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5++ stars for Stone of Love by Margaret Izard #bookreview #pnr #paranormalromance #timetravel #romance #scottishromance #giveaway

Title: Stone of Love

Author: Margaret Izard

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Time Travel, Scottish Romance


Book Blurb:


After leaving her abusive ex, American scholar Brielle DeVolt embarks on a career-changing opportunity, the renovation of Laird Colin MacDougall’s Chapel ruin. The attractive, broad-shouldered Laird leaves her weak-kneed, but can she trust herself to love again?


Dusted in construction dirt, the curvy beauty in his study captivates Colin. As Brielle steps to the window, her brunette tresses halo in the sunlight, and he sees her as his dream soul mate. When he learns his hereditary duty is safeguarding magic Fae stones, all he wants is to protect Brielle from the evil forces of the Fae.


Traveling to the past to assume his forefather’s identity and find a missing magic stone is challenging enough. When Brielle appears, an undeniable attraction to his ancestor ignites, causing her confused passion. Faced with fighting an evil Fae to save the realms, Colin must choose between saving the stone or saving his love.


My Review:


Renovating a chapel on an estate in Scotland is a dream for Brielle but can she guard her heart from the handsome Laird Colin? Stone of Love is an exquisite time-travel romance set in Scotland. The world-building is exceptional. The immersive narration is sweeping and filled with emotion. The characters, though, are what make this an unforgettable read. Outlander readers will clamor for more after reading Stone of Love.


Let's start with the characters, for they are what made me fall in love with this story. Brielle is a wonderful heroine, one who I connected with on so many levels. She's so open, so emotive, that my heart went out to her. She's a strong woman and has dealt with a lot of emotional trauma with her ghastly ex. She's unsure about love but Colin makes her want to believe in true love. Colin is a modern man who inherits his title and all the responsibility with grace. I connected with him as well. He's a book boyfriend, that's for sure. The rest of the characters are well written and bring the story to life.


The world-building is detailed, well-defined, and intricate. Margaret Izard builds two worlds (past and present) where it's realistic yet imaginative. What impressed me the most was how Margaret Izard layered elements in both timelines to maintain consistency in the story. Brilliant.


The romance is a triangle of sorts, and this trope is unlike anything I've read before. I won't give away any spoilers. Just know that Stone of Love will sweep you away.


If you're like me and swoon at time-travel romances set in Scotland, this is one of the best I've ever read.


My Rating: 5++ stars


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Author Biography:


Margaret Izard is an award-winning author of historical fantasy and paranormal romance novels. She spent her early years through college to adulthood dedicated to dance, theater, and performing. Over the years, she developed a love for great storytelling in different mediums. She does not waste a good story, be it movement, the spoken, or the written word. She discovered historical romance novels in middle school, which combined her passion for romance, drama, and fantasy. She writes exciting plot lines, steamy love scenes and always falls for a strong male with a soft heart. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and adult triplets and loves to hear from readers.


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Reviewed by: Nancy

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Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
12 mar

What a fabulous review! I've been seeing nothing but good reviews for this new book from Margaret. And the cover is stunning! Thank you for sharing, Mrs. N!

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