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Stand Together – An Anthology of Poetry and Prose for Ukraine is a Salute Military Event pick #books

Title: Stand Together – An Anthology of Poetry and Prose for Ukraine


The War That Was Not a War – A.L. Butcher

Maybe Then – Roman Nyle (Marta Moran Bishop)

Hope – Charles Yallowitz

Sunflowers – Vickie Johnstone

The Science of Communication – Andrew P. Weston

Courage Personified – A.L. Butcher.

The Sunflowers Will Rise Again – Rebecca Miller

Wounds in Ukraine – Michael H. Hanson

Civilized Humanity – Charles Yallowitz

Shadows On Faces – Victoria Zigler

Where is the Line? – A.L. Butcher

War Dance – Joe Bonadonna

Those Who Divide – Charles Yallowitz

Sorge* – Richard Groller

Ruins Hall – Rhavensfyre

Lodestone – Andrew P. Weston

The Vikings – Joe Bonadonna

Rape in Ukraine – Vickie Johnstone

Pray for Ukraine – Rebecca Miller

Haiku – Joe Bonadonna

Four Horseman – Rebecca Miller

Part 2 Short Stories

The Tree of Fate and Wishes – Anthea Sharp

The Secret of Blossom Rise - A.L. Butcher

War and Beyond – Marta Moran Bishop

The Eleventh – Colene Allen

The Day After Twilight - J.C. Fields

Outside the Walls - A.L. Butcher & Diana. L. Wicker

Dark Lies - Inge - Lise Goss

The Letter - Sean Poage

The Book of Ruth – Rebecca Lacy

The Moon on the Water - A.L. Butcher

Postcard to the Bomb Shelter Babies – Colene Allen

Always Read the Fine Print - Joe Bonadonna

Genre: Short stories and poetry about war

Book Blurb:

An eclectic collection of poetry and short prose for Ukraine. Poetry about war, warriors, hope, and sunflowers; multi-genre stories.

All proceeds will be donated to a charity supporting people in Ukraine


The War That Was Not A War

A.L. Butcher

Never forget those who fell,

In a war which they said was not a war.

Never forget those who will fall,

In the war which is not a war.

Never defeated, never cowed,

In the war which was not a war.

Never broken, never afraid,

In the war which was not a war.

Never giving in to those who spilt blood,

In the war which was not a war.

A people stood, defiant, proud,

Against the war which was not a war.

The whisper became a cacophony,

Against the war, for it was a war.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

A multitude of authors bring you multi-genre short stories – fantasy, horror, memoiresque and more, plus poetry that evokes the emotions of war, loss and hope.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
24 mei 2023

Thank you to all the authors for sharing this charity anthology in our Salute Military Bookish Event!

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