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My name is Stella Grae and I’m an unassuming English professor, copyeditor, and copywriter living in Lexington, Kentucky. I’m the author of the short story “Power Play” originally published in the website erotica journal Oysters and Chocolate and author of the novelette DOMcember: a Kinky Christmas Romance. I also really enjoy writing for my website blog “Bone Up,” which details all of my silly and sometimes seriously adventurous escapades as a sub in a relationship with my dom. Recently, I had a tremendous opportunity to contribute an essay (“When MeToo Meets I Do”) to editor Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Open Secrets Magazine. That was one of my proudest moments because it addresses an important topic, and she’s just been such a champion for women and their stories.


When I’m not writing, I enjoy working on home improvement projects and gardening. I have my own tools—saws, levels, sanders, etc. I get a lot of personal satisfaction in doing renovations myself. Gardening is good for the soul! I cannot go a spring without putting my hands in the dirt and growing something I can bring into the kitchen to eat and share with my family. Speaking of, I’m a single momma proudly helping navigate my sons into adulthood. It’s not been easy, but certainly worth the effort. I’m a natural nurturer, and that’s one of the best things about being in higher education.


 Just Call Me Confidence, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary, has received a lot of praise and great reviews, especially for the positive message for women about sexuality and relationships. I think the most important message is just to be confident in who you are and don’t look back. Don’t have regrets, don’t yearn for a past time, just live in the now, in the moment, and love where you are. I’d really like for my readers to come away with the idea that you can rebrand and refine your confidence at any point in your life, especially if you’ve endured a rough patch. Sex appeal (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder, so don’t get caught up in looking young; get caught up in being confident with who you are. It’s never too late to go after what you want!


A lot of people ask about writing inspirations, so this will be an interesting answer because most authors pull some part of themselves into a work, even if it’s just their own personal fantasies. Just Call Me Confidence and its sequel, which I’m working on right now, were both born of a failed relationship. I was lonely in the relationship, but didn’t want to do anything stupid, so I created characters and situations that were based a little on reality, but twisted them to create the kind of relationship that I actually had wished I had had. Instead of doing the wrong thing I wrote it. The relationship fizzled, but fortunately, the plot sizzled.

For me, I think the most difficult part of writing any book is allowing the character to evolve organically, which is why I’m not a writer who outlines. I open a vein and let it pour out; I’m a pantser all the way! With erotica, the challenge is writing the love scenes. Not only do you have to find different words for different “things” or acts, but you endeavor to have some variety—just like in real life. I experiment a lot to make sure I’m getting it right—wink, wink.


When I’m not busy teaching, writing, or tackling other projects, I enjoy sipping on bourbon, nibbling cheesy grits, and writing the sequel to Just Call Me Confidence, tentatively titled “The Cheater’s Club”—don’t jump to conclusions. It’s a much different, darker story, but with all the same lovable characters and shenanigans.


I hope my readers are inspired to visit my site:…check out all my sexy tidbits. 


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Book Blurb


Jenna Craig had never felt more alive than she did at forty, fresh out of a divorce and ready to embrace her newfound freedom. As a member of the cougar tribe, she was determined to prove she still had "it." And as she strutted out of the bar that night, the admiring glances of college boys only solidified her confidence.


But it wasn't until she met Travis, the hunky lifeguard at the swim club, that she truly felt desired. Their steamy encounters in the locker room had Jenna wondering if she wanted more than just a fling. And when Travis's friend, Collin, entered the picture, Jenna was caught in a whirlwind of emotions she thought she had left behind.


With two younger men vying for her attention, Jenna must make a choice: the perfect guy for right now, or the man who could give her another shot at love? But one thing is certain - Jenna better bring all her confidence to make her decision, or risk losing it all.




“I’m glad we’re friends, and that you think nothing of racing to my house to help me with my man woes, and my panties. But you know what I appreciate most?”


“You appreciate my sarcastic, brutally honest, down-home wit?”


“No, the fact that you don’t judge me or what I do, or don’t do. You’ve never said you think I’m acting like a whore.”


Fielding hugs me and doesn’t let go. Patting me on my back she responds, “I’ll never stoop to calling you a whore because you’re simply acting like a woman with a man’s morals.”


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Author Biography


Stella Grae is an unassuming English professor, copyeditor, and copywriter living in Lexington, Kentucky. She’s the author of the short story “Power Play” that was originally published in the website erotica journal Oysters and Chocolate and of the novelette DOMcember. In her spare time she enjoys sipping on bourbon, nibbling cheesy grits, and philosophizing about love and sex in her blog, “Bone Up,” which can be found on her website: …along with other sexy tidbits.  This is her first erotica novel.


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Title DOMcember

Author Stella Grae

Genre erotic romance/humor


Book Blurb


When co-workers Taylor Anderson and Spencer Pollard decide to explore a  friends-with-benefits agreement, neither one is prepared for the gift that collars them both with unexpected Christmas kink.




I turn toward him and with my best smoldering stare, I answer, “I like everything. There’s not much I won’t try.” His Adam’s apple bounces slightly at my admission. Take that, and then…Take. That. Damn! Just take it.


“I think we should blow off the idea of going back on time. Don’t you? I really want a beer, or two. You in?” Spencer nervously spins his head around looking for the waitress and then he looks down at his pants. Hmmm…wonder what’s going on down there?


I attempt to steal a peek, but it’s too dark under the table so I pretend that I know and let that sexy thought soak into every degenerate pore of my body. “Do they have a sour? Or a cider? Those are my jam.”


“Yeah, I saw a cider on tap. You like meat on your pizza, right? You’re not one of those women who can’t eat meat are you? Because this date’s totally over before it even gets started. I like the sound of that Big City Grinder pizza.”


Date? He thinks we’re on a date? “I love meat, Spencer. I will eat just about every kind of meat. And who says we’re on a date?”


He side glances over at me and puts his fingers in his mouth, biting them in playful backpedaling. “A friend date, you know?”


“I don’t usually flirt with my friends like this. Do you?”


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 02

Thank you, Stella, for sharing a bit about yourself and your books.

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