New Release | Solar Warden Book Two - Requiem by Peter Fuller #military #scifi #newrelease

Title Solar Warden Book Two - Requiem

Author Peter Fuller

Genre Military Science Fiction

Book Blurb

Earth is in peril. The Reptilians and Grays, led by their Blue Nordic overlords, have suffered a series of unexpected defeats at the hands of the humans–a species they’ve deemed inferior.

Expecting a divide-and-conquer strategy by the aliens, Solar Warden begins reinforcing its Mars base–the enemy's expected target. And the final stepping stone to Earth.

In the midst of the impending invasion, Steve “Scarecrow” Richardson and Sandy Cooper, find themselves marked for death by both alien and human foes.

Book two of Peter Fuller’s Solar Warden series finds the humans faced with an overwhelming force that will not stop until they’ve eliminated the human race. All that stands in their way is the determination and fierce will of a small group of Earth Defense Force combatants willing to lay down their lives to save humanity.


Rear Admiral Louise Stanton ducked out of her stateroom and walked the 20 feet to the command deck of the Solar Warden carrier, Oleander. Named for a flower–beautiful but deadly–she thought the designation apropos. Their current mission was deploying sensor buoys in deep space between the Sol and Proxima Centauri star systems. It had been two weeks since their meeting at the Mars base, and in that time, no enemy activity was detected.

Stanton appeared to be in her mid-30s, but looks were deceiving. She was shorter than her senior officers, with a delicate frame. No one considered her beautiful, or even pretty for that matter, but her size and appearance didn’t diminish their respect for her. Her gray-blue eyes had the same devastating effect as a particle beam weapon, and could disarm even the most formidable of Red Boots. Louise Stanton was a warrior and a leader of men, and anyone who forgot that did so at their own peril.

Stanton strode onto the command and stood beside the captain’s chair.

“What have ya’ll got for me, Skipper?” Stanton said with a mild, Texas drawl. “And whatever it is, it better be good. I was checkin’ for light leaks when you roused me.”

“Ma’am, I thought you should see this.” Captain Samar Sharma motioned to the tactical display nestled amongst the numerous ARI screens at the fore of the command deck. It revealed a tiny blip some 10,000 miles off their port quarter. Stanton leaned forward, squinting as she peered at the wraith-like display.