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Sunshine Laughing – the poetry of Anna-Marie Fuller is a Love and Romance Festival pick #poetry #valentinesday #lovemonth #giveaway


 Sunshine Laughing – the poetry of Anna-Marie Fuller



Anna-Marie Fuller





Book Blurb:


I met Anna-Marie in December of 1980. Our initial conversations revealed her to be a deep thinker. For her degrees in education (she graduated with two), Anna-Marie took numerous philosophy courses, at which she excelled. Her skill at poetry reflected her superior intelligence and depth of understanding of many difficult subjects which she chose to embrace.


Anna-Marie was multi-talented, and that’s an understatement. Her poetry reflects this. However, she was not arrogant or high-minded–quite the opposite. Anna-Marie had a passion for people and especially as a teacher, for her students. Indeed, at the age of 12 years, she chose to pursue the profession because of a bad teacher she had that year, and she didn’t want other students to suffer the same experience. If you were fortunate enough to be in Mrs. Fuller’s elementary school class, it would be a seminal event that would change your life. I know because I lost count of the students and their parents who confessed as much. I can also add my voice to theirs because I had the distinct privilege of being married to Anna-Marie for 39 years, and she changed me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. Without her influence in my life, I would be a much different person today. A much lesser person.


Anna-Marie’s poetry reflects her compassion and understanding of the human condition. And nestled in among all the deep thinking, there are some fun little gems that show Anna-Marie had a lighter side–a playful side that rounded her out and made her all too human.




the mask of death


death, the unknown stranger

the uninvited guest

the fear of the fall

greater than the fall itself

the interview, the audition

the waiting, so awkward,

so out of place

yet as the end comes

you realize its harmlessness,

the useless worrying,

and the agonizing pre-conceptions



and when you’re young

you live forever

and your strength never fails

but as you grow old

you begin to say,

“it will happen to them not me”

and later, as you grow older still

the illusion of death seeps in

deeper, and buries itself inside you.


and when you do go to sleep

at night, you begin to wonder

if you will waken in the morning

and as the morning sun rises

each day

you quickly sink back into life

or is it really closer to death,

just as you are told something

it is at that moment that you begin

to forget it

so linked is life and death


yet, you hurriedly brush the

thoughts away and say “i am in control”

and with certainty begin playing

the roles assigned for today

knowing well, what is formal

and proper, and what is done in

such cases,

while deception and reality

become one in the same for you,

as life slowly draws you further

from yourself and deadens your emotions,

you lose your sense of touch,

yet your mask remains intact


and yet, what is life?

to merely exist, to maintain; surely not

to change, to discover, to search, to realize

that is life


and yes death is perceived as


and yet it is only the certainty of day

that allows us to be content with night

and in a sense death does not take

away life, but instead it takes away

the falsehood of life;

the evil deceptions strangling the soul


perhaps death is the illumination

of life

one inseparable from the other,

death is a realization of life.


yet death is indeed sad

in its own way

it leaves us to grieve over those who are gone

and the loneliness of life’s mistakes

are like “dirty” dishes in the sink

left to pile up so high, that it is

impossible to ignore them any longer,

when the probability of getting them

“clean” seems like a hopeless task.


it is at this point that the mask

of life

begins to decay and is eventually

destroyed, revealing only an ugly face

from which man desperately tries to

turn away from, but finds he cannot


and he finds that death is itself

a “dead-line”

one that forces us to do something

we are afraid to do, to see the dirt

road we have been travelling on,

the flying stones, and the hidden

rut of life,

to see beyond our deceptions,

half truths and false-faces

and critically search within

and re-evaluate ourselves

to see ourselves and others as

they really are


and it is through this that another

mask is melted and destroyed;

the mask of death

and through its destruction

man realizes hope, and begins to understand

that as you end you also begin

and in the end you realize

that death’s agonies

were not so much the fear of death

but the fear of a false life.


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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?


This book is a compilation of the poetry and artwork of Anna-Marie Fuller, who passed away from cancer in January 2023.


Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:


Cherish every moment, because you never know when something will come along to permanently separate you from the one you love.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card



Open internationally.


Runs February 1 – 29, 2024


Drawing will be held on March 1, 2024. 


Information on the Brock University scholarship established in Anna-Marie’s name –




Anna-Maire Fuller (nee Doede) was a native of St. Catharines, Ontario. As she grew up in the community, Anna-Marie was active in numerous sports, especially during her years at school. While she was involved in many sports, Anna-Marie excelled at cross country running. She received many accolades, including in 1969, a recognition award as provincial champion in track and field.


At an early age, Anna-Marie decided to make education her career. She chose to attend Brock University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Education degree as well as a Bachelor of Physical Education degree. Anna-Marie spoke fondly of her days attending Brock University, and upon graduation she continued to support the university by being active with the alumni association.


In 1980, Anna-Marie moved to Alberta to become an elementary school Phys-ed teacher. She had already been teaching in Ontario, but opportunities were scarce, so she headed west. Anna-Marie taught for almost 50 years, during which time she influenced countless student’s lives. Many would write and visit her years after they had attended her class, informing her how she had changed their lives in so many positive ways.


On January 19th of 2023, Anna-Marie lost a three-year battle with cancer. Because of her tremendous influence on so many students’ lives while she was alive, her husband Peter thought of this scholarship as a way for Anna-Marie to continue having a positive influence on students even though she’s gone. He requested it be named in Anna-Marie’s maiden name, since they were not yet married while she attended Brock University. This scholarship will be awarded to students who are enrolled in the same Physical education course that Anna-Marie graduated from, who are struggling to pay their tuition. The funds disbursed will be applied directly to the student’s tuition.


This scholarship is permanent. However, Brock University requires that $25,000 be raised over a five-year period. Even though his only income right now is pension, Anna-Marie’s husband Peter has committed to providing at least $6,000 to this scholarship within that timeframe. He’s counting on Anna-Marie’s friends, family and colleagues to help him raise the remaining amount.


If you would like to contribute to Anna-Marie’s scholarship fund, you can donate online by following this link –


-          Complete the form with your information.

-          When asked, “Please select the designation of your gift,” select, “Other.”

-          Write in “Anna-Marie Doede Bursary,” to ensure funds go directly to the bursary in memory of Anna-Marie.


Once you’ve completed the form, a charitable tax receipt will be sent to you via your email.


For further assistance, please contact Amelia Canto, Major Gift Officer, Development and Alumni Relations.


You can email her at: or call her (905) 688-5550 ext.4614.


Social Media Links:




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My romantic tip is to be honest communication is key


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 14

Thank you, Anna-Marie and Peter, for sharing your book in our Love and Romance Book Festival!

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