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New Release | Solar Warden Book Four – Skinwalker by Peter Fuller #militarysciencefiction #militaryscifi #scarefest #paranormal #newrelease


Solar Warden Book Four – Skinwalker



Peter Fuller



Military Science Fiction/Paranormal


Book Blurb


You’ve heard the expression, this is the stuff of nightmares …


You have no idea.


The reptilians, the grays and their overlords have had enough with the humans. Their plans and agenda have been forestalled, and now they must go to extreme measures to get back on their timetable.


The Solar Warden team is targeted like never before. New, almost invulnerable enemy craft create dangerous challenges across the fleet with deadly results. A new alien threat, just as impervious and wickedly devious, sets its sights on Scarecrow and anyone who gets in its way–friends and loved ones are not immune. Nothing in the Solar Warden arsenal can defend against this new, supernatural threat. Scarecrow and his comrades must hope they can enlist the aid of a supernatural ally of their own in time.


Book Four is a scare-fest that will have you checking under your bed and in your closet for monsters too hideous and evil to describe. There’s only one way for the Solar Warden team to confront this new threat, and they watch their comrades succumb one by one to its diabolical assaults while searching for a means to neutralize it. Time is running out …




The moment Captain Stanton gave the order to attack, Oleander de-cloaked and launched eight missiles at the pair of mother ships in orbit.


            “All batteries, commence firing!” Stanton shouted at her TAO. “Target their command decks!”


            “All batteries firing, aye,” Commander Clarke replied. “Targeting command decks.”


            Directed energy and particle beam arrays lit up and blasted the command decks of the Behemoth class mother ships. One managed to raise their shields just before the Oleander opened fire, but thanks to the intel provided by the enigmatic officer Michael, they were ineffectual. From Oleander’s position above the target, her particle beam weapons carved a hole through the center of both massive discs, rendering them inoperable.


            Before they lost their lift and began to drop to the surface of the moon, the eight missiles flew through the still open hangar bay doors on both vessels and detonated. The gargantuan saucers broke apart in a blinding flash, exploding with megaton force. The shock wave swept over Oleander, but her shields held. However, the wave struck the shipyard below, and wreaked havoc across the undefended facility.


            As Stanton observed the carnage from that blast, she was reminded of the old film clip of the first nuclear bomb test where the building was sitting silent and undisturbed, then the shock wave from the atom bomb’s detonation decimated it. The same scenario was taking place beneath the two BCMS’s as the shock wave from their detonation swept down and across the shipyard as debris began to rain down in a secondary destructive wave.



            While Oleander was engaged with the pair of BCMS’s, Destrier had swept in abaft of the approaching group of bug-destroyers, launching a salvo of pulse charges into their midst. The charges detonated as Destrier de-cloaked and launched their initial missile strike. Just like the pair of mother ships, the bug-destroyers were taken off-guard and reeled at the pulse detonation. Unable to respond, they spun and tumbled in a helpless trajectory while the wave of missiles slammed into them, followed by a burst of particle beams from Destrier’s batteries.


            “Tactical shows six destroyers eliminated, Captain,” the Destrier TAO said as the blast cleared. “Two are crippled, but somehow two suffered only minor damage. They’re coming about, Captain.”


            “Shields to maximum,” Captain Lopez ordered. “Augment them with power from the MFD array.”


            “Augmenting shield power, aye.”


            “Target incoming vessels. Launch missiles when ready. Fire particle beam arrays–target their command decks.”


            “Launching missiles, aye. Firing all particle beam arrays, targeting their command decks.”


            “They’re launching a group of smaller tactical ships, Sir,” the TAO said. “They’re ignoring our air wing, heading straight for us.”


            “Is that new shield program active?” Lopez asked. “The one that won’t allow them to attach themselves to our shield canopy?”


            “Yes Captain, it’s online and activated. I guess we’ll find out if it works.”


            “CAG, Lopez, come in, over.”


            “Lopez, CAG. You’re lima-charlie, over.”


            “CAG, Lopez. We’ve got incoming bug-drones. When they realize they can’t lock onto our shields, they’re going to start hunting for a secondary target. Move in and eliminate them, over.”


            “Lopez, CAG. Roger that, we’re oscar-mike. Out.”


            The two enemy destroyers opened fire a second before Destrier’s missiles struck. The Solar Warden carrier shook from the weapons fire, but her augmented shields held. One destroyer was blasted in two, while the other was only disabled. It lost its motive power and began a freefall towards the surface of the large moon.


            “Captain, the bug-drones are unable to attach to our shields. They keep trying, but they’re repelled each time. The new shield program works, Sir.”


            “I think we should all pitch in to buy that little whiz-kid from Nautilus a bottle of … something!”


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Author Biography


Peter Fuller worked in the Military History Department of the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for eight years. He has studied military history for decades – over the years, he’s written numerous articles and lectured at major museums and universities on the subject of military history. He has also been a regular panelist at NORWESCON since 2017, and has been a returning guest on the Typical Skeptic Podcast.


Mr. Fuller has also studied the UFO phenomenon since grade school. He is a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and has had a few “close encounters” of his own. He recently interviewed the son of a US military officer about his late father’s work on several special access projects for the secret space program.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 16

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your new release with us!

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