinners’ Opera

Author Linda Nightingale

Genre Paranormal Romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Morgan D'Arcy is an English lord, a classical pianist, and a vampire. He has everything except what he desires most—Isabeau. As the Angel Gabriel he’s steered her life and career choice, preparing her to become Lady D'Arcy. Many forces oppose Morgan's daring plan—not the least of which is Vampyre law.

Isabeau Gervase is a brilliant geneticist. Though she no longer believes in angels, she sees a ticket to a Nobel Prize in Gabriel's secrets—secrets that have led her to a startling conclusion. Gabriel isn't human, and she fully intends to identify the species she named the Angel Genome. Morgan is ready to come back into Isabeau's life, but this time as a man not an angel. Will he outsmart his enemies, protect his beloved and escape death himself? For the first time in eternity, the clock is ticking.


He grabbed my arm, spun me around. “Why do you resist?”

I stiffened. “Why do you persist?”

He shook his head. I wasn’t fool enough to think his sigh was one of defeat. I was well aware I skated on thin ice—the black ice of Lucien’s gaze. We predators naturally sensed weakness. Any show of fear hastened the attack.

“Why do I persist?” Shallow, hypnotic breaths lifted his chest. He was deep in the spell he was trying to cast on me. “I shall, you know, until you stop resisting.”

“I’ll bid you goodnight, Lucien.” I clapped him on the back, a show of comradeship. “I’ll show you a guest room.”

He had never, would never understand the word no. Staring into my eyes, he ran a fingernail down the vein. Rich, fragrant blood drizzled down his neck, staining his white collar. Like a living organism, the thirst twisted inside me. I closed my eyes to the sight of him, tried to ignore the beguiling scent of him. Between one stumbling heartbeat and the next, I tasted his smooth skin and the blood beating beneath my tongue. My fangs were pressed to the artery.

The scream of rending metal shattered the Bloodbond. I lurched free of Lucien’s grasp. The crimson mist cleared. A fender bender on the Battery had rescued me from disaster. I was shaken, furious I’d danced too near a terrible mistake.

I glared at him. “Damn you.”

The nerve of the bastard, he actually laughed. “What are you afraid of?”

“Nothing,” I snapped. “I’m simply not interested in exchanging stories in the blood.”

“You would be privy—”

“I wouldn’t spend a penny for your thoughts.”

In fact, I’d forfeit my entire fortune to discover who’d sent Isabeau’s notes to the enemy. Indignation smoldered in my stomach. Lucien had taken over my house, subjected me to Les Elus’ scrutiny, but the worst of his sins was that he’d dared to threaten Isabeau. The night she was born I’d vowed to protect her, and I’d keep that promise. An energy probe shimmered along my shields.

“Lucien,” I warned.

“Your Mensa IQ makes you more powerful than others your age, but your powers are naught to mine,” he said. “One day you’ll crawl on bended knee to beg my forgiveness.”

I raised an eyebrow, diverting energy to my shields. “Eternity is a very long time.”

A flash of black and white, he crushed me to him, in the same move driving his fangs into the jugular. A fit of madness seized me. I shoved him, glimpsed his look of surprise as my fist slammed into his jaw. In a grand display, he flew back, crashed and slid down the wing of the piano, his face striking the side of the keyboard. Angry notes rattled. Wide-eyed, amazed by what I’d done, I watched him materialize on his feet, wiping a bloody nose on his sleeve. ‘od’s teeth, I’d thrown Lucien and caution to the wind! I was smiling when the shadow of retribution fell.

He reared up in my face, red pinpoints in the coals of his eyes. “Mistake, Morgan.”

I never made small mistakes. Silence stormed. Daylight chased shadows to quiver in the corners. Lucien’s psychic attack struck like lightning. Dust in the wind, my shields disintegrated, leaving me naked and vulnerable. I reeled as flames licked up my spine and agony exploded behind my eyes. No one dared to defy the Dark Lord except me—his bloody angel.

My aura flamed blue; his red. Sizzling crimson shot from his eyes, collided with laser blue in a crackling arc mid-air. Fangs bared, eyes stained scarlet, we hissed, circled and feinted like swordsmen. Red fire and blue fire combined in electric purple. My knees threatened to buckle, but my will never wavered. I plunged every ounce of energy into a final thrust.

An audible snap, a nova of sparks, and the attack subsided as quickly as it had begun. I swept bloodstained hair back from my face, drew up straight and pressed a monogrammed handkerchief to the blood trickling from my nostrils.

“I did warn you.” Lucien’s smile was alive with fangs and sorcery.

“Once you’ve spitted your opponent, it’s too late to shout ‘draw your sword’.”

I was wobbly on my feet. My head ached, but I was alive. By all that was unholy, I’d held my own in a battle with the mighty Lucien St. Albans. The reckless old me had never learned to spell defeat. I tossed Lucien an arrogant smile.

“What a vampire you are. Beautiful. Hedonistic. Proud. Unyielding. You stand there, blood leaking down your face, and glare at me with eyes full of passion and dreams.” His eyes were bottomless wells, his voice hollow. “I can’t remember how it feels to dream. Perhaps, I wish I could.”

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Author Biography

After 14 years in Texas, Linda just returned home to her roots. She has seven published novels, five of which are available from in audio. For many years, she bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses. So, she’s seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck towing a horse trailer. Linda has won several writing awards, including the Georgia Romance Writers’ Magnolia Award and the SARA Merritt. She retired from a career as a legal assistant at MD Anderson Cancer Center to write full time.

She has 2 wonderful sons—one in Texas; one in England—and 4 equally marvelous grandchildren.

She loves horses, sports cars, music, and piano, and enjoys dressing up and hosting formal dinner parties.

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